Karn Sangini 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Uruvi Is In Love

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Uruvi meets Krishna and greets him as friend and teacher/gurudev. He smiles, picks butter from ground and eats it. Uruvi asks why he is eating butter from ground. Krishna says he loves butter, so he does not mind if falls on ground. He says she looks happy today and asks reason. She says Pandavs and Kunti are alive. Krishna says there is some other reason also for her happiness. She says Karn is not a bad man, he helped Pandavs escape from fire mishap, but she misunderstood him and scolded him a lot, now she is feeling guilty. Krishna says he used to feel same with Radha, so she has special feeling for Karn, if it is love. Uruvi realizes she is in love.

In Ang desh, Karn’s family reach royal court. Radha asks Adhirath to show the royal seat on which her son will sit. He shows royal seat. Radha is shocked seeing black cloth and slipper garland on it and asks who did it. Karn’s brother says the ruler who was ruling before Karn did this as he thinks only high caste person can sit on this chair. Radha fumes.

Uruvi happily tells Krishna that she loves Karn. Shubhda on the other side fumes that Uruvi loves Karn, but she will not let Uruvi become Karnsangini. Krishna suggests Uruvi to express her love to Karn before someone expresses it. He sends letter to Karn. Letter falls on Karn’s bed. Karn picks it, sees Uruvi’s name, and reminiscing her insulting him keeps it back, but then picks it and reads her apology for misunderstanding him and her love for him, inviting him for her swayamvwar. Radha overhears him and gets happy that Uruvi will be her son’s life partner and her son’s life will change after marrying Pukhya’s princess. Shubdha thinks she will never let Uruvi marry Karn no matter if she does not marry Arjun.

Radha serves food to Karn and taunts she knows about Uruvi’s swayamwar and she knows even he loves Uruvi, so he should attend Uruvi’s swayamvar and marry her. Uruvi walks to her parents and says she loves Karn and wants to marry him. Shubdha shouts she has to forget Karn and select the prince or king who attends swayamwar. Uruvi requests to send invitation to Karn and toughen competition, Karn will win at any cost. Shubdha says never. Uruvi says she will send invitation herself then. Shubdha burns invitation letter.

Precap: Uruvi requests Shubdha to accept her marriage with Karn. Shubhda says never and prisons Uruvi. Uruvi says she will marry only Karn.

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