Karn Sangini 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Uruvi is Angry At Karn

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Pallu lady is identified as Karn’s first wife Kasturi. Karn reminisces childhood incident where Kasturi’s confesses her love for Karn and when he rejects it angrily storms away shouting she will never meet him again. Uruvi walks away shocked reminiscing Kasturi telling she came here to meet her husband who is away from her since years, etc. Karn lies Kasturi on a bed, and vaidya treats her. Aunts discuss Karn did not meet Kasturi since he went to get training from guru Parashuram. Karn reminisces childhood incident where Karn meets Kasturi before leaving for training from guru Parashuram. Kasturi says she wants him to play with her and throws his bow. Rajvaidya asks everyone to go out as he will spread medicated smoke for Kasturi’s treatment.

Uruvi cries sitting in a corner reminscing Kasturi’s words. Radha walks to her and thinking Uruvi is in a shock, so she should get her out of her shock. She tells Uruvi that Karn and Kasturi were married in childhood and Karn does not consider her as his wife and just as his friend. Uruvi says she will question Karn and walks away.

Karn again reminisces childhood incident where his friends laugh that he wants to become warrior instead of charioteer. Kasturi throws dirt on them and shoos them away. Karn thanks her for her help. She says they are life partners and its her duty to help him. He says he is going for training from guru Parashuram. She says if he goes, she will break up with him. Out of flashback, Karn stands tensed. Uruvi walks to him and confronts that he always pointed her mistake and hiding facts from him, but he hid such a big fact that he is already married, she was proud to be called as Karn’s wife, but why did he betray her. Karn says he married Kasturi in childhood and considers her as just friend. Maid informs that Kasturi is awake now.

Karn walks to Kasturi’s room. Kasturi’s father tells Kasturi wanted to see Karn wearing throne, so she came here silently and wanted to leave without meeting him, but seeing him in trouble, she could not help coming in front. Aunt discuss samdhi cooked up nice story.. Kasturi subconsciously calls Karn. Father asks Karn to call Kasturi. Karn calls her. She wakes up and identifies Radha and aunts, asks where is Karn, who is this man. Father asks vaidya what happened to his daughter. Vaidya says she got partial memory loss and forgot recent events. Aunts show Karn and says he is Karn. Kasturi looks at Karn’s kavach/protective barrier and plays childhood game and then says he her Karn. After sometime, she hugs Karn and says she will never go away from him. Uruvi gets heartbroken seeing that.

Precap: Karn’s aunt taunt Uruvi that according to law, Karn’s first wife has equal right on his sindhoor. Karn scolds them and is about to apply sindhoor to Uruvi’s forehead when Kasturi enters and asks what is he doing.

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