Karn Sangini 20th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Karn To Face Arjun

Karn Sangini 20th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kunti after meeting Karn walks to Uruvi and says Karn is very emotional and has faced a lot in life, Uruvi should always be his support. She blesses her and then addresses Radha that she bought up Karn very well and Karn will always be called Radha Karn. Radha greets her with folded hands, and Kunti leaves. Karn enters battlefield and fights fiercely killing many warriors on Pandavs’ side. On 13th day, Kauravs trap Arjun’s son Abhimanyu in a chakravyuh and kill him. Karn opposes this heinous act in front of Duryodhan for killing Abhimanyu via tricks. Duryodhan says even Bhisma Pitamaha was attacked via tricks wrongly. Karn says it was skill and not trick, he will never support this kind of heinous acts.

Uruvi informs Radha that she is pregnant. Radha gets happy and asks if she informed Karn. Uruvi says not yet as she is mourning Abhimanyu’s death and sad that her friend Abhimanyu and Subhadra are in sorrow after losing their son. On the other side, Arjun loses control after his son’s death and takes oath to kill the culprits before evening tomorrow. Duryodhan walks to Karn and says Kaurav army is afraid after hearing Arjun’s oath, so he wants Karn to fight fiercely and clear fear from their team. Karn agrees.

On 14th day of war, Pandavs send Bheem’s son Gatotkach who vanishes almost whole army of Kauravs. Even Karn’s arrows does not work, so finally Karn uses Indra Dev’s gifted Vasai Shakti arrow to kill Gatotkach. Back in basecamp, Arjun fumes that he will kill Karn tomorrow. Kunti says he should not as.. Krishna stops her ad says as still time has not come yet.

Next morning, Uruvi is busy in prayers when Karn walks in. Uruvi says she was about to come to get him ready for war. Karn says today he is going to fight with Arjun. Uruvi reveals he is becoming father. Karn gets emotional in joy. Uruvi says he has to return soon to see his child’s face. Karn says he may or may not return. Uruvi gets emotional.

Precap: Arjuna and Karn face each other in battlefield.

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