Karn Sangini 15th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Uruvi Finds Solution

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Purshottam’s puppet alleges Karn that Devi maa got angry because of his sin act, so he has to sacrifice his head to calm down Devi maa. A loyal pandit thinks it is wrong and confronts that this is not Devi maa’s anger, it is something else. Uruvi says some cruel person (looking at Purshottam) must have poisoned prasad. Prushottam asks if she has any proof. Puppet says Karn is afraid of losing his life. Karn says he is a warrior and his arrows and words don’t return, he is not afraid of death, but as a king, his duty is to cure his praja first, so he needs time till morning. He orders soldiers to go to nearby areas and get vaidyas, he will go to south and they can go to north. Uruvi says she is also a vaidya. Karn says he does not need her help and leaves in his chariot.

Karn reaches vaidya and saying he knows he can cure any illness and should cure his praja and not worry about expenses. Vaidya says he can treat illness, but cannot treat devimaa’s anger. Karn scolds that a vaidya cannot say this and orders as a king to treat patients.

Uruvi meets patients who inform that they consumed devimaa’s maha abhishek milk and fell severely ill. She walks to abhishek venue and searches milk, but does not find even a drop. Purshottam enters and confessing his crime boasts that he knew Uruvi’s vaidya nature will try to find out truth, so he did not leave even a drop of abhishek milk. Uruvi challenges him that she will find milk and cure for patient’s illness. She informs Radha and goes near end to find milk, but does not find even a drop there. Radha asks who has done this. Uruvi says it is important to find cure for patients first. Uruvi then goes back to temple. Pallu lady silently follows Uruvi everywhere. Uruvi sees a lady carrying garbage and requests to give it to her. Lady yells and gives basket to her. Uruvi searches basket. Pallu lady yells that king’s life in is at risk, but she is busy searching dustbin. Uruvi asks why she is more concerned about king, it is more important to find cure for patients first. Pallu lady gets nervous. Uruvi finds milk in a broken cup and excitedly asks lady to give any silver item. Lady gives her silver ring. Uruvi puts ring in milk and it turns black. Uruvi says very strong poison is mixed in milk, so Devi maa’s silver idol turned black, now she should find antidote for this poison. Purshottam thinks he has antidote but will give it only after sunset after Karn is beheaded.

Pallu lady walks to Karn and informs that abhishek milk was poisoned to get him out of way. Karn asks who did that. Lady says she does not know, but knows to prepare antidote, but it will take til morning, so only Karn can help her. Karn asks how can he. Lady says if Karn can stop Sun’s revolution for sometime and stop sunrise till she prepares antidote, reminiscing Iruvi asking her to do so as Karn will not take her help. Karn agrees and sasy she can even sacrifice his life to save his praja. Uruvi thinks only Karn can do that. Karn stands on mountain cliff doing suryanamaskar while Uruvi prepares antidote in a secret place. Pallu lady enters and informs Uruvi that someone saw her coming here. Radha walks in next and asks Uruvi why did not she inform Karn that she is preparing antidote, Karn will hate her more now; she is giving credit to an unknown woman. Uruvi says Karn does not even wan to talk to her, he will not take her help, now their first priority is to save citizen’s lives. Radha asks lady to remove her pallu and show her face. Lady hesitates. Uruvi says this lady already told she wants to help selflessly and does not want to reveal her identity. Radha says her intention should not change and she should inform Karn that Uruvi prepare antidote.

Uruvi prepares antidote and walks with pallu lady. Purshottam’s puppets attack them. Uruvi pushes them and runs into jungle. Puppets follow them, and they hide behind under mud pile. Pallu lady sneezes. Goons get alert. Urvui and Pallu lady come out of hiding and run. Puppets surround them.

Precap: Pallu lady requests Karn to reunite her with her husband. Karn promises and asks what is her husband’s name. Lady says Karn.

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