Karn Sangini 28th January 2019 Written Episode Update: What Will Karn Decide?

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Karn walks into garden where he hears a lady asking Kasturi if she is the same woman who helped them in Chandi maa’s temple. Kasturi acts and says she does not remember anything and is getting severe headache. She signals woman who is her puppet and runs from there. Karn runs behind her. Kasturi tries to jump into water well acting as trying to suicide. Karn stops her. Kasturi acts that she would rather die than bearing Karn’s doubt. Karn says he will not believe even god and will not go away from her. Radha and Uruvi reach there and stand shocked. Kasturi smirks at Uruvi and thinks now Karn will not believe Uruvi. Radha thinks Kasturi can go to any extent to get Karn and even risk her life. Uruvi tells her that she is right, Kasturi can go to any extent. Radha suggests Uruvi to use Kasturi’s tricks to defeat her.

Next day, a man comes to Karn courtyard to seek justice and says someone broke his eyes and he wants to break culprit’s eyes as revenge. Karn asks who is it. Man says culprit is from royal family and he is afraid that he will not get justice. Karn says he will get justice. Man points at Kasturi and says 2 months ago while throwing stones at bird, she broke her eye. Karn thinks Kasturi’s memory is lost, so he cannot punish her. Kasturi says she did not. Uruvi asks how can she be so sure as she lost her memory. Kasturi says she means she did not or did, she does not know and is ready to accept punishment. Uruvi is shocked hearing her changed tone. Karn says he will pronounce judgment once Kasturi’s memory is back. Uruvi reminisces sending man to allege Kasturi to expose her truth.

Uruvi stands in balcony thinking about Uruvi’s evil plans when Uruvi pushes her and holds her hand. Uruvi stands shocked, trying to save herself. Kasturi pulls her back and asks why she did try to expose her truth, she can easily kill her at once, but will not. Uruvi asks why is she doing this. Kasturi says just like her, she also wants to enjoy as queen with king Karn. Uruvi says she does not want wealth and loves Karn. Kasturi says even she loves Karn and can even lose her eyes to enjoy life with him. After sometime, Radha walks to Uruvi and asks if she could expose Kasturi. Uruvi says no. Karn enters. Radha says it is Karn’s duty to protect Uruvi. Uruvi says she does not want Karn to give wrong justice and can accept death sentence to protect his dignity. She tells Karn that she will happily accept death sentence tomorrow for his sake and dorns him King’s crown. Next morning, Kasturi’s father continues alleging Uruvi and asks Karn to hang her and give justice to him.

Precap: Karn announces that since Uruvi could not prove her innocence in given stipulated time, he pronounces death sentence to her.

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