Karn Sangini 10th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Uruvi Learns Shubhra’s Secret

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Karn orders charioteer to get chariot ready, they are leaving right now. Charioteer says horses are feeding grass, they cannot go at this time. Karn says it is his order. Radha says Uruvi is accompanying them. Krishna says she cannot. Radha says for Uruvi’s love’s sake. Karn asks there is no love left at all. Uruvi tells Radha that when Karn does not love her, there is no point accompany him. Karn walks to his room and gets sad seeing Uruvi’s items. Uruvi writes Karn’s name in flower rangoli and cries hugging his cloth. She is unable to sleep without him and wakes up seeing a man wearing blanket. She follows him and sees him walking into her parent’s room, points knife on his neck and asks who is he, why did he come here, who sent him. She is about to see his face when Shubhra drops lamp and man runs in dark. Uruvi throws knife and injures his leg. He escapes though. Vihusha calls soldiers. Shubhra scolds if they guard like this and orders to catch him. She asks Uruvi not to worry as he must have not gone far away, she should go and rest now.

Uruvi walks via corridor and seeing blood on floor thinks it must be masked man’s. She follows blood and sees Shubhra speaking to someone and scolding why did he come here. He says to remind her promise. She asks if he does not trust her. Man says not as she betrayed even her daughter, he followed her order by trying to separat Karn and Uruvi, he will inform her daughter that Vahusha did not get paralysis attack, so better she should get Karn out of Ang desh and give his crown back. Uruvi is shocked to see man is Purshottam. Curtain falls down. Shubrha gets tensed. Uruvi asks how can she betray her, she can see everything clear now, she lied so much and betrayed her own daughter. Shubhra asks to listen to her. Uruvi asks how can a mother try to break her daughter’s house; she thought her mother’s heart is vast and forgave Karn, but she is cunning. Shubhra says Uruvi forgot that she is Pukheya’s princess, but she did not. She orders soldiers to throw greed brahmin out of Pukheya border and if he returns to behead him. Purshottam says when she can betray her daughter, why will she spare him. She warns she would have killed him when he entered hiding. Guard take him away.

Shubhra boasts that she is cruel and can do anything for dignity. Uruvi say she saw everything. Shubhra says she was living like a maid in her sasural. Uruvi says she is not. Shubhra confesses that Radha had come with Karn’s alliance, but she showed her place. Radha showed her true nature and challenged to make Uruvi a suth girl. Uruvi says that means Radha and Shubhra were playing with relationship. Shubhra continues that Radha took revenge by making Uruvi work like a maid.

Radha grinds grains with Karn’s aunts. Aunt says Karn will do Chandi pooja on makar sankrantri, it is a proud moment. Radha remininsces Shubhra’s challenge and thinks she will not let Shubhra win. She tries to leave and slips. Karn enters and holding her asks what happened. She says she is going to repay debt and walks away. Uruvi continues confronting Shubrha and says she will return to Karn’s place. Vihusha enters saying she will not go anywhere, she will be remarried tomorrow.

Precap: Vishusha ties Uruvi and makes her sit for marriage. Uruvi calls Karn for help.

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