Karn Sangini 9th January 2019 Written Episode Update

Karn Sangini 9th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha throws kukmum on guards and walks away holding knife. She enters Vihusha’s room and he wakes up afraid seeing sword. She is shocked and says betrayal. Vihusha says it is too late as Karn’s coronation must have finished. Shubhra is about to coronate Karn when Radha brings Vihusha and asks to stop coronation as Shubhra planned all this to make Karn as her ghar jamai. Shubhra smirks that her plan is working and signals Vaidya/doctor who says because of Radha’s shock therapy, king Vihusha got well. Radha says it is all Shubhra’s conspiracy, king Vihusha was standing on his feet when she entered his room.

Radha and Shubhra’s allegations and counterallegations continue. Vihusha asks Radha if she has any proof. Radha takes oath that if she is telling lie agni devta should burn her and tries to step into havan fire. Karn stops her and says she doesn’t have to give any proof, culprits will. He confronts Uruvi that she knew about her parent’s conspiracy from before, even then she kept quiet. Uruvi shocked with his allegation says she didn’t know. Karn continues that she could get away Royal lavish was from her life and helped her mother in her conspiracies, so he relieves her from Ang desh’s ordeal. He walks away. Radha walks behind Karn thinking she wanted to expose Shubhra’s conspiracies, but not at the stake of Karn and Uruvi’s relationship. Uruvi shatters in shock and falls down. Shubhra consoles her and looking at Vihusha thinks her plan is successful.

Shubhra stops Radha and laughs that she thought Radha is a seasoned player, but she easily accepted defeat. She confesses all her crimes and says as said she separated Karn and Uruvi within 2 days. Radha thinks Karn is angry now, so she should speak to Uruvi.

Uruvi angrily breaks her jewellery and other things crying and shouting that she left her lavish lifestyle for Karn’s love, but he does not trust her at all. Radha walks to her and says she knows how much Uruvi loves Karn and went through hardship for his love, requests to pack her bags and accompany her to Ang Desh. Uruvi aks if there is any love left between her and Karn now.

Purushottam threatens Shubhra that he will inform her daughter about her conspiracies, so better she get Karn out of Ang desh’s throne. Uruvi stands shattered hearing that.

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