Karn Sangini 21st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Karn, Uruvi In A Weird Situation

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Kasturi insists Karn to show him palace. Aunts smirk and insist Karn to go. Kasturi walks with Karn saying they used to play king and queen in childhood and build mud palace, now they are real king and queen. Karn thinks Uruvi should not have lied she is vaidya’s daughter hide her identity. Kasturi continues her commentary. Karn calls maids and asks them to take Kasturi to her room and walks away. Kasturi says she wants to see palace. Kasturi’s father apologizes Uruvi for misunderstanding her and asks how long can she hide her true identity. Karn walks in and says she does not have to from hereon. Uruvi says Uruvi’s condition will worsen. Karn says there they will find some other solution. Aunt taunts Uruvi should not mind acting as servant, she will not walk on thorns. Radha shuts her mouth and says her thorny words prick a lot and says she also agrees with Karn, they should inform truth to Kasturi. Kasturi enters and asks what truth. Uruvi says she will give bitter medicine to Kasturi. Kasturi says she is fine with bitter medicine as she wants to get well soon. Radha and Karn feel bad for Uruvi while aunt enjoy.

Kasturi gifts servant’s clothes to Uruvi and says she will look good in them and she will not misunderstand her anymore. Karn gets angry seeing that. Aunts smirk discussing Uruvi must be in pain. They ask Kasturi to get ready like a queen and order guards to bring queen’s clothes. Kasturi happily walks away to get ready and after getting ready thinks Karn will be very excited seeing her in queen’s clothes.

Karn meets Uruvi wearing charioteer’s clothes. Uruvi asks why did he wear servant’s clothes. He says he will wear whatever his wife wears and cannot see her bearing sautan’s troubles. He gets romantic with her, and she says someone will watch. He says let them. Kasturi walks towards them and breaks her pearl necklace. Pearls fall on Karn’s feet and he gets tensed. Kasturi not noticing them starts picking pearls. Karn lifts Uruvi and hides behind curtains. Kasturi walks away. After sometime, Uruvi shows Karn’s horse to Kasturi and says it only obeys Karn and gets out of control if someone rides it. Kasturi says she will ride horse as he does not want anyone else to touch Karn except her. Uruvi stops her, but she warns dare not to stop queen being a servant and rides horse.

Precap: Uruvi warns Kasturi not to ride Karn’s horse, but she jealous does. Horse gets out of control and drags her away.

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  1. Arre.. what serial is this..
    First SaaS bahu bakwas and now Sautan.. is this a storyline of something realted to Mahabharata.. they simply maligning it’s dignity..

    1. I completely agree. When this serial first started I was excited that a series based on a mythology book was being made but this show is a joke. The author of the book Ms. Kane should take some action as this series is a child’s play whereas her book was a beautiful narrative. The books goes through the journey and inner turmoils of Karna and how his wife Uruvi walked with him through thick and thin sometimes agreeing with him other times not. There was no bad blood between Uruvi, Vaishali or Karns mother, they were dignified, strong women who showed respect and admiration to a point towards each other. I can’t believe the makers are trying to show this in today’s time.

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