Karn Sangini 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Karn Defends Uruvi

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Bhisma confronts Bhanumati that she is insulting Hastinapur’s hospitality, they consider their guests as god. Bhanumati asks then why Uruvi is playing games, when she wants to marry Arjun, then why she is befriending Karn, why she went to treat Karn’s father Adhirath. Arjun confronts her and reminds that Uruvi is the one who risked her life to save her when she was kidnapped, Uruvi is her friend. Bhanumati says she knows Uruvi well as a friend, so she knows she is throwing dice on both sides by befriending Arjun on one side and Karn on the other side, she is a doppelganger who wants to get either Karn or Arjun whoever will win. Arjun warns her again. Bhanumati continues insulting Uruvi.

Uruvi tries to leave crying. Karn confronts Bhanumati saying he knows he does not have right to speak here, but he cannot see Uruvi’s insult who does not differentiate between rich and poor; when he helped Duryodhan kidnap Bhanumati, Uruvi was the one who tried to stop her showing her friendship for Arjun, she is the one who fulfilled her vaidya’s duty and treated his father forgetting she is a princess and he is a charioteer; if her goodness is insulted, people will lose faith on goodness. He continues that Uruvi is following her friendship with Arjun and he is following his friendship with Duryodhan, everyone present here knows both sides cannot be friends and will be enemies always. After listening to both sides, Bhism sends Pandavs to forest.

Uruvi walks to her room reminiscing Uruvi insulting her and Karn taking her side. She burns her finger while lighting lamp. Shubra walks to her and says she did not inform her decision about her and Arjun’s engagement for a reason, she showed her goodness and people misunderstood her, she does not want her to be in any worst situation, Karn cleared today that he is the enemy, so her fate is with Arjun. Kunti joins Uruvi and Shubhra and says whatever people say, Uruvi is most pure hearted for her and she wants her to be her daughter. She says Karn is not a bad man, he took Uruvi’s side and is kind hearted. Shubhra says he is on wrong side though.

Duryodhan calls Karn and scolds Bhanumati for dragging Karn while insulting Uruvi. Bhanumati says she did not mean to insult Karn, she was tensed seeing Duryodhan’s condition, so did this in anger. Karn says he did not mind. Duryodhan asks her to feed sweets to his friend. She feeds sweets to Karn and Duryodhan. Dushasana says during this process, Pandavs as sent back to forest. Duryodhan says even then Yudistra is yuvraj/crown prince, it would have been better he would set ablaze Pandavs instead of himself.

Uruvi’s maid walk discussing that Uruvi has to return to Pukeya sadly this time. They walk to Uruvi’s room. Uruvi asks if they came to inform they are returning to Pukeya. Maid says Karn has come. Uruvi asks to let him in. Karn enters. Their eyes meet. Serial’s title song plays in the background. Uruvi asks if he came to confront her. He says no, he came to say they cannot be friends at all.

Precap: Karn tells Uruvi that they did not have any relationship and will never be. Uruvi says he is right, she has to get out the storm in her.

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