Karn Sangini 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: A Public Bath For Uruvi

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Karn Sangini 18th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha takes Uruvi to open lake for bath. Uruvi is shocked and says they bathe between closed walls. Radha says suuth’s bathe in open and don’t have privilege to bathe between walls, hurry up before cowherds come. She thinks if Shubhra comes here, she will realize what her daughter is going through. Uruvi walks down to lake, gets water in bucket and walks up. Ladies identify her as Angraj Karn’s wife,if she will bathe with us in open, she is so beautiful. A girl asks Uruvi if she is princess, can she touch her, she is so smooth and fair, if she bathes here, she will also become dark.

Karn target practices reminiscing scolding Uruvi. Adhirath walks to him and says this new cloth is dispersing color. Karn says it is not new cloth’s mistake. Adhirath asks then

why did not he realize it is not Uruvi’s mistake. Karn says yes, he should have understood Uruvi’s condition. Adhirath asks to go and support his wife then.

Uruvi shivers with cold water and bathes slowly while all women walk away. She then rushes to her dry clothes an sees them flying away in air. She calls for help and seeing someone coming thanks god and says she is here. She sees cowherds coming and hides. Karn comes there and hearing Uruvi thinks why he heard her voice. Uruvi’s dry cloth falls on him, he identifies it and realizes she is somewhere around. Uruvi panics thinking what will she do now, cowherds are coming. Karn reaches and stops cowherds saying to come later as his wife is bathing. They walk away. He drapes clothes over her and consoles her.

Shubhra gets letter from Ang and thinking Uruvi sent it reads it. Radha writes that she is sending gifts which she will identify easily. Radha opens boxes and sees Uruvi’s clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc., and thinks why did Uruvi send all items back. Radha further writes that Uruvi is very understanding and when Karn took oath not to use royal items and use suth items, even Uruvi promised to support him and use same. Shubhra fumes how dare Suthni is to trouble her daughter without any mistake.

Karn dries Uruvi’s clothes and gives it to them. They both apologize at once. She comes out getting ready. He fixes her sari looking at her face. Uruvi returns home. Aunts beat plates. Uruvi asks Radha what is happening. Radha says aunts want her to start kitchen ritual and prepare kheer for them. Uruvi thinks she does not know to prepare kheer, but will try and impress them.

Precap: Radha gives 5 coins to Uruvi and asks her to get kheer grocery from market. Uruvi walks to market to get grocery when Radha’s aide steals money.

Update Credit to: MA

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