Karn Sangini 2nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Karn Makes A Brave Attempt

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Karn Sangini 2nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karn asks Uruvi to go near monster and open poisonous smoke pot, he will be near her. Uruvi walks near monster thinking Karn is near her. She hears monster’s roars and gets afraid. Monster appears in front of her. On the other side, Shubhra meets Radha at temple confronts Radha that she did not let her meet her daughter and is very cruel, how can she being herself a mother. Radha asks her to calm down as her bahu is with her son who is world’s most powerful archer and will protect her. She offers prasad saying she prayed to become grandma. Shubhra angrily leaves.

Monster laughs on Uruvi that he did not see such a beautiful bride till now and walks towards her. Uruvi stands speechless in fear. Monster asks what is her name and extends his hands towards her. Uruvi calls Karn. Karn shoots arrow and ties monster’s hands and says she is his wife Uruvi and kills monster. Monster gets alive agian and walks towards them asking if Karn liked his acting and wants to see one more demonstration. He cages Karn with his black magic and says Karn cannot escapes.

Shubhra hears Karn’s rival Purshottam ordering his aides to kill Karn and Uruvi once he returns after killing monster. Purshottam orders aides not to leak this secret to anyone.

Monster lifts Uruvi. Uruvi pleads Karn to save her. Karn picks guru Parashuram’s bow and shoots monster. Monster dies. Karn hugs Uruvi and asks if she is fine. Monister gets alive again and disappears repeatedly and multiplies himself. He says Karn got training from guru Parashuram and he got blessings from Shukracharya and he immortal, Karn should find his body first to kill him. Karn shoots monster again. Monster falls down and wakes up again laughing. Karn continues shooting monster’s replicas and they wake up again.

Shubhra reminiscing rival’s order to kill Karn and Uruvi thinks whose help to take to protect Uruvi, she has to befriend enemy. In cave, Uruvi reminisces Karn givingn him poisonous smoke bag and asking to open it only if in great trouble. She opens bag. Smoke surrounds monsters and only 3 are left. Karn identifies real monster via his raksha kavach and shoots him. Monster dies, his soul wakes up and thanks Karn for freeing him from his curse. He returns all brides and disappears. Brides chant Angraj Karn ki jai. Uruvi gets happy.

Preap: Purshottam tells Karn he wants Karn to use royal amenities again.
Uruvi confronts Shubhra and asks if she forced Purshottam. Shubhra agrees.

Update Credit to: MA

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