Karn Sangini 24th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Uruvi Is Accused

Karn Sangini 24th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uruvi prepares medicine reminiscing Karn hugging Kasturi and sayinig he loves her. Kasturi enters and asks her to prepare medicine to get her well soon as Karn proposed her tonight and she wants to gift him in return. Uruvi says okay. She asks Uruvi to go away. Uruvi is amused hearing that and asks what she means. Kasturi says she means to go aside and asks to get ghee pot. Uruvi searches ghee pot when Kasturi silently picks it from other side and drops some ghee on floor. She returns ghee pot to Uruvi. Uruvi slips on ghee and breaking ghee pot. Fire torch falls on ghee and fire spreads all over burning Kasturi’s dupatta. Kasturi shouts for help. Uruvi tries to help her, but fire spreads high. Karn reaches there and saves Kasturi. Uruvi applies medicine on Kasturi’s burns. Radha asks how did accident happen. Uruvi says she slipped on ghee pot and it broke, fire torch fell on ghee and caught fire. Karn walks away followed by other. Kasturi thinks more shock is awaiting Uruvi now.

Kasturi’s father rings law bell. Karn reaches courtyard and seeing him asks if he knows its meaning. Father alleges that Uruvi tried to kill Kasturi multiple times. Karn says Uruvi never conspires and she considers her medical practice as prayers. Radha backs Karn. Father continues alleging Uruvi and asks king is trying to protect his second wife and should stop doing justice. Uruvi stops him and says he will get justice and asks Karn to investigate this issue and bring out truth. Father asks what if second queen is proven guilty, what is its punishment in Ang Desh. Uruvi says death sentence. Father walks away happily and meets Kasturi. Kasturi says just after a day, Uruvi will be hanged to death and her hurdle will be cleared. Karn thinks Uruvi is worried about his dignity, so she is doing this.

Radha asks Uruvi why did she support Kasturi’s father’s illegal demand. Uruvi says she cannot let anyone point at Karn’s law and reminisces Kasturi’s repeated lies.

Precap: Uruvi confronts Kasturi that she has not lost memory and knows she is Karn’s second wife, she will tell truth to Karn.

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