Karn Sangini 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: A New Challenge For Uruvi

Karn Sangini 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karn’s aunts discuss they will enjoy kheer made by princess. Uruvi says they will have kheer made by their new bride. Surili thinks she has to inform queen Shubhra about it before anyone notices. Karn enters. Radha does her aarti and says her son is going to rule as Ang’s king today for the first time. Uruvi fixes Karn’s crown and says he should use his brain and not blindly trust anyone, he should remember that his crown is symbol of pride and he should never bend his head wearing it. Radha gives 10 coins to Uruvi and asks her to go and get grocery for kheer from market and prepare it. Uruvi walks to market to get grocery and gets confused what to buy. Shopkeeper asks what she wants. A woman walks in and says she needs perfumed long grain rice, kesar and jaggery to prepare

kheer and she will buy milk from nearby shop. Uruvi excitedly says even she needs same. Shopkeeper asks if she is also preparing kheer. Uruvi nods yes.

At courtyard, Karn’s rival tells his aides that Karn is a Suth and just a warrior, he cannot rule like khatriyas. Karn walks in. Rival’s aides drop flower ropes in front of Karn. Karn reminisces Uruvi’s words to never bend his head when he wears crown and asks guards to lift flower ropes up and walks in with head high. Rival’s aides say he told Karn will not be able to rule, but they see king’s pride on his face. Karn sits on king’s chair and starts administration.

A pallu dorned woman follows Uruvi and diverting her attention steals her gold coins. Woman reveals she is Karn’s aunt Gauri. Gauri returns home. Her sister asks how did she come from bathe so early, she looks much dirter than before. Gauri hides coin bag and says she thought better not to walk so far and put effort, so she returned back. Sister asks what is she hiding. Gauri throws coin bag behind. Radha notices and thinks Gauri cannot stop stealing, so she gave coins to Uruvi in front of Gauri. Shopkeeper gives grocery to Uruvi and asks 4 coins. Uruvi finds her money bag missing. A man offers 4 coins. Uruvi says she cannot take money as she does not know him. He says he knows she is Ang king Karn’s wife and came here to buy grocery to prepare kheer, he is Karn’s royal staff and cannot see queen being shamed for not bringing grocery, they spend 1000s of coins from royal wealth, 4 coins does not matter. Uruvi accepts coin and returns home with grocery.

Rival’s aide informs that Uruvi accepted 4 coins. He thinks now he can rip Karn off his crown. Once Karn walks down, rival extends his hand towards Karn’s crown.

Precap: Uruvi prepares khichdi for Karn’s family. Karn’s aunts yell this khichdi does not have ghee in it and forcefeed Uruvi. Shubhra thinks she will go to Ang desh and get her daughter out of that hell.

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