Kapoor Wala – Joy and Sorrow – Episode 10

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Scene 1

Bijoy comes there running asking to stop. But his efforts go in vain. Asha too reaches there. They both are shocked to see Sona in that state.

Bijoy: Sona, you know what you have done?

Sona: Yes papa.

Bijoy: What yes papa? Remove that mangalsutra and come with us.

Sona: No papa. I can’t. I love Dev truly. We can’t live without each other.

Asha: Sona, we trusted you a lot. But…

Sona: Ma…

Ram: Sir, please forgive her. The marriage has happened. Accept them and bless them.

Bijoy: I won’t accept this marriage. From this moment, my elder daughter has died. You don’t have any rights to call us mama-papa and to enjoy the rights of my property. Asha, come let’s go.

Hearing this, Asha and Sona cry. Others are shocked. Dev consoles Sona.

Bijoy leaves, Asha too leaves behind him.

Ram: Everyone go and have food. Priya, take the new couples to the dining area.

Neha: No need. We can take care of our daughter. Sandhya come with me.

Sandhya goes with Neha. Priya ask Sooraj to go with them. He goes.

Then Priya takes Sona and Dev to have food.

There Sandhya sees Sona and glares. She also sees Dev and cries.

Neha notices this and ask her to eat.

Dev feels guilty seeing Sooraj and Sandhya.

But Sona asks him to eat.

Dev: Sona, don’t do like this. You eat by yourself.

Sona: Dev, this is a tradition in wedding. Feeding each other is a joy.

Dev hesitantly feeds her. Sandhya gets irritated and leaves.

Scene 2

All come to home in a bus. Sandhya-Sooraj and Dev-Sona sit in opposite seats. Sandhya’s heart aches seeing them together. Sona and Dev sit with their hands together. She also sees Sooraj and gets angry. A romantic song also plays in the bus. Sona and Dev enjoy the song but at the other side, both sooraj and Sandhya are not happy…

They come home…

Priya prepares aarthi plate and come to take the aarthi.

Bhabo: Priya wait. You were the main reason to spoil my daughter’s life. So, you should not take aarthi. Neha, you go and take.

Priya gets hurt. Sandhya stands silent.

Sooraj: Our bhabi should do everything for us. Otherwise, we won’t come in.

Priya: Sooraj, listen to them.

Dev: No bhabi, Sooraj is right. We don’t need any good things happening to us without you.

Priya gets emotional and happy.

She takes aarthi to both the couples.

They go in. Lakshmi is not happy with Sona’s entry.

Lakshmi: Ask them to light the diya.

Priya and Neha takes Sandhya and Sona to the puja room and ask them to light the diya.

Sandhya lit the diya first. It glows brightly. All are happy. Now Sona lit the diya, Neha wantedly coughs, so that the diya turns off shocking sona.

Sona gets angry.

Priya: Why bhabi???

Neha: Look Priya, coughs won’t come informing us. They will come randomly.

Priya: Sona, lit again.

She lits and everyone pray to god!!!!

Scene 3

Priya calls Ram, Sooraj and Dev inside.

Ram: What happened Priya?

Priya: We just made one room ready for the couple. That too our room. But now there are two couples. What to do?

Dev: Bhabi, then where will you both stay? You don’t give us your room.

Ram: Dev, you both are married now. You can’t stay out. Priya, we made that small room ready nah for us? Let another couple use that.

Priya: But there won’t be cot.

Ram: We will buy that soon.

Sooraj: Then where will you stay?

Priya: We both can adjust near store room. That’s not an issue. But now who is going to take which room?

Lakshmi calls them out.

Priya: What happened ma?

Lakshmi: What were you discussing in?

Ram: We were discussing about the room ma?

Lakshmi: What to discuss? Let Sandhya stay in your room. And you both stay in small room.

Priya: What about Dev and Sona?

Lakshmi: I don’t know. I asked you not to include them in the house itself. Now they need room itseems? Ask them to sleep somewhere.

Sona gets angry and irritated.

Bhabo: Sandhya, go and be in the room.

Sandhya is about to go, but…

Sona: One minute…

Priya: What sona?

Sona: Me and Dev will take that big room.

Lakshmi: Did you hear what I said? That is for my bahu Sandhya.

Sona: So, what? Even I’m your bahu. Dev, let’s go to room. Come.

Dev: Sona, shut up.

But Sona pulls him and goes.

Sandhya gets angry and goes to that small room. She sits there and cries.

Priya is worries.

Bhabo: So happy with you people. You are making my daughter to cry. Be happy.

She curses and goes in. Arun and Neha too go to her.

Bhabo and Neha badmouth about Priya and Sona a lot.

Sandhya: Will you both stop? Here my life itself went in vain. But you both are discussing about the room.

Bhabo: No Sandhya…

Sandhya cries!!!!

Arun: Sandhya, now you are married to Sooraj. Accept the reality and adjust to this life!!!!

Sandhya thinks of her moments with Sooraj and cries….

It’s night!!!!

Bhabo, Neha and Priya are in kitchen. Lakshmi tells them about the good timings for suhagrat.

Bhabo: Is this necessary now? Sandhya will be stressed more.

Lakshmi: Everything should happen according to timings Bhabo…

Sandhya come there.

Neha: Sandhya, you change your clothes.

Priya prepares milk.

Sona comes there and sees everyone there.

She thinks!!!

Sona (to herself): Here are so many people, but no one is doing anything. No one is considering us. Sona, you should do everything you need.

Sona: Will you give me milk? Orelse I need to take it?

Sandhya gets shocked about the first night and thinks that her dreams were shattered in one day.

Priya gives milk to Sona. She takes and leaves….

Sandhya sees her with a crying and sad face!!!!

!!!To be continued!!!



  1. Shesha485

    Nice episode. So Sonakshi is not so innocent character. Feeling sad for Sandhya as she gets to see Sonakshi with Dev many times and even the big room was grabbed by Sonakshi. Sadly Bhabho and Neha curse Priya and Sonakshi. Lakshmi too don’t like Sonakshi? So, she may like Sandhya in upcoming chapters.

  2. Jasminerahul

    sad that sona’s parents left her.poor sandhya is shattered seeing devakshi together.bhabho neha won’t leave a chance to insult priya. But I liked priya getting support from her brothers.but where is ram?sona has acquired the big room.now what will she do next?Nice pics

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