Karn Sangini 17th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Uruvi Faces Karn’s Ire

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Karn Sangini 17th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karn is shocked to see Uruvi wearing blanket like a thief and asks what is happening. Gauri says she is holding same rotis which Radha prepared with hard work, but Pukeya princess cannot have suth’s food, so she went out throw it to dogs hiding her face. Surili tries to speak, but another aunt stops her and starts yelling next. Karn asks them to and sleep as it is late night and tells Uruvi that he cannot see his mother being insulted and walks away. Uruvi cries in her room. Aunts peep and discuss mother’s love overpowered wife’s love, Karn left his newly married wife alone, love gives them pain, so it is better they have not married at all.

Radha walks to Uruvi and consoles her. Uruvi hugs her and says she is like her mother, even she.. Radha reminisces Shubhra insulting

her and says she is not like her mother and asks her to finish food and go to Karn. Uruvi walks to Karn thinking she will tell him the story behind rotis, but Karn sleeps turning his back on her. She sleeps sadly. Karn feels guilty that Uruvi has to be caught like thief in her own house and even his mother was insulted, he cannot even feed proper food to Uruvi. Next morning, Karn wakes up and sees Uruvi still asleep. He tries to wake up, but Uruvi keeps her hand on him in sleep. He keeps it aside and walks away.

Radha sends Uruvi’s jewelry back to Shubhra via servants and asks them to not let anyone know about it. She turns and gets nervous seeing Karn standing behind her. Karn says he knows she is hurt with last night’s incident. Radha says she forgot everything last night itself. Karn says he is going for weapon practice now. She says today is newly married bride’s first day at home, he should stay back. He says warrior’s duty is to meet weapons first. Radha asks if Uruvi is ready for next rituals. Karn says he is still asleep. Aunts brainwash Radha that bride is still asleep and MIL is working. Radha thinks she wanted to keep Karn’s wife like her daughter and went to Shubhra with Karn and Uruvi’s alliance with great joy, but Shubhra insulted her and changed her mind. Aunt continue spilling their venom. They walk and sit in front of Uruvi. Uruvi wakes up and says she did not realize it is Ang and not Pukey and slept for long. Aunts yell that sun is on their head. Radha asks Uruvi to go and take bath and orders aunts to finish household chores. Aunts continue yelling. Uruvi calls maid to help her bathe. Surili comes. Aunts yell everyone is equal here, so she will not get any maid. Uruvi asks Radha to show her bathroom. Radha takes her to open lake and asks to have bath here. Uruvi stands shocked.

Precap: Uruvi takes bath in open lake and shivering rushes to get dry clothes, clothes fly away. She calls for help.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. May be this is why people said.. Princess should marry a prince..

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