Karan’s Naina OS- part 1

Hi guys..me Titli is here with an os.. here u go??

Karan’s naina- part 1

At Bangalore
A young girl in her early 20’s, is shown.. sitting beside window, cold breeze making her hair dance and touched her face, she felt lively.. her dark brown hazels lined up with a little kajal, and her beautiful smile which adored her face, was the only thing, to make any person go crazy for her.. a lady in her late 40’s entered the room..
Lady: chiku(nickname of naina).. chiku beta, get up please.. its 7am.. how long will u sleep?
Naina was lost somewhere.. she didn’t hear her..
Lady: chiku..(entered the room and saw naina beside the windows), u waked up.. am calling since so long, u could have answered beta..
There was no answer from naina.. the lady moved towards naina.. and shaked her..
Lady: naina..
Naina got back to reality..
Naina: yes maa.. u here.. say.. u need anything?
The lady is sharda, naina’s mom..
Sharda: beta, till when will u be like this? U need to get out of the past.. u need to live life.. why are u living life like this.. my naina was not like this.. she was naughty, fun loving and most importantly dramatic..
Naina: maa, u don’t worry am absolutely fine.. now tell me, what’s there for breakfast? I need to get ready for office..
Sharda: yes, breakfast is ready, come down..
Sharda went down to make the table ready.. meanwhile naina got ready for office.. and came down..
Naina: maa..
Naina took sharda’s blessings.. and sat down to eat..
Naina: ma u also sit and have breakfast with me..
Sharda smiled and sat beside naina..
Naina: ma, di ko bhi bulao.. kitni soti…..
Sharda’s smile vanished, as well as naina’s.. sharda looked at naina.. naina’s eyes welled up.. sharda to change the topic smiled..
Sharda: see naina, there’s your favourite salad, and this sabji..
Naina smiled and they ate silently.. after that naina left for work.. and so did naharda for her school.. at 4pm sharda came back home, and at 7pm, after a hectic day naina came back..
Sharda: beta, go freshen up..
Naina payed no attention and headed to her room.. sat lifelessly on her bed.. and remembered her past..

It was meghna’s marriage day.. meghna, naina’s elder sister.. on that day, luckily or unlickily naina also got married with meghna’s devar, karan.. karan singh chauhan, the person whom naina could never tolerate, due to his strange behaviour and irritating nature.. he was very rude, specially to naina.. he did many pranks on her, just to make her away from his life, but one day his truth revealed, and naina felt pain for him.. she started to understand him, take care of him.. soon they became friends, then close friends..
Flashback ends..
Sharda: come down.. see the dinner is ready..
Naina’s trance broke.. she came down.. she tried to look happy, but failed before her mother..
Sharda: beta, don’t hide emotions from me, because I understand u, I can say by seeing your face, u r upset.. what happened?
Naina: nothing ma, just bad day at work.. u say, how was your day?
Sharda: mine was okay.. but I feel urs reason is something else.. tell me.. what happened?
Naina was silent..
Sharda: cheeku, now u r hiding things also..
Naina broke her silence and started sobbing, soon her sobbing turned to large cries, filled with pain, anger, grief, love.. everything, as if the eyes were carrying this load of tears since many days.. her cries grew louder with each passing second..
Sharda: ssssshhh, cheeku.. sambhalo.. my cheeku is strong na.. beta don’t cry…
Sharda hugged her daughter and tears fell from her eyes..
Naina: ma, why? Why me? Why did di do this? She did not ask me anything.. what I want or not?
Sharda: cheeku, gudiya did a mistake.. and for that I will never forgive her.. but u follow my words right? So I ll tell u.. don’t remain sad always, who knows happiness will knock at your door once..
Naina: happiness.. it can never knock at my door.. galti se bhi nhi.. galti se bhi nahi..
And she ran to her room crying and locked the door..
Sharda(to herself): gudiya, what u did? Kaise kar skti ho apni behen k sath.. u understood her the most.. and now, u only were not ready to listen to her.. god, pls bring happiness for my naina, that naina, who sacrificed for everyone, but never ever asked anything in return, and when she got happiness, this happened.. pls don’t test my daughter anymore.. its been 3years, she is hiding here, nobody knows about us.. she will not let me call anyone else also..
Sharda remembered the past events..
It was the day, naina and karan went out for their music classes.. they were joking and coming back home.. karan was driving..
Naina: karan, u joke also?
Karan: why cant I joke?
Naina: no not like that.. but no one knows about this karan..
Karan: because nobody else is my wif…
Karan stopped.. naina smiled, understood what he meant.. she looked at him, and karan at her.. they had a cute eyelock.. suddenly a car honked.. their trance broke..
Naina: ha what were u saying?
Karan: wo.. wo.. haan nobody else is my best friend, so this mode on with my best friend only..
Naina smiled..
Naina: accha, pehle, u used to say, naina badtameez, par ab toh muh se best friend k alawa, umm nothing else..
Karan got shy..
Karan: haan wo, I didn’t knew na, that u are this much good as a best friend.. if I knew, I swear, I would have called u best friend from day one.. but u were jhagralu aurat.. yaar, who collides intentionally, and, and yeah, gives ajeeb names to strangers also.. wait u said, yes joker.. do I look like a joker?
Naina: well, for that only I changed ur name to chaatewala akdu, cause joker makes others laugh, but u.. huh always angry young man.. saadu..
Karan: what? U mean, am weird.. then what are u? U r an engineer but cant repair a generator, that was repaired by me only, par uske liye aj tak, I dint get any thank u..
Naina: who said u r weird? Tum toh akal khopri ho..
Karan: what?
Naina: aur nhi toh kya.. remember, on the marriage night, we were returning, and u stopped the car and said me to get down.. pagal ho.. dimaag hai hi nhi tumhara..
Karan: accha.. aur jo tumne mujhe pani mei gira diya tha..
Naina: really? When I was going to fall, u didn’t catch me.. u know I really feared when I was on the terrace, when I was going to fall.. I thought that time also u ll leave, and either I would die or would be in coma..
Karan: naina..
Karan stopped the mid way.. naina got scared.. karan kept his hands on her mouth(without touching her)
Naina: wh.. what?
Karan: never say about death.. got it??
Naina just nodded.. they had a long eyelock.. suddenly a truck from back hit their car..
Naina: karan..
Karan: naina..
Next when naina woke up, she was at the hospital, by her side was meghna, sharda, kunal, nirmala.. naina remembered about the accident.. she panicked..
Meghna: cheeku.. don’t.. what happened? Say?
Naina: kaa.. karan..
Meghna got angry hearing the name..
Meghna: what karan haa? Who doesn’t even know how to drive? Listen, u rest properly.. no karan now.. he risked ur life, for me u r most important.. due to him, u r lying here..
Naina got tears..
Kunal: naina.. don’t cry.. its just ur di is a little angry.. and ur karan, he is in the ward.. he is safe, he ll also be concious within some time.. relax..
Naina: jeeju.. cou.. could u please take me to naina’s cabin?
Meghna: yeh kya rat laga k rakhi hai? Karan karan.. u r not going anywhere..
Sharda: gudiya.. kunal, beta, u take naina to karan’s room..
Kunal nodded..
Meghna: stop kunal.. ma, how can u do this? That to with cheeku.. ma(to nirmala) am sorry.. but cheeku is like this coz of karan, and so, she will not meet karan now..
Naina: di.. don’t say karan is responsible, he can never be responsible for anything wrong with me.. infact, he cares for me and that to a lot.. di, he is my friend, my best friend.. and sach batau di, toh till date I never met with a person like karan, he is different, thoda introvert hain, but its okk.. he has qualities.. music is his passion.. u know, no one can judge a book by its cover, karan is the biggest example.. di, I really don’t know, what I thought about him before marriage.. but, frankly speaking, agar yeh shaadi nhi hoti, toh I guess, I would have been never lucky, for getting such husband.. di, don’t blame him.. he was not at fault.. we parked our car beside the road, but a truck came and hit our car.. we were not even on the road..
Meghna: what? U were not on the road..
Nirmala: kahi yeh kisiki planning toh nhi?
Kunal: but mom, who can the person be?
Nirmala: no clues..
Naina: jeeju.. solve the mystery later.. karan…
Kunal: haan.. come..
Kunal brought a wheel chair and made naina sit, and took her to the next cabin..
There naina found karan on the bed, unconcious..
Naina: karan, get up.. see am here.. ur best friend..
That word best friend echoed in karan’s ears, and he opened his eyes to see his friend..
Karan: naina.. u fine?
And he tried to get up..
Naina: yes karan.. don’t get up.. stay like that only.. how are u feeling now? Kahi dard ho raha hai?
Karan: naina, kis mitti ki bani ho tum? Yaar, u r also injured, and u r still asking me about if am having pain? Really naina, I am lucky to have u as my wife..
Naina got happy, he refered her as his wife..
Naina: well karan, now I must leave.. u take rest, and I also need rest.. so bye.. take care.. aur dawai khane se inkar mat karna..
Karan: tum aajana khilane, main kha lunga..
Naina smiled..
Naina: pagal.. bye..
Karan: bye..
Naina called kunal inside, and he took her to her room..

Well I will need I guess 1 more part to finish it off.. so I ll post soon.. the next one..

  1. Superb dear..and the dialogues of naina..really like in episode..and i loved that dialogues..waiting for next part.

  2. Seyal

    really loved it…waiting eagrly to know what meghna did??!!……??

  3. #nairanlover:-)

    Awesome.I think so u got this idea from the current track but in a different way.It was really emotional episode.Karan and Naina’s nok jhok same as we see in serial but quite different karan .Please post Asap.Your os will be awesome and interesting only I know that.Keep writing.Loads of love.

  4. Nila

    wow really Amazing part post next one soon

  5. Minerva

    I am indeed numb now. This story has truly touched every aspect of my life and successfully transported me into a different world altogether. It was wonderful in every aspect and word.
    The conceptualisation and presentation was well beyond perfect. Naina’s emotional turmoils and strifes were wonderfully presented and worded. Her reactions on the statements made by sharda and her ways of delving into flashbacks has surely intrigued me. The broken naina I visualise right now is surely not what I deem her as. A strong girl as her who has gone through so much and still tries to smile for the sake of others is a true gem.
    The visuals of her past have shaken me up to the very core and have left me in shock. Meghna’s character here has indeed left me in hysterics. Nevertheless, the NaiRan scenes were immensely cute and adorable. All of their conversations were absolutely lively and lovely. Their antics and words have been the best part of tgis story. The last scene has surely brightened up my dull day and brought delight to an otherwise monotonous hectic day. It was indeed great and absolutely humorous and hugely awesome.

  6. Threemaimai

    i love it…. after long time i guess . post soon 🙂

  7. Devihaa

    Hey Dr….It was soooooooo awesome… Loved it a lot…. Everything was beautifully portrayed… The emotions…. Was super…. I’m speechless… Pls post next part asap…
    Cox…I’m quite confused… Thinking what Meghna would have done….

  8. wooooow super!!! HV no words nairan science were sooo cute super duper update…so excited to know about past about meghna ….

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