Karn Sangini 19th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kunti Pleads With Karn

Karn Sangini 19th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Duryodhan walks to Karn and informs that Arjun tricked by sending Shikhandi in front and rested Bhishma Pitamaha on bed of arrows, so he wants Karn to finish Karn tomorrow in battlefield. Uruvi helps Karn wear war gear and says she is happy that he is getting a chance to show his competency. Radha says Uruvi is right. Uruvi asks him not to turn back as nobody can ignore his bravery. Karn walks towards door when he sees Kunti standing. He greets her and asks why did she come to enemy’s home. Kunti says he knows that they are not enemies, so if he can call her in as she needs to talk. He says it is already late and he has to go. Kunti says she heard Angraj does not send anyone empty handed, he should give her some time in charity. He asks to go ahead. She asks if they can speak alone.

He takes her to a room. She closes door.

Radha gets worried that Kunti may want to take Karn with her. Uruvi says Kunti maa would never do that and must have come to inform Karn truth. Kunti tells Karn that she is his mother who disowned him immediately after birth, she is the one because of whom he is on adharma/injustice’s side, etc. She requests if he will allow her pamper him. He rests on her lap for sometime and says she must have come with a reason, what is it. She says she always was worried for him and wants to request him to be dharma’s side by leaving Duryodhan’s side, she wants all her sons to be on dharma’s side and is waiting for that. Karn says he is waiting for her answer since long, why did she disown him. She cries that she was an unmarried mother and was helpless, reminiscing the incident.

Kunti continues crying and pleading Karn to leave Duryodhan and support his brothers. Karn says he is not a traitor like his mother who came here begging for her other 5 sons’ lives; if she was so worried for him, why didn’t she inform her other 5 sons that he is their elder brother, she came here to with business proposal to save her 5 sons by sacrificing her 1 son. Kunti cries that she does not want her sons to shed each other’s blood, she knows Karn is surya putra and ins undefeatable, so he should not fight with his brothers. Karn says nobody goes empty handed from his house, so he promises that he will not kill Arjun. Kunti cries that even if he is killed, it is her loss.

Precap: Duryodhan tells Karn that the way Abhimanyu was killed was a war strategy and is legal. Karn says he is right, but he will not sacrifice his morals. Arjun takes oath to kill Karn.

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