Karn Sangini 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Karn Saves Pandavs

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Uruvi sees Karn’s gifted lotus missing and asks her mother Shubdha where is it. Shubdha says lotus will be alive only in lake dirt, so she sent it back to lake via servant. Uruvi says she did good. Shubdha walks away smirking. On the other side, Shakuni provokes Karn against Uruvi. After sometime, Uruvi rests on Shubdha’s lap and confesses that she loved Karn and sent a letter to Arjun in Varnavrath expressing all her feelings, but now she is regretting as Arjun must be heart broken after reading letter; she is regretting considering Karn as brave warrior, but he is coward; she is also at mistake to love a coward, so she should be punished. She keeps her hand on lamp fire. Shubhda asks what is she doing. Uruvi wakes up from sleep and realizes it was her dream.

Karn angrily sharpens arrow reminiscing Uruvi’s insulting words. Shakuni provokes Karn against Uruvi and says she is dreaming to marry Arjun and confesses that he has planned to kill Pandavs in varnavrath by burning it. In varnavrath, Pandavs enjoy gambling. Nakul asks Arjun where he is lost. Bhim says in Uruvi’s dreams. Shakuni’s aide Purochan gives hypnotic drug to cook and asks to mix it in Pandav’s food, once they fall asleep, he will burn them alive. Shakuni tells Karn that Uruvi will lead a widow life now. Karn confronts and says he wants to win lie a warrior and not by tricks, it will bring defamation to his friend Duryodhan, he will not let that happen. Shakuni says already plan has been executed, Karn cannot do anything.

Uruvi gets ready to meet Arjun. Shubhda thinks she has to stop Uruvi as she did not send Uruvi’s letter to Arjun. She asks Uruvi to treat an emergency patient, else it will be black mark on her father’s dignity. Uruvi asks maid to carry medicine box behind her. Shubdha orders maid to make sure Uruvi is busy whole night. Uruvi treats patient and says everything is fine, she can meet Arjun now.

Shakuni laughs that Pandavs will die soon. Dushyasan says Karn has gone to save Pandavs. Shakuni says let him go, by the time he reaches, Pandavs will burn into ashes. Dushyasan asks what if Karn reaches on time. Shakuni says even Karn will burn as he ordered Purochan already. Dusyhasan says Karn is on their side. Shakuni says there is no need to gather crowd in their team.

Uruvi reaches jungle and waits for Arjun. Magical veins surround her and capture her to a tree. Karn pases by on his horse and hearing her plea stops, but thinks he cannot stop and let his friend bear insult. Uruvi continues pleading for help. Karn sees her and reminiscing Uruvi’s letter shoots arrow. Vein frees her. He walks to her reminiscing her bitter words.

Precap: Uruvi alleges Karn that he tried to kill Pandavs on Duryodhan’s order, he should be ashamed of himself.

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