Karn Sangini 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Karn Visits Bhanumati

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Arjun pulls arrow to shoot when Uruvi stops him and says if he wants to snatch pink diamond by force; if not, then he should rethink on king’s proposal. Arjun walks away with her. She asks how can he use force instead of getting diamond legally. Arjun asks if she wants him to marry Bhanumati for diamond, why she went to seek help from from sooth putra Karn to get diamond. She says if warrior Arjun is so weak that he wants to trick. Arjun says he was just following friendship and he could not save diamond. Uruvi says Karn broke that diamond and he should get it. Arjun leaves. Bhanumati enters and taunts that she is ordering Arjun like a true lover. Uruvi says she and Arjun are friends. Bhanumati says a man and a woman cannot be friends. Uruvi says they are. Maid says 2 friends can marry.

Uruvi says she does not have any other feelings for Arjun. Bhanumati asks then who is in her heart. Uruvi reminisces Karn.

Duryodhan tells Karn that he is eager to marry Bhanumati, but she may select someone else. Karn says Bhanumati cannot ignore handsome Duryodhan. Duryodhan gives him a letter for Bhanumati and says he has written not to organize swayamvar, he will marry her by other means. Karn leaves with letter on his horse.

Bhanumati gets ready for her prewedding party and meets Uruvi. Uruvi praises her beauty. Maid says even she wants to perform swayamvar. Bhanumati says she is not princess. Maid signs qualities of beetle leaves. Bhanumati orders Uruvi to show her dance. Uruvi dances and sings with other girls. Karn enters. Uruvi stands freeze seeing him and reminisces his promise to get her pink diamond. Guards see him and take him to Bhanumati. Bhanumati asks who is he to dare enter girl’s prewedding party. He says he brought his friend Duryodhan’s message. Bhanumati says she does not want any message and asks him to go. Uruvi stops him and asks to give letter. Bhanumati reads it and says it looks like a poet has written it, she will not trust him, let him come to swayamvar and if she likes him, she will marry him. Karn walks back with message when Uruvi stops him and says he did a mistake by not looking at beautiful girls here, so as a punishment, he should sing..

Precap: Arjun shoots arrow on bell saying he will complete his punishment. Uruvi stands mesmerized hearing bells’ melodious voice.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Precap ARjun or Karn? pls mention the names correctly. found lot misakes daily.

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