Karn Sangini 24th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Duryodhana Stands By Karn

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Karn Sangini 24th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Guru Drona shouts at Karn, how arrogant he is, who is his arrogant guru. Karn warns to dare not insult his guru Parashuram. Drona is surprised and says Parashuram teaches only brahmins and does not teach kshatriya. Karn asks if one asks tree before plucking fruit, if bird asks sky to let it fly, if water asks river to let is flow, etc. He asks to let him fight with Arjun. Drona says let Karn give his identity. Uruvi thinks where is a question of caste between 2 warriors. Karn’s foster brother Shon realizes he is his brother, runs to horse stable where her parents are and informs them that bhaiya has returned after 12 years well versed in archery. They rush to competition venue and emotionally meet Karn. Drona asks if a sooth putra will fight with a kshatriya. Shon says his parents

found bhaiya on river bank, so they should not generalize him as sooth. Karn says he is proudly Radha’s son Radhe Karn. Kunti hears that and thinks how can a mother ruthlessly disown her child and cries reminiscing leaving her baby into river years ago, realizing Karn is her son. Drona says when Karn’s mother disowned him, how can he let him fight with world’s greatest warrior Arjun.

Uruvi asks Bhisma why a warrior is stopped from showing his skills, it is also an insult for Arjun to not show his skills. Bhisma says from ages, they have made a rule that a brahmin’s son will be brahmin, khatriya’s a warrior, potter’s potter, charioteer’s charioteer. Yudistra says Bhisma is right, why Uruvi is insisting so much. Karn’s parents say let us go from here. He walks with them, but Duryodhan stops Karn and says if Karn is not allowed to show his skills as he is not khatriya and not a king, then he gifts Karn his dynasty. Bhisma shouts Duryodhan himself is not a king yet, how can he gift a dynasty. Duryodhan says his maama/uncle had gifted him Ang rajya, he is giftint it to Karn and making him Ang’s king. Karn thanks him. Gandhari says her son’s good nature is speaking, she is proud of him.

Duryodhan tells Karn that he was insulted as sooth putra, now a kshatriya will become his charioteer. Karn and Arjun’s competition is announced. Duryodhan becomes Karn’s charioteer while Uruvi becomes Arjun’s charioteer. Fierce archery fight starts. Arjun’s arrow hits Karn’s chest, but his kavach/proective barrier protects him. They both shoots arrows on each other. Uruvi is mesmerized with Karn’s archery skills. Someone says if this war does not stop, one warrior will die for sure. Sunsets. Bhisma enters venue and says competition ends. Karn says it is question of challenge and not just competition. Bhisma says rules are rules and asks guru Drona to announce. Drona announces competition ends for the day.

Kunti cries reminiscing disowning Karn. Her maid says her son has returned and everyone are insulting him. Kunti says it is not Karn’s mistake that he was disowned. On the other side, Uruvi walks to Arjun and ties pink diamond on his arms for his protection. She says there was something special in Karn’s archery. Arjun gets angry and asks if she was worried for her friend’s life then. Uruvi says she did not mean that, he is a great warrior.

Precap: Uruvi walks into Karn’s room hiding. Karn asks reason for her entering his room. She shows pink diamond and says it is broken, if he can refix it. He says he cannot, but can get her another diamond before next poornamaasi.

Update Credit to: MA

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