kanchi or sanveer true love sdch (part 3)

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hi everyone
Thanks for your comments.
Now lets start the story.
Dr kabir and sanchi reach the hospital.
Jaya recieved them.
trio went to home
Jaya-sanchi take rest.

Kanchi went to room.
Sanchi put her hands on her head
Dr kabir-sanchi i told u to take rest.now see u are having headache.
Sanchi-sir..i am fine
Dr kabir gives headache painrelief to sanchi.
Dr kabir-sanchi take rest.i am doing some imp work
Sanchi-ok sir

In party
Veer comes downstairs.he searches for sanchi.
Veer(in mind)-where is sanchi?oh god how can i be so foolish party is from 7pm
Dr malhotra calls veer to meet some foreign delicates
Veer meets them.but he is continously staring watch
Pragya enters the party with satish.
Veer:pragya how are you?long time
Pragya-abbe oh nalayk i am fine but tu toh bilkul badal gaya chasmish ban gaya
Veer smiles..
Satish-kaise hain aap veer

Veer-fine yaar. Come Meet my friends
(pragya and satish are enagaged they are going to marry soon .pragya is working in govt NGO opened by her dad.she is health officer)
Pragya meets isha
Isha-pragya tum ne call hi nahi kiya?
Pragya-arre yaar kya bataya hum ngo ke kaam mai itne busy thi ke call karne ka time nahi mila.anyway where is sanchi maharani .i called her.she said she has reached
Isha-yaa she would be coming anytime.
Pragya i wanted to tell u something
Pragya-bol isha

Isha narrates whole incident about veer.
Pragya-abbe ye tum kya bol rahi hoo.veer ko ye abhi taak nahi pata chala ki kabir sir aur sanchi is married.oh god isse pahle kuch drama hoo i am going to tell him truth.
Isha stops pragya
Isha-no we cant today is very imp day for veer after party we will tell him
Pragya makes face
Dr kabir enters room and finds sanchi sleeping he leaves a note
Kabir goes to party

Dr malhotra welcomes kabir
Veer-kabir sir how are u. Long time
Dr kabir-yaa veer congrats for ur success
veer-sir aap ke sikahye chize kaam aaye
Dr kabir-not at all veer.you are very much talented.
Kabir goes to greet savitri
Sanchi wakes up.she finds note
In note:sanchi if you are feeling better then only come to the party.from kabir
Sanchi freshen ups and wears a black saare with a gold boundary and light black coloured earings.
Veer sees time
Veer-its 8pm where are u miss golgaapa?
Just then sanchi enters party.
Veer gets glad seeing her.

Isha and pragya hugs her
sanchi goes near veer
Sanchi-congrats veer
Veer-thankyou sanchi for coming here.
And sorry….
Sanchi-veer its ok.move on its had been 8 years.and i forgive you..
Veer hugs sanchi
Dr kabir sees it
Sanchi tries to get away.but kabir signals her no..
sanveer broke hug
Sanchi-veer plz excuse me
Veer(in mind)-its fine sanchi.i am sure you will forgive me as i know you still love me…
Sanchi goes near kabir
Sanchi-sir i am sorry..
Dr kabir-for what?

Sanchi-for me and …
Dr kabir-sanchi its normal.and the most imp thing for me is you.dont feel guilty and relax..right?
Sanchi gets call of kusum
Kusum-sanchi kaise hoo?gollu tumahra dhyan rakh raha hai
Sanchi smiles
Sanchi-haa maa gollu is ..
Dr kabir makes face
After party .pragya tries to tell truth to veer but she gets emergency call from ngo and she leaves.isha forgets to tell truth to veer
Veer-sanchi bye
Sanchi-bye hmm
kanchi reaches home
Dr Kabir-so dr sanchi you were making joke on my name.
Sanchi-no sir..
Dr kabir comes in front of sanchi.
Dr Kabir bends and take his files.

dr kabir-me what u thought i was…
He glares sanchi..
In malhotra mansion

Veer sees sanchis phone.
Veer-seems like sanchi forget her phone
Veer decides to return his phone he drives off to jaya home.
Jaya openes room.
Jaya-veer beta tum itne raat koo?
Veer-woh sanchi appna phone party mai bhul gaye rhi
Jaya welcomes veer
Jaya-thik hai usse phone tum hi dedo

Jaya(in mind)-oh no wht i have done veer will know abt kabir and sanchi
She goes to stop veer but then thinks tht veer should know truth by himself.
In kanchi room.
Sanchi-sir i was thinking like tht!
Dr kabir puts sanchis hair behind her ears and leans to kiss her
Veer was about to enter room.he sees dr kabir and sanchis closeness.
Veer enters room and holds kabirs caller he slaps him.
Veer-kabir sir i thought you were sensible but how dare you to touch sanchi .arent you ashamed to molest a girl
Sanchi-veer stop it..
Veer-no sanchi dont be afraid i am calling police
Sanchi-veer i say stop it.how dare you to slap kabir sir
Veer-sanchi he tried to …

Sanchi-veer dont you know we are married
Veer is shocked.his phone drops
Veer goes from there in tears.
Jaya sees it
Sanchi-sir are you fine.we shouldnt have come here
Dr kabir – relax sanchi.i am shocked tht veer slapped me.seems like he didnt knew about us
Veer drives car harshly
He comes to home and breaks all things of his room.
Veer shouts-how could you do this to me god?why???

Precap-kabir dies,sanchi goes in depression .
Veer cheers her up

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  1. no rj plz dont
    kabir dies we cant plzz

  2. It amazing but Kabir died it’s not fair to sad

  3. Pliz don’t make Kabir dead it’s a huge request

  4. Awesome.. best story.. waiting for nxt..

  5. But pls dont make kabir die

  6. Moonlight25

    Noooooo….plz don’t make Kabir dead..plzzzz….i want them to be together…so now basically you will show Veer becoming the father of Kanchi’s child….plzzzz don’t do that….??…anyways do post your next part soon

  7. plzzzzzzzzzzzz RJ……….kabir can’t die……….i’m a big kanchi fan & would only like to see them together alwz………..its obvious I feel bad for veer but that doesn’t mean by any means I would accept kabir’s death part…..veer ko koi aur bhi mil sakti hai, but not sanchi…….plz yaar kanchi ko alag mat karo……….its a humble request………

  8. Richa1496

    Noo…. Pls kabir can’t die…. Don’t do this…. Pls…. Don’t separate kanchi… Kanchi is my favorite couple…. Pls it’s a humble request u cannot let kabir die and unite sanveer…..

  9. Rehmat

    awesom now sanveer will meet waiting for next

  10. Plzzz, zz kabir Nhi Marr sakta. Old don’t kill him plzzz it can imagine any ff without kabir and Sanchi as pair I love them. I don’t hate veer but Sanchi and veer a big noo

  11. Nice story but precap is shocking for us????

  12. No please don’t make kaabir die please don’t do that don’t break my heart please it’s a humble request please don’t separate kaanchi they r awesome couple and get another girl for veer but don’t separate kaanchi they r awesome. But today’s episode was awesome and one more time don’t make kabir don’t break my heart please .hope u understand

  13. no don’t let kabir die…i want kabir alive.
    waiting for kanchi union

  14. Sajnana900

    Plz rj dont do thz how can kabir die if he die u ll show veer as a father of kanchi’s baby im a big fan of kanchi dont do thiz
    Its a request but as its ur ff do as want

  15. Abhilasha

    Superbbb… And precap is really shocking!!

  16. Superb but dont end kanchi
    Plz dont kill gollu kabir plz ???????

  17. Hema69

    we cant see kabir dead
    plz change the story

  18. No no no…Kabir cant die… pls pls chnge the storyline…kabir may b lost bt pls not dead…

  19. Arey yaar why are you killing kabir? I am a big fan of kanchi.. You are a very good writer…. Keep it up?

  20. This one was good BT what was that kabir died no no no pls don’t do that….plsss..

  21. RuCh23

    No no no no please no don’t kill Kabir ??? please consider all our requests and don’t end kaanchi pair. I know it’s your story and you have every right to do as you wish but please don’t separate them ???

  22. Nooo please kabir can’t die. please don’t show this. Kaanchi is my favourite. Please keep them together.

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