Karn Sangini 4th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Karn’s Unexpected Decision

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Uruvi wakes up and sees Karn standing in front of her, asks what is he doing here as he had to meet Radha maa. Karn says he wanted to ask her same, why she was luring him to stop him with her. Uruvi reminisces a maid distracting her and then she falling unconscious. Radha enters with Kasturi and aunt and tells today Uruvi broke her promise to stay in her room till Karn meet his mother. Karn says Uruvi’s behavior was weird and she was not herself for the first time. Aunt says Uruvi has already done so much drama in lieu of snatching her right from Kasturi. Radha continues speaking and coughs. Aunt yells that Radha’s condition is because of Uruvi, she broke Radha both mentally and physically. Radha says Karn has to take decision now. Kasturi thinks she has to act as good now and tells Radha’s decision is right, she will accept what Karn’s decision is. Karn says he will take a impartial decision and since Kasturi accepted his mother’s decision, he will consider her as his patrani/chief queen. Kasturi and Tilak Raj rejoice while Uruvi shatters hearing that.

Uruvi packs her bags and walks to Karn’s room while he is asleep, keeps a letter near him thinking she is disappointed as he did not trust her and their companionship was only till then. She then walks to Radha’s room and touching her feet thinks she always gave her mother’s love and she will never forget her mother. She walks towards door when Kasturi stops her and laughs that she lost battle. Karn enters and stops Uruvi. Kasturi gets tensed thinking if he heard their conversation. Uruvi gets happy thinking she knew Karn would stop her and asks why he stopped her. Karn says he wants her to stay till tomorrow as Uruvi ordered special rudraksha mala for her and it will arrive tomorrow. Uruvi gets disappointed and says she cannot stay. Kasturi rejoices more.

Maid informs Karn that Radha’s condition is worsening. Karn and Uruvi rush to Radha, and Uruvi treats Radha. Karn asks what happened to maa. Uruvi says she got smallpox. Kasturi enters and says Uruvi’s cart is waiting. Uruvi says she will stay here till maa gets well. Kasturi says maa’s elder bahu is there to take care of her, Uruvi can leave. Karn walks away. Kasturi acts as serving Radha, Radha says smallpox is contagious. Kasturi runs aside rubbing her hands and thinking she does not want smallpox marks on her skin. Uruvi asks what happened now. Kasturi says she can serve maa and get huge reward. She then goes out and sees Karn giving 400 kg gold in charity among poor on his mother’s name and thinks he did not give her even a nose ring till now but is doing charity, she has to stop him and tells Karn she will help him in his charity, thinking she will not let him waste gold.

Precap: Kasturi taunts Uruvi that she should not be amused as I got Karn’s wealth, crown, and total control on palace because of Uruvi.

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  1. First was SaaS bahu bore and now sautan special.. what the hell is going on.. really boring..

    If uruvi married a prince such things would not have happened..

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