Karn Sangini 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Uruvi Regrets Her Folly

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Karn confronts Uruvi that she spoke a lot misunderstanding him and showing burnt bodies asks where is her gifted diamond to Arjun, she will not find it in any of dead bodies as Pandavs are alive, he came to rescue Pandavs on hearing Shakuni’s plan. He reminisces how Pandavs escaped. He says Arjun is his biggest enemy, he will defeat him in battlefield and not like this; he is sooth putra, but is a warrior like any prince. She insulted him so much without knowing truth. He continues confronting her and walks away. Uruvi returns to her palace and reminisces Karn’s confrontation.

Karn informs Duryodhan that Shakuni is the mastermind behind burning varnavrath. Shakuni accepts his crime and says he wants Duryodhan to become king, so he did it; even if god comes in between, he will fight with god to get Hastinapur’s crown to Arjun. Duryodhan says culprit will be punished and karn can chain culprit and take him to Bhisma, but he is the culprit as Shakuni wants him to become king. Karn throws chains.

Karn returns to his room reminiscing Uruvi’s allegations. His mother Radha enters saying he has kavachkundal and has special powers, he can fight with anyone and win, etc. Karn shoots arrow on target and touching her feet says whatever he is today is because of her. She says let us go to Ang Desh, he should prove his competency there as king.

Uruvi reminisces Karn’s confrontation and thinks her heart believes him, but her brain does not. A letter with Arjun’s diamond band falls in front of her. She reads letter by Arjun that they are fine, Vidhur uncle saved them on time, they are going in exile for sometime disguised and will return to Hastinapur soon. She feels guilty for misunderstanding Karn and thinks what to do now. She sees peacock feather flying in air and follows it. It takes her to Krishna who is busy playing bansuri/flute and fixes itself back into Krishna’s crown. She greets Krishna and asks to accept his disciple’s greetings. Krishna turns smiling at her.

Precap: Uruvi excitedly says she loves Karn. Krishna says she is born in palace and Karn in dust, how will she face upcoming problems.

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