Karn Sangini 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Uruvi Waits For Karn

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Karn asks Radha why her hair are open, he did not see her like this before. Radha reminisces taking oath not to braid her hair until she fulfills her promise, says she prayed god for something. Karn says she must have prayed for him. In Pukheya, Uruvi thanks her parents for accepting her and Karn’s alliance. Karn climbs cliff and extending his hands towards sun/surya prays surya to give him strength to fulfill promise made to his mother.

Next morning, Karn gets ready for Uruvi’s swayamwar. Radha blesses him and asks to return only fer winning Uruvi, she will arrange to greet bride and his coronation ceremony. He leaves. Radha reminisces Shubhra insulting her and she taking oath to make Uruvi a soothni.

Uruvi’s swayamwar starts. Kings and princes walk in, and

guards introduce them. Uruvi eagerly waits for Karn. Her maids taunt that Karn has entered. Uruvi gets excited. Karn heads towards Pukeya on his cart and asks charioteer to speed up. Charioteer says they almost reached Pukeya border. Shubhra thinks karn will never reach there and reminisces hiring an old lady to stop Karn. Karn stops chariot seeing old lady on ground, walks to her and asks what happened. Old lady says she has to immerse her son’s ashes into river, if Karn can help her reach river. Karn thinks he has to reach Pukeya soon, but agrees to help old lady and takes her on chariot. Old lady thinks Karn will not reach Pukeya and queen Shubhra will win.

Uruvi rejects all prince and princess. They all warn Uruvi’s father that he insulted them by calling him here and her daughter rejecting them, they will kill him. Shubhra acts and pleads Uruvi to accept some king or prince as Karn will not return. Uruvi prays lord Krishna for help. Krishna disguised as cowherd stops Karn’s chariot and says this lady stayed in his hut and exchanged her son’s ashes with his butter pot by mistake. Lady says it is ash pot. Krishna opens pot forcefully and shows butter. Lady stands shocked. Krishna asks Karn to reach his destiny and let him take lady to her destiny and offers him horse. Karn rides horse.

Shubhra continues emotional blackmail trying to convince Uruvi. Guard informs that their spies are successful in stopping Karn from attending swayamwaaar. Uruvi stands shocked hearing that and confronts mother. kings head towards Uruvi’s father and are about to behead him when Uruvi stops them and says if she cannot marry, she will die right now. Shubhra tries to stop her. Uruvi says she betrayed her, now she should not interfere in her life’s last decision. She extends her diamond ring towards her mouth.


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  1. what’s this???…where is our arjuna…what about him in swayambar and what about his love????? was this really happened to arjuna..I don’t think it happened to him

  2. Highly disappointed now!! Till now I haven’t seen any love emotion in Karn for urvi…and suddenly he realised his love?!!!! It’s too odd to see their romance suddenly… especially from Karn’s angle!! And where is Arjun?!!! Last week…they are about to get engaged…and this week urvi’s swayamvar without him?!!! From promos I thought there would love triangle…etc..etc..!!! It was really good until pandavas getting saved from fire..!! Modern thoughts about casteism, women, love are shown soo well!! But it’s soo messy after that!! I don’t feel like watching anymore now!! Good byee!!!

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