Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 23rd April 2020 Written *LAST* Episode Update: Tripura urges Karan to fight for justice

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The Episode starts with Sanam meets the producer who throws her out of the project. They offer her compensation. She asks if Karan is making them do this and tells that he has taken enmity with a wrong guy. She gets angry. Karan talks to her interior designer and tells Tipsy that he called interior designer to design Pia’s room. Tipsy says you don’t need to do it as per Ved, the case will end soon. Karan says case will not end so soon. Ved calls her home. Tipsy scolds him. She asks what is going to make in lunch? They have lunch. Tipsy says she wants to come back. Ved tells that he talked to Sanam yesterday, he knows that she is lying and wants to play safe. Tipsy holds his hand. She thanks him and goes home. Ved is obsessed and says I love you Tipsy. Karan calls Tipsy. Tipsy says I can’t come. Karan says I am reaching there in 2 mins and asks her to hurry up. Ved comes to Tripura’s home and tells that he came to return sugar. She says sugar. Ved says he came to say I love you to her. Karan reaches there. Tripura is shocked. Ved says case will be finished soon and tells that she has done a biggest mistake of her life by giving a chance to Karan. Tripura tells that she wants to give him (Ved) a chance, it was her mistake to return to him (Karan). She says Mr. Khanna is my biggest mistake, I don’t love or respect me. She says he dragged Pia in his case, I am not happy. She says I am happy that she is not his daughter, so I want to give us a chance. Karan gets teary eyes and leaves. Tipsy sees him going and thinks Ved acted seeing karan, appreciates his acting etc. Ved thinks Karan ruined things for him again. Karan thinks it was my mistake to think that Pia was my daughter and Tipsy loves me even now, but she never loved me, it was just an act.

Karan is going somewhere and sees Trisha with Rohan. He questions her. Trisha asks him not to create the scene. In the car, Karan asks Trisha what is the matter? Why is she marrying Jai? She says it is escape route to skip people’s questions. She says we are having the same genes pool and I am like you. Karan asks her not to ruin her life. Trisha says I was born to you, but Papa handled us and took care of her. She says you had moved on and got a brand new wife. She says whoever you comes in contact with, you will ruin everyone.

He comes home and finds a letter on his sofa. Servant says it is for you. Karan opens the envelope and sees the letter. He recalls getting the test done and gets shocked seeing the report.
Tripura comes home and finds the report on the table. He says you knew it, but you didn’t tell me. She says I knew it, but was hurt that you doubted me. He says you had hidden from me that Pia was my daughter. He says you had refused for the DNA test. She says you got it done though. She says I was not in love with that man (Udyan), I was just working with him. She says she couldn’t convince him that the baby was his. She came to talk to him, but couldn’t say. He says he is toxic and fails in relation. He says whoever loves me and comes close to me, I keep them far. He says whatever happened was good, if Pia was with me then don’t know what I would have done. He says you are free to go with Ved, I am not going to do the same mistake which I had done with Trisha. He asks her to pack her bags.

Pia returns home with Tipsy. Ved asks Tipsy why she is feeling bad as Karan asked her to leave. Tipsy says she is feeling low. Ved says it is anti-climax. He says you was worried that if Karan comes to know then he will take Pia, but today you are relax. Tipsy says it is not worth it. Karan receives call from Sanam who tells that she did her life’s biggest mistake by filing the case against him. Karan says ok, I will come there. He reaches her home and rings the bell. He gets inside and is shocked.

Tipsy asks Pia to get ready to go to school. Pia asks about Karan. Tipsy asks her to get ready. She watches news of Sanam Mehta’s murder and Ved is suspected for the murder. She gets shocked and goes to Ved. Ved tells her that call record is shown and that he is the one whom she had called last. He gets a call and comes to know that Karan has accepted her crime. Tipsy is shocked. Ved comes to his office and comes to know that Karan has refused lawyer’s help also. Tipsy asks Karan why is he doing the same destructive path. She says I let you do it last time, but not now. He says I let you go last time, but you didn’t go. He says I don’t know why you don’t leave me? She says when I had an accident, you should have left, but you didn’t. He says when I became monster, you should have walked away from me. He says Ved really loves you and will take care of you and Pia, you shall walk away from me. Tripura cries badly recalling their moments.

Ved meets the lawyer who tells that Sanam called Karan, three times and he will benefit from her death. Aryan thinks if Sanam is not killed by me or you (Divya) then who has killed her. Divya says I will call Police. Aryan asks her to relax. Divya says if Police comes to know about the fake case which we asked Sanam to file. Aryan says how anyone will know if we don’t say anyone. Ved tells Tripura that he talked to Karan’s lawyer and tells that nothing will happen to him. She says she is having headache. He says I will get balm and comes to his room. He opens the almira and opens the box, in which he has kept the stuff related to Tipsy starting from the first meeting. He thinks he can do anything for her. He comes to her and says nothing will happen to Karan. Tipsy says I can’t let this happen to him. He gets a call and tells her that he has to go.

Tipsy watches the news again and goes to meet him. Ved comes to meet Zoya on the secluded road. Zoya says it didn’t go as we plan. Ved says luckily Karan’s lawyer hear me, I will fix it. Zoya asks did Tipsy know that you are doing this for her. He asks her to keep her away out of this. He says last night she returned, so there is nobody with Karan to witness. He takes the drink from her hand and says drunk and drive is not right. Zoya laughs.

Tipsy comes to the Police station. Karan says why did you come here? Tipsy says you didn’t murder Sanam. You are trying to destroy yourself, you want you take yourself away from Pia and me. She says you are doing this 5 days before Trisha’s marriage. She says 5 years back, I had accepted defeat and went far from you, but this time you have to fight for me, for yourself and Pia. She promises him that he will return in both his daughter’s lives. She says we both were fighting, but this time this will be our fight against the world. She holds his hand. Karan gets emotional.

The Season 3 ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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