Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 15th April 2020 Written Episode Update: Tripura returns to Mumbai after 5 years

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After 5 years:

Tripura’s daughter asks her if she is cute. Tripura says she is very cute than her. They watch award function and Karan Khanna gets an award in the function. Ved comes there and tells that Karan Khanna shall get an award always. Tripura asks if he is your relative. The girl runs to him and calls him Papa. Tripura says she will serve food. Karan goes to stage and tells that the credit to his success goes to the one woman in his life. He calls the lady to the stage and says it is yours. Someone offers him drink. He says I gave up 5 years ago. He then sits in his car and drinks wine. He looks at Tripura’s pacifier ring in his hand and says I hate you Tipsy. He drinks again and keeps back the ring.

He says we got married, but nobody knows what had happened between us. I don’t hate anybody like I hate Tipsy.

He comes to another award function and gets an award. He tells that the black lady (award) is very precious and he can’t let it go to someone else. Someone invites him to his book launch. Karan says you are my family, I will come. He then tells his assistant that he will charge double. The lady walks behind him and says that jackal and hide act is very scary. He says I borrowed it from someone else. I didn’t know when she was real and when she was fake. I am nothing infront of her. His voiceover tells that Tripura was behind his back to stab him. He says I didn’t know what Tipsy was going to do with me, as I was standing in darkness. A fb is shown, he comes to her and checks her mangalsutra. She says I will not run away. He says I am scared that you will run away. He says I am jealous of your hairs as they are on your shoulder always. Tripura tells that she likes his KingfuPanda and is jealous of his sweat. She pushes him on bed and tells that she sleeps on the right side of bed. Karan’s voiceover tells that his 5 films are superhit, all men want my destiny and all women want me. A man comes to him and says my girlfriend slept with you yesterday and didn’t return home. Karan says I asked her to return to you and asks him to leave. He says I like when my fans used to told me that they love me. He says he used to like when she used to say him I love you.

Fb is shown again, Karan is sitting in the hospital. Tripura comes running and asks are you okay? Karan asks her to see the report and says it is not that serious. She checks the report and says hair fall. She says I thought this is serious problem for you. Karan says it is serious problem for me. Fb ends.

A doctor tells Karan that his hair loss problem is not small. Karan says that’s why I don’t want that incident to repeat and meets you often. Just then a lady comes inside his house. Karan asks who is she? The girl says I am your film heroine Sanam. He says you don’t look good without make up. She says she came for dinner. He asks her to leave and throws her out. He calls Zoya for chit chat. Later Zoya gets up from bed and says you was in good mood today. He says whenever someone spoils my mood, I am in good mood. Zoya says we will do chit chat. He says we have done twice, if we do again then your bed will break. She says I want to talk to you about film dates. She says I want 10 days extra for film promotion. He says contract is finished. She asks can’t you do this for me. He says if I do something for you, then I will expect the same with you.

She asks how did your marriage break? She says I know you since 5 years, tells that you manipulates your cousin and behaves arrogantly with others and misuse girls. She asks what had happened with you 5 years ago.

Karan recalls going with Vishal to the film promotion. He asks Vishal where is Tanpura? Vishal says you still call her Tanpura. Tripura comes there. Karan looks at her and says Mrs. Khanna…marriage suits you. She gets happy. Vishal calls him for photo shoot. Romila comes there and pats on Tripura’s shoulder. Zoya comes there and hugs Karan. Romila asks her to be careful. Tripura says he is my husband. Karan calls Tripura and introduces Zoya to her. Zoya is CEO of musical company.

Tripura and Zoya greet each other. Zoya says hats off to make commitment phobia man as committed. She says she is looking forward to sign the contract with him. Karan says me too.
Tripura reads news about Karan’s film flopping on her Tab. She comes to him. He asks if she is not going to office today. She says she will not go today. He says he don’t want her to make him feel bechara and asks her to go. She goes. Later she comes to the Rehab. Zoya calls him and tells that their investors refused to give go ahead to his film. He gets upset. Later Tripura comes home and finds Karan sitting on sofa. She asks did you drink? He says I wanted to, but I didn’t drink. She asks him to swear? He swears. She says I love you. He says I love you too.

Later in the night, Tripura tells Karan that everything will be fine and says you are Karan Khanna. He says he is calm down as she is his shield and he shall not worry. She says I will be with you always. He says promise. Fb ends. Zoya asks him to search Tripura and resolve issues with her. He asks her to shut up and says if Tripura comes infront of me, then I will ruin her life.

Later Tripura returns to Mumbai with Ved and sees Karan’s film poster. She tells him that they did a big mistake to return here. He says I am public prosecutor in court and says even your job is good. Pia comes out of car and asks about Karan Khanna’s house. Tripura says he stays in hell. Pia says it is waste to talk to you. She asks a watchman and he tells her that Karan Khanna stays in Juhu. Tripura says she is very filmy and is like Karan. She says she can’t afford Pia to meet Karan Khanna. Ved says this city is big, why will Pia meet him. I am with you.

Later they go to the mall. Zoya calls Karan and asks him to go to mall. He asks whose idea it was? He says he will go there. He reaches the mall and sees Tripura with Ved and Pia. He gets upset.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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