Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 22nd April 2020 Written Episode Update: Tripura tries to help Karan by taking Ved’s help

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The Episode starts with Aryan telling Sanam and Karan’s manager Divya that Zoya supports Karan very much and nobody else supports him like this. He says Zoya was his safety check, but not anymore. Divya says if Zoya suspects me then? Aryan holds Divya’s shoulder and asks why are you worrying, whatever you have done couldn’t be done by anyone else, this case couldn’t be possible. He takes pendrive from her and recalls telling her to post the video from Zoya’s laptop. He asks her to be with Karan and asks her to find out about the deal between Tipsy and Karan. Romila meets Tipsy in the restaurant and tells that Karan’s manager is upto some conspiracy and doing something big. Tipsy asks her if she is still behind Karan even now. Romila tells that she is always behind him. She tells about her suspicion. At Karan’s house, Divya says whatever Zoya did with you. Karan says you are still my manager. Tipsy comes home and hears them. Karan tells Tipsy that she will get the cheque in sometime and asks where is she going on? Tipsy says Charity and goes. Later Tipsy picks Vishal, Sherry and Amma and they are in the park. Sherry asks Tipsy how did she manage in her pregnancy and asks about Pia. She is pregnant. Amma tells Tipsy that she did right by compromising with Karan.

At home, Pia talks to Sherry and goes to talk to Vishal. Sherry asks Tipsy why did she return to Karan just for Pia’s sake. She says Amma thinks you wrong. Tipsy says Karan’s image is of a superhero and I don’t want to ruin it. Sherry asks what about Ved? Tipsy asks what? Sherry says she had called him. Later they sit to have dinner. Amma praises Karan. Vishal says you don’t love me? Amma says she is staying with them. Ved tells Tipsy that he missed her. Karan calls her and asks if she is with charity guy. He asks her to return to his house. Tipsy says today she is busy and ends the call. Ved thinks he shall confess his love to her. He is about to tell her, when Karan comes there and greets Amma with a hug. Pia runs to him and calls him Papa. Amma asks Tipsy to serve dinner to him. Tipsy says food is over. She takes Karan to side. Karan tells that she can’t be with any other man for a month and tells that he came to pick everyone to have icecream. Pia gets happy.

Karan and Amma are going to have icecream. Ved asks Amma to take her medicines. Amma asks Ved to join them. Ved also sits in the car beside Tipsy. They reach the restaurant. Ved asks him what is his problem, if he hates Tipsy so much then what is his problem to see her with him. Karan says I am not affected to see you both and tells that he don’t want to lose his case. Ved says you can’t digest that Tipsy is happy with another man. You have made your mind to take revenge from her. He says whenever you see her, you think she is your mistake of life. Karan asks what is it, how she controls you. Ved says there was nothing between us. He says you did a big mistake 5 years ago and I did a big mistake by not going behind Tipsy. He says but I will go after her. He says just after Trisha’s marriage, and case ends, Tipsy will leave and I will not let her go. He leaves. Tipsy comes and asks where is Ved? Karan says he left. They come to Karan’s home. Karan makes Pia sleep in his room as the other room AC is not working. He asks Tipsy if she refused for DNA test as she don’t want to get back to him. Tipsy thinks why is he thinking this way.

Later he sees Pia telling poem to Tipsy. He feels dizzy. Pia asks what happened to Papa. Tipsy says she will check and asks her to go and sleep. She comes to Karan and asks did you ever think how Pia will feel to see him drunk. Karan says even I felt for a second that she is my daughter, if I get habitual to you both then? Tipsy says Sanam will withdraw her case, it will end and we will go away from here. Karan says if I don’t let you both go then? He asks why I can’t forget you and why any other man understand you and not me. She says other men listen to me, unlike you. He says whenever you are near me, my heart beat starts and I can’t get away from you even today, but I can’t forget that you have betrayed me. He says you said right that I shall not drink infront of Pia, as she is a girl. Later Pia comes to Karan and tells that she had birthday 2 days back and says you never celebrated it. Karan says we will celebrate it later. Pia comes on his bed and rests on his lap. Tipsy searches Pia and comes there. She wakes her up. Pia says she wants to join afternoon school. Tipsy makes her ready to go to school. Karan says he will drop her. Tipsy asks why are you doing this? Karan says I am using you for image laundry. She says disgusting. He drops her to school. Pia says bye.

Tripura asks Ved to meet Romila. Ved says you are believing a stalker and asks her to speak to Karan. Tripura tells him that Karan doesn’t believe her and thinks we love each other. Ved asks do you really love me? She says I will totally love you, if you get me out of this situation. Karan comes to his office and sees Zoya there. Zoya says this is your office. She says you didn’t ask why I have done this with you. He says I am habitual to be back stabbed. She says you like to play victim and have done same thing with Tipsy too. She says you accused Tipsy on someone’s sayings and walks out from there. Amma calls Tipsy. Tipsy asks Karan about the birthday party and tells that birthday is already over. Karan says it was Pia’s plan. He receives Ved’s call on her mobile and tells that they are celebrating their daughter’s birthday and asks him to back off. Romila comes to Ved’s office and shouts saying you scared me. Ved offers coffee. Romila shows the photo and tells that Divya is with Aryan and Sanam. She tells that only Tipsy and Karan see him with love. She says it was my mistake as Radhika and then Tipsy came in his life and I became waiting room. Ved thinks he shall confess his love to her.

Aryan reads about Trisha’s marriage articles. Sanam asks what shall I do? Aryan says you had only 1 work that to put him in jail and asks her to get out. Karan asks Trisha to stay in his house. Trisha tells that she don’t want to return in his house and tells that she came to Mumbai as her Mamma wanted him to do kanyadaan. She says she needs to talk to Jai. Karan asks her to tell about Jai. Trisha says Jai is her business partner and loves her. He will be here before the wedding.

Tripura tells Ved that she feels that she has messed up everything. Ved says Romila’s proofs are not enough. Tripura says Divya is meeting Aryan behind Karan. Ved says they are from the same film industry. He asks her to be free and tells that he will handle. He meets Sanam. Sanam asks if it is right for him to be friends with Tipsy. Ved tells that he doesn’t mix his professional and personal lives. She tells that she feels suicidal and should have hire a better lawyer. He says if you have done a crime then also I will help you. I will put that man behind bars.

No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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