Karn Sangini 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Duryodhan Seeks Karn’s Help

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Karn scolds Kasturi that his promise is his life and he cannot back off. Kasturi shouts she cannot let him lose his youth and she cannot serve an old man. Uruvi, Radha and others gather. Kasturi asks Uruvi if she will support Karn’s decision and can serve him if he turns old. Uruvi says she would support Karn in any situation. Kasturi continues shouting that Uruvi is telling this out of jealous as Karn has disowned her. She says that she came here for wealth and promised to be along Karn as his patrani, why would she support him if he is not a king and would be an old man. She continues accepting her cunning mind and asks what wrong did she do. Everyone stand amused and and courtier says queen Kasturi is a cunning woman while queen Uruvi is Karn’s real life partner. Old man enters and tells Karn that since he did not return, he came to seek his youth. Karn with Uruvi bends in front of old man saying he accepts to sacrifice his youth to old man. Old man turns into Krishna. Everyone greet him. Krishna tells Karn and Uruvi’s love for each other is commendable; he continues that Karn had discussed about protecting Uruvi from Kasturi. Karn says he came to know about Kasturi’s greed long ago and her planning to kill Uruvi, so had to act. Kasturi shouts Karn acted as loving her then, what is wrong if she wanted to rule on his wealth. Karn says she is entitled to punishment now for alleging Uruvi wrongly and planning to kill her. Kasturi is father drags her away from there. Krishna gives Karn and Uruvi’s hands in each others and says they are made for each other.

Karn does suryanamaskar in the morning. Uruvi walks to him wearing shawl to test him. Karn asks what she wants and identifying her asks if she wants something for her husband. Uruvi says yes. Karn asks if he is short and fat and ugly. Uruvi says he his tall and handsome and well built. They see dark clouds covering sky. Guuard informs Karn that king Duryodhan has come. Karn happily walks away saying he will greet his friend. Uruvi gets concerned and walking to Radha says whenever Duryodhan comes, he seeks something from Karn, this time she is worried more as dark clouds covered sky.

Duryodhan meets Karn and says Pandav have returned from jungle and want crown back, which is impossible to give, so he wants to wage war against them. Karn says his support is always with him. Duryodhan says he is supportive, but his wife Uruvi may still be on Pandav’s side as she is Arjun’s close friend. Karn says it was past and after marriage, she is on Kaurav’s side. Duryodhan walks out and angrily hits pillars with gadha venting out anger on pandavs. Uruvi walks in and says war brings disasters to both sides, so he should stop thinking of war. Duryodhan says she is telling this as she is still on Pandavs’s side, even Pitamaha warned him against war, but he will go ahead and defeat pandavs. Uruvi continues explaining, but Duryodhan argues. Karn enters and warns Uruvi to behave with his friend.

Precap: Shubhraa informs Uruvi that Kunti is Karn’s mother and Karn will raise bow on his brothers.

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