Kanfi ‘s Belated birthday special Ishqbaaz OS part – 8

An important thing I was left my shivika ff “Finding my love… Anika ” & vitharv ff “you are mine, Me are thine( I’m yours, you are mine) due to some reasons. I will complete this os soon

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August 5th ,evening @ Ernakulam

Hotel Star plaza

After waiting of so many hours finally Neha, Ahsana &Sumitha are get a chance of meeting SRK.
Neha”Good Evening Sir ,I’m Neha, these are my friends Ahsana &Sumitha. ”
SRK”Good Evening, nice to meet you all ”
N&A&S”We are very happy for meeting you sir ”
N”Sir we are from Trivandram. We came to meet you for our friend Kaniz”
S”She is a big fan of you ”
A”SRK is her favorite actor since childhood ”
SRK”Www where is her ”
N”She is not coming with us. Tomorrow is her 23rd birthday, our friends are celebrating her birthday at night. ”
S”we are thoughts what gift we will give to her ”
A”that time I saw the news of you are coming to kochi for promotion of your new movie ISHQBAAZ ”
N”So we thought to give her your autograph as our birthday gift, we are came here for that ”
S”Sir can you give your autograph please? ”
SRK “sure I will give my autograph for your friend”
S&N&A”thank you so much sir ”
SRK “you are welcome. And I wants to meet my jabara fan. If you have no problem then I too join with yours friend ‘s birthday celebration ”
N”Sure sir. Its our pleasure sir, if you are joing with Us .”
SRK “Then I too join with you all. And when this party? ”
N”today we have two celebration. Friendship Day celebration and kanfi ‘s birthday celebration. We are starting our friendship day celebration @10.30 pm and @11.55pm we are celebrating kaniz ‘s birthday ”
SRK “OK you all are celebrate yours Friendship Day. I will join with you all at 11.30pm”
N”Ok sir and the most important thing is our celebration is held at hotel white pearl ”
SRK “OK, meet you all at 11.30pm”

After some Neha &Friends are came from hotel star plaza. SRK gives them his autograph on an drawing picture of him. After goes from there Neha calls Anika and informs her about Kaniz ‘s birthday day surprise. Anika is very excited for meeting SRK. Because she is an SRK fan too. And Neha informs her about Birthday celebration dress code. Boys are white shirt ,black pant and black over coat .Girl’s are orange Gown. And Neha asks to Anika to goes for shopping with all and cames to hotel after she says only. Anika agreed to her condition. Neha says don’t worry about decorations, she and her friends are manage it.


>>After knowing about Friendship Day party, kaniz calls Rahul and discussed her surprise for Neha and gangs. Rahul says that he will helps kaniz

>>After Neha ends call Anika says to Gouri &Kaniz that “today is Friendship Day celebration he na. So we all are going for shopping “.

Anika deliberately asks to kaniz to goes to Priyanga, Soumya&Bhavya’s room and informs them about their shopping. Anika says that she and Revu will inform others
.Kaniz goes for informing Priyanga and Soumya, Bhavya about shopping. This time Anika informs Gouri about Kaniz ‘s birthday surprise. She too very excited for meeting SRK. After that Aniri are goes to Rudra and Rajveer ‘s room and informs them about their shopping. And note Kaniz calls Rahul while going to Priyanga, Soumya and Bhavya ‘s room.

After some times Aniri and gang’s are goes for shopping to Obero Mall at Ernakulam. First they are goes to SK cafe .After that girls are goes to MK textiles and Boys are goes to ABC textiles for shopping. Both are situated in different side of the malla. MK textiles situated at Third floor and ABC textiles is situated left side of MK textiles. Before going to shopping Anika informs them about their celebration dress code. Kaniz knows that tomorrow is her birthday, but she thoughts Aniri and her friends are forget about it. So Kaniz didn’t Says to Aniri and gangs that tomorrow is her birthday.
All are goes to shopping. Aniri and kaniz are going together. Bhavya and Soumya are goes to different section of the textiles. That time Shivay calls Anika. And says that he is her would be (please note he didn’t reveal his Name as Shivay singh oberio) and says to her that he wants to meet her. And says to her where is she. Anika replied she and her friends are came to Obero Mall for shopping. Shivay says he will came at there soon. And says he will call you back after reaching there. Please note Shivay calls Anika before going to Kochi. After ends the call, Shivkara are goes to Kochi through his chopper .Omkara asks to Shivay calls Rudra and informs them about shivay’s marriage and their return back. Shivay says to Om, he will inform Rudra and gang after meeting Anika.Om agreed to Shivay. Shivkara are starts their journey to Kochi.



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