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Authors note : saachis cast before marriage was mishra…and at the time of her joining of SDCH as a senior surgeon and general practitioner, her cast was “rathore”… remaining will be cleared in the further OS…!

Let’s continue ….!

“Come fast veer where r u left ….” I shouted .

“I repeat hurry up …” I again yelled at him …
He replied in a naughty tone …”sir ji cool down its full 30 minutes for new interns “….

“Dr veer Malhotra don’t forget we are going to meet 3 doctors too ” I remarked !

Veer replied – ” don’t worry sir they too will be impressed by ur khduusness ”

I yelled ” are u done ? Or need some more punishment like before as you tried to stoke my tie ”

He made a puppy face again trying to overcome my shouting – ” s…hhiiiirrr that was just …just o wanted to check the cloth ”

Like always he didn’t left his antics….without a long lasting glaring by me …!

After a long wait ; ahm not actually too long …instead a headache … a new group of interns were coming along with few doctors from us …
It was 9:00 am …we gave them half an hr for entering for the interview …and as per for the doctors they were supposed to take their interview with us !

A “Knock knock” made me jump out of my thoughts…

Let’s see who’s on the door of the interview room !
Till I would have gone and opened the door another knock knock wa heard seems like someone is very impatient ….I stepped little fast and opened the door just to find…3 girls standing there …first with a full fitted jeans and designer top wd metal earings she had light makeup wd heavy heels….
Other two were wearing shorts nd third wd sports dress ….!
Normally I am not that very observant person still I was observing them that they too noticed ….a voice shook me ….”hello mr…side pls “…
Saying this I sided a little and they stepped in ….I eventually came out of my thoughts and relied asap making them stop midway before the chair….”who r u and who allowed u to enter “….
First girl took the courage to reply me ……”the question is who you are ?”

I just wanted to give her a long punishment still I answered wd an irritating face …”thts dr Kabeer ”

She again remarked …..”firm that is dr saachi , dr Isha gupta and dr Pragya Mehra ”

I got to knew the whole situation but what about her cast ? She didn’t told that ? Further time was passing so I preferred to make all of us sit….
“Oh thts fine welcome to SDCH …here u join us ” (sigining towards the chairs nd tables)

The interview started ….btw the break we hd some “snack time ” or time perfect for “asking abt her cast “….
I started wd as usual my attitude …”dr saachi ….”

Saachi- yes

Kabeer- I mean dr saachi …..next name ?

I didn’t knew what happened to her she was just lost to some else world even her eyes turned red still I don’t wanted to create an issue so remained calm ….dr Isha and dr Pragya shook her and then she replied …..”mishra”…. “dr saachi mishra”…!

The day passed …
Starting the new lectures for the interns along with dr saachi as she too was a general dr too…arranging appointments ….doing surgeries together ….I thought I got to know her much but as the destiny had planned…I was never able to know her properly …she was a confident doctor and excellent in her work….make superb coffee whenever we sit for discussion….but yes spoiled the entry files writing wrong names oftenly…she was an independent women still at times she looked nervous and depressed …! And at that time working with her was more like finding out the reason for this rather than just working…

One day she got to write the name of a patient on files cover…the name of patient was
“Radha Rathore”… she wrote “ra” of Rathore and the pen slipped from her hands something was continuously disheartening her…her eyes too turned red and again she seemed lost in her own world where she was not happy I guess….what was the connection of this word “rathore” with her …anyways I decided or sweared to find this one day !

Day after day …it would be unfair to say yet this was the only truth that I had to accept one day…the dr khduus the typical hitler of the hospital was falling for a girl…at some points of time I felt she too feelt the same yet at some other she made me feel I was wrong !

The day I saw her with a mother and a child she just took my heart….
A little child was there with his mother being a patient she couldn’t help him stop his cry neither of the nurses were able to do …that one girl did….”dr saachi mishra “…she just consoled him that was appreciating…

saachi said…”beta u know when your toys broke they need to be repaired right…your mma too needs some rest and some medicines and she will be perfect…now I think a chocolate will work for u”…. in a super cheerful tone. !

On her this gesture the lady remarked…”daughter hope u have a good life partner”….. I didn’t understand what Ashok we’d to he rahe took her blessing and left the ward saving herself from eyes of people to prevent them looking at her red eyes…!

I was again left with so many questions and no answer at all but atleast I knew whtever that was …it was hurting her too much and I didn’t wanted to dig her wound by asking directly from her…I decided to find the correct time for asking this from her frnds dr Isha and dr Pragya…!

Before I could do anything…I came to listen some conversation of both of her friends…!
Now that’s not peeping I was just passing though that corridor…

Isha- Pragya I don’t know what to do she is hurting herself by thinking all her past…

Pragya- right yr …! I just need one chance I will kill that moron…!

And the conversation continued but I don’t want to get fought after all I had some image so I continued to my cabin…!

All I wanted as a big smile on her face so I decided something and went towards my cabin after few minutes she too came observed me suspiciously nd after few seconds laughed hard…she looked like an angel while laughing….actually the topics was too of laughter…I was trying to put the button on my blazer….and…don’t laugh ok….and I ended up putting the button on inner side silly me !
She decided to help me out nd herself started putting that again and this time I was starring her like a big creep , that spark on her face was all I needed to live, her tangles of her hair were covering the view of her face so I sided them with my fingers running through her ears she looked towards me and both of us were lost in each other’s world for few seconds…!

I was too happy at that time after all seeing your loved one happy that too because of you is the best feeling ever…!

Indeed that smile didn’t lasted for long !

It was another day at sdch I was passing though the main counter and turned back just to observe a boy standing at little long from the main gate of SDCH constantly shouting at someone none other than my innocent saachi ! They both had a great fight and in few more minutes I could witness her sitting at the back Gardena nd crying whole heartedly I could stop her from crying as I didn’t knew the reason for this all I could do was just a try and so I went beside her…I said consoling her…” I know you won’t tell me the matter neither I won’t to know I just want you to take me as ur friend and stop crying this doesn’t suits you…”

For next few seconds she laid her head on my shoulders nd cried like a kid…but stopped after some more seconds my hands unknowingly went caressing her hairs…she opened up …-“u know there is nobody for me either they leave me or they r too bad”
Saying this she again started crying …I put a finger on her lips…”ssh don’t ever say that again I am always wd you ”
She looked at me …
I continued…”u know it was very difficult for me to see u like this…(I couldn’t hide that more nd I spit that out)… I …I love you and I won’t let anyone hurt u ”
It was raining heavily
Saying this …we both shared an eye lock and I cupped he face…we both had an intense lip lock…

After feeling short of breath we parted…went to my cabin and sat drying our clothes during whole this none of us said a single thing …
Wdout starting a conversation I turned out towards dr Pragya cabin !

After 15 minutes I came out with a angry look …she at told me how saachis husband “vikram Rathore” used to mentally abuse her…saachi found that he wa a transgender and that’s why she was the victim of all this violence …after 5 months they got divorced but the worst memories still haunted her….!he still blkmailed her to marry him again or he will kill her.

Normal POV

He went furiously somewhere in his car nd returned after 1 hr…

Aftersometime saachi got to know that Vikram is hospitalised someone beated him like hell…!

The days passed saachi was avoiding Kabeer for whatever happened btw them

One day it was evening saachi was walking towards main hall all lights went nd a spotlight came on her…
A voice shooked her

” Khuda ne jab tujhe banaya hoga, ek suroor uske dil mein aaya hoga … socha hoga kya doonga tohfe mein tujhe, tab ja ke usne mujhe banaya hoga ”

Kabeer came under spotlight bent on his knees and said…
“Dr saachi mishra I love you
From the day one
From the whole heart
Will you honour me by being mrs saachi kabeer kapoor”

Her eyes reflected her tears of joy she too bent and hugged him tightly
Whispered “yes “…..

Tht was not the end that was instead the start of a never ending tale of love ❤️ …

Kabeers POV

And today it’s been 53 years we are married and preparing to die together…we have our grand sons nd daughters with us and this diary is the proof of our oneness ❣️❤️❣️

The end

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