Karn Sangini 15th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Arjun To Meet Karn

Karn Sangini 15th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karn returns home injured after donating his kavach/armor and kundals/earrings. Radha crying see him. He asks if she will not speak anything. Radha asks how could he donate his kach kundals to Indra Dev even after knowing who was he. Karn says she should be happy that Indra Dev himself came to beg from him; if he had fought with kavach kundals, world would have badmouthed that Karn won battle with kavach kundals. Radha says he will not attend war and it is her order. He says world will call him coward. Radha cries world gave him nothing till now and he should bother about what people will say.

In Hastinapur, Indra dev shows Karn’s kavach kundals to Krishna and says he took it from Karn. Krishna says he fulfilled his duty as a father. Indra says now nobody can harm his son and his son will win for sure. Arjun hears that and says Indra dev ruined his son’s self-respect by doing this heinous act. Indra says he is just protecting his son. Arjun says he made him feel so low in front of Karn now with this heinous act and angrily leaves. Kunti also hears her conversation.

Radha guards Karn holding sword while Karn is asleep. Karn wakes up and asks why she is troubling herself. Radha says mother will be in pain when her son is in pain, she cannot let any danger near her son and orders him again he will not attend war. On the other side, Arjun stands angrily seeing his father’s low act. Kunti enters and asks if he is in dilemma and filling water glass and emptying it again asks to empty his mind like this, go and meet Karn and assure him that they are equal now and he will fight with a great warrior. Karn agrees and walks away.

Uruvi serves Karn. Karn says she looks happy that mom ordered him not to attend war. She says she is not happy. Karn says a warrior pride is in facing his enemy and dying in battlefield and not staying like a coward at home. Uruvi hears sound outside and walks out, sees soldiers surrounding someone and asks what his happening. Soldiers move aside, and Uruvi is amused to see Arjun. Soldiers say prince Arjun has come to attack our king knowing that our king donated his kavach kundals. Arjun says their queen will decide why he came here. Uruvi asks Arjun why did he come here. Arjun says his mother sent him here to meet Karn and assure him that he will find an equal warrior in battlefield. Kunti on the other side stands tensed. Krishna asks why she looks tensed. Kunti says she sent Arjun to meet Karn, her both sons will meet each other as brothers and not as enemies for the firs time. Radha sees Arjun and stopping him asks if he came here after sending his father to take Karn’s kavach kundals by trick, she will not let him go near her son. Uruvi says Kunti maa has sent Karn. Radha stops hearing that.

Precap: Karn gets ready for war. Uruvi says today whole world will see his bravery in battlefield. Kunti enters there.

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