Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 13th April 2020 Written Episode Update: Tripura’s decision shocks Karan

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The Episode starts with Tripura lost in thinking. Rohan gives something to Trisha. Trisha likes it and says Mr. Khanna was Mamma’s first love. Sherry comes to Tripura. Tripura tells that she is going to clinic. Sherry says I didn’t see your sad face since many days. Tripura says Mr. Khanna haven’t called or message me, may be he don’t want to talk to me. Sherry asks her to call her then? Tripura comes to her clinic, while Karan comes in other lift. She comes to her clinic. Anandham asks suddenly Palash is the legal advisor of your centre and asks if you are really over him. Karan comes there and says hi. Anandham says I will make a move and tells that he can’t see her again in that condition. He leaves. Karan and Tripura leave in the car. Karan asks what Anandham was talking about Palash. He says it is oblivious that you don’t want to talk, but think how I must be feeling, I am feeling helpless, I want to protect you, but can’t even discuss what is your problem. He says even Addu knows about him. Tripura says there is nothing to hide, but I can just say that I can talk to anyone about him, but not you. Karan gets upset. He drops her home. She asks if he is not coming even today. He says I can discuss with someone else, but you. She says great and goes. She comes home. Tripura says how he must have felt seeing me with Palash. I just froze and didn’t know what to say. She says what to tell him that I am ashamed of the things I have done in the past. She says I am very selfish and killed…to get my love. Sherry asks her to shut up and asks her to tell everything to Karan.

Karan tells Trisha that there is a flight at 7 am. Trisha gets Bella’s call and tells Karan that Mamma is in Rabella since morning. Karan says lets go there. Bella asks Radhika to come. Aney calls Palash and tells that he is sending CCTV footage of Rabella, asks him to see if anything can be done. Karan comes to Café and asks Radhika to come with him. He says he will fight case with her and she don’t have to give up. Palash sends pic to Tripura in which Karan is holding Radhika’s hand.

At the bus stand, Sherry asks Tripura what is on her hand. Tripura says pointers to talk to Mr. Khanna, I don’t want to miss anything. Karan comes to Radhika and gives her coffee. Radhika says you had brought coffee for me, when you was trapped in a s*x scandal. Karan says it was fake. She says I know and asks him when is he going? Karan says I am not going and asks her to have food. Vishal comes to Tripura and tells that Karan cancelled the trip at the last moment. She thinks when she wanted to embrace him, her past resurfaced. She says only you knew that I need you, I was running away from you, but you never leave my hand. She says she is a better person today, and my antidote. She says I love you Mr. Khanna.

In the bus, Romila asks Tripura if she called Karan? Tripura says I called him, but he didn’t pick my call. Romila asks her to learn from her and says destiny made you meet me so that you learn something from me. Tripura calls him, but he doesn’t pick her call. Romila takes Vishal’s mobile and asks her to call him from Vishal’s phone. Tripura calls him, but he doesn’t pick her call. Romila suggests her to emotionally blackmail Karan by doing suicide attempt. She then tries to get closer to her thinking her as Karan. Tripura changes her seat. Radhika asks Karan to go and tells that Vishal needs you. Karan thinks of Tripura sadly. They all reach Kodai Mountain Resort. Rohan comes to know from his employee that she asked Naagrajan to share room with Romila, as there were only 18 rooms. Romila asks Tripura to share room with her, but Tripura refuses and goes out, but returns seeing snake. Romila says she hired it for two hours and asks her to pose for selfie with the snake. Tripura shouts. Romila sends the pic to Karan. Karan calls Tripura and scolds her for not taking care of herself. She tells that she needs sometime to overcome her past. Karan says I am coming there and want to ask you, if you want to marry me or not. He says I will just ask once and if you refuse then I will not come. Sherry asks Tripura to help her and asks if Karan is coming. Tripura says he is coming. Sherry says if he don’t come then my life will be ruined.

Tripura says Mr. Khanna said that he wants to marry me. Sherry gets happy. Karan is on the way and says he is coming. Sherry dances on the stage and calls Madhavan on the stage. Vishal gets upset. Sherry dances with Madhavan. Tripura comes there. Someone informs her that a guest came to meet her. Sherry dances with Madhavan forcibly. Trisha asks Vishal to do something. Vishal says I am waiting for Karan. Trisha asks didn’t he give you any advice. Vishal says he himself is not following my advice.

Tripura sees Palash bending down on his knees and proposing her. Tripura asks him to just leave and not to embarrass himself. Palash asks why you are lying to yourself. Tripura says Mr. Khanna must be coming. Palash says Karan feels humiliated knowing I was in your life. Tripura says did you tell him everything? Palash says he told him that he went to clinic to meet him. Tripura says you are trying to create misunderstandings between us. Palash says Karan is like pendulum in your life, you couldn’t forget me. Tripura says whatever happened in my life is because of you.

Flashback starts. 4 years back.

Palash and Tripura are in the car. Sherry calls Tripura and informs her about Appa’s condition. Tripura says I will check and get it checked by the doctor. Palash asks her if Appa is critical. He asks her to give her a day and says they will get married and will go there. First he will talk to his dad. He talks to his dad. His dad asks him to go and get married. Palash gets happy. His dad asks him to leave his car, credit cards etc. He says I have paid all your bills till now. I don’t think that I owe anything to you. Palash says I don’t need anything. His dad asks if he don’t want admission in London University. He says you have seen many dreams to do post graduate there. Tripura waits for Palash getting married as a bride. She asks the hotel staff about Palash’s message. Just then Sherry calls her and informs about Appa’s demise. She cries. Fb ends.

Tripura tells Palash that she couldn’t meet her Appa because of him before his death. Palash says but you still love me. He says I am a changed man, I couldn’t get Radhika’s café mortgaged, but I didn’t do it. He asks her to tell him once that she love him. He gets closer to her. Karan comes there and says she doesn’t love you and tells Tripura that he has come. Tripura says I am sorry Mr. Khanna, this matter is between Palash and me. She tells that she is habitual to Palash and didn’t reply to Mr. Khanna’s I love you as she don’t love him. but loves you (Palash). Karan gets shattered and leaves.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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