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Hey guys Trisha here
First all I am really sorry for what stupidest prank I did I am not ending any of my writings nd my dear readers as you all know in past one week I posted regularly nd many articles so I needed a break just for next 12 hrs after this OS…so after next few hrs I will write my ff nd fs so pls pardon me for being late !
Nd yes of course thanku so much guys for the live support guidance ideas understanding u guys give me ! I wanted to take all of ur names but I am not good at remembering so I am really sorry for that but for now I have a new os for you guys …do read it full nd if u guys like this one then pls leave a comment below…as I am a bit mature now so I won’t blame anyone for anything thts my promise !

Let’s start ….!

“Life is a momentary game”

“Mr uncle wait ! Stop ✋?! I m on the way to parking”….a little angel shook him wd her little nd soft voice !
He turned behind just to find a 6 year old angelic figure in a long frock looking at him wd so much adorance in her eyes !
He replied “yes beta ; you here ,outside?”
She again made him honoured by her cute voice “yes I saw u donated to our ashram; after Sachi aunty no one did our so much help so mr uncle thanku big wala ”

He remembered a flashback
“Big wala thanku khduus ” and hugged him !
He came out of his thoughts …
“Bccha first of all call me Kabeer bhaiya ;nd secondly I didn’t did anything great that was my duty “he remarked !

Little girl-Kabeer uncle u know I had heard Sachi Di saying that god listens to children first ; is there something I can wish frm God for u ?

He was just shooked by her little question .
Kabeer-(in mind- yes I ….I want something I need that thts my reason for living ….but how could I say …of there’s any rule where people gone could come back then I will definitely want that )
His eyes went all red tees were visible in his eyes nd he whispered “Saachi”… his voice was not bold enough tht the little girl would listen to that ….

Girl- what ?
Kabeer coming out of his thoughts – ahm no beta nothing u should go inside now !

She went inside running nd Kabeer turned towards his car…before he could start the car he received a call ; he picked that ;
Kabeer – look yr u know well I am not interested in any stupid engagement so …yes…try to bear wd ma…thnks for understanding me !
The call was cut nd he started driving …searching in the car for some accessories he came cross a pendent and wd dumbstruck seeing it ..it w none other than of Sachi !
He patted his hand on the stearing of the car..
Kabeeer-eeehh ! cant everyone stop always make me think abt her ! I …I didn’t want to …actually I myself think abt her but whts wrong in that I…i loved her ! Yes I always did ….just hd told earlier than our story would have been different !
He was driving in a high speed as the road wd clear full of tress nd silent …few flashbacks kept his mind that actually changed his life ….fully changed …!
He always regretted for if he hd found that one moment to confess his love for her than my be destiny would have some other plans !


Before 2 years !

Kabeer in his cabin-

Kabeer- no Saachi I am not going to complete any of the dare !

Saachi – mr khduus ! I am not asking u to murder someone just propose me duffr.

Kabeer-(murmured)-I could even do that for u !

Saachi- did u said anything ?

Kabeer – no !

Saachi- fine leave!
U knw wht I always mene I will always be that same khduus…I wd mad to accept ur frndship !

She made a puppy face nd sat in the sofa nearby folding her arms … Nd yes they were j u S t friends ….! The gap btw “just” knew well in itself how they felt for each other how they missed each other their cute nokjhoks how they realised their love but their duties always came btw ; they were unknowingly madly in love wd each other !

Kabeer -fine madam now don’t make faces nd tell me wht u want !

Saachi- grapes from Kashmir nd 5 pair of earrings from there ; I lipstick wd nice shade !

Kabeer- Saachi bt r u saying I am going there for meeting not for shopping. Nd sply which shade how would I know !

Saachi- look mr I showed mercy on u now don’t act I need this vrna ktti ! Huh !

Kabeer- ok miss Cinderella calm down I gave in !

Schi- yippe nd yes don’t forget dark green mascara with few Kashmiri apples nd yes u know abt that fruit …Kabeer that one which we saw that day ….

(He was just starring her wd love in his eyes how cute she looked wd her antics)

Saachi- don’t stare me like this or I will misunderstood that u love me. !

Kabeer – hope u did !

Saachi- did u said anything ?

Kabeer- no !

Sachi- fine now go u hv to pick ur bags nd yes don’t et fat food nd don’t forget my material nd of course leave sharply at 7 pm ! Nd if u took more than two days there I am gonna kill u fine go dr khduus I mean khduus Kabeer!

Kabeer- if u r done wd ur lecture than may I leave nd yes u r also going somewhere tomorrow for some case so take care …!

She was abt to go out of his cabin when she felt her bracelet being stuck in something ; she turned nd find her bracelet stuck with his watch…she tried to remove that a lot but failed atlast Kabeer could unstuck that ….they turned to go but again it was stuck wd same watch !

Saachi- seems like they don’t want us to go anywhere !

This time it didn’t stuck off nd her bracelet broke indirectly nd he kept wd him saying that he’ll repair it ; the reason was he wanted to keep herself always wd him!

He had to go Kashmir for meeting wd some foreign client…he reached there after few hrs of flight nd on the other hand Sachi also needed to go somewhere by car …!

In Kashmir-

Kabeer was done wd the meeting he had; he was sitting in the lobby of his guest house wearing white shirt wd black trousers when he heard someone ringing the door bell !
He stood up opened the door nd was shocked nd happy at the same time to find Sachi there!

Saachi- oh Hlo mr khduus nature now I am here after so long journey would u mind roaming wd me in the tourist are !

Kabeer smiled nd replied – never mind !

Both of them left for some sightviewing masti…from the morning to evening they were rooming all over the streets enjoying the best moments of their lives…the sweetness of chocolate was less than the sweetness of their unconfessed love ; nd the teekha of panipuri was less than the tadka of their fights ! Finally the day was abt to end. it was evening they were walking along the streets!
Suddenly she saw him bent on his knees in front of her !
Saachi- Kabeer what r u doing stood up !

Kabeer – ssshh lemme complete my words this time now don’t say anything just listen to me ;
I am not a proposing type person yet I loved someone from last many years she’s wd me ; inspire of that I was never able to gather the courage to tell her that but today seeing old couples I realised we will never know when the time will flew so best is live in present confess when u have chance for that !
So in the end of this long speech “I love u miss Sachi mishra ” nd thts not. A prank I am serious would u mind being my better half being my lady love !

He took out a velvet small box wd a ring nd holded in front of her !

She replied wd a “yes” having Tears in her eyes nd smile on her lips . He made her wear the ring nd both hugged each other …she whispered in his embrace ” don’t u think that’s too late ”

Kabeer- what?
(He actually listened to what she was saying)

Saachi- nothing !

Both went back to their room !

Saachi first went to fresh n up nd came outside wearing a light blue saree wd her bck thread open !
She was trying to fix that in the mirror when she felt a strong pair of hands trying to solve that for her . She turned upwards just to see kabeer in the mirror !
Unknowingly his hands touched her back …his touch was shivering her…he sided hairs beside her right shoulder ; tied the knot ; his face moved forward towards her cheeks… he kissed down on his neck then behind the earlobe …a tight pair of arms jerked her towards him…holded through her waist nd pulled towards himself…kissed her forehead…stepped down to kiss her bulby cheeks; his lips covered the distance of her face nd finally both were involved in a passionate kiss…which further got wild nd deep…they parted after 10 minutes feeling short of breath …she was blushing heavily nd he was just starring at her how beautiful she looked at that time !
She turned towards window nd stood there…he stepped towards her nd embraced her back with his hands….

Kabeer- u r going to kill me today wd ur beauty…!

Saachi kept hands on his mouth-“sshhh”

She picked her finger nd placed her lips instead at first he was shocked by her sudden gesture but afterward everything went normal …he picked her in his arms and made her lie on bed …he too lied beside her nd afterwardly she came in top of him ..
Kabeer- Saachi don’t u think tht is wrong or too early!
Saachi-(whispered)- everything is fair in love nd war…!
He captured her lips for a lip lock nd unknowingly his hand went to her back …tangled his finger wd her back dori…the day ended wd his finger pulling the dori open !
That night witnessed the union of two love birds …!
It was early morning he woke up seeing her putting a cup of coffee beside him…Nd himself went for shower ….coming outside he didn’t find her anywhere just a note by her..

“Kabeer I m going myself dear don’t come behind me as I have to reach early else our gang will start spying that’s why ;
Life is a momentary game nothing lasts foreever but love does nd so will be our love
eager to meet u in SDCH
come soon
lots of love
urs and only urs Saachi !”

Kabeer- god this schi Na never stop giving me surprises…but this time I will give her a surprise by taking the things she wanted by me !
He left for SDCH ….reached there wd a smiling face…there everyone looked shocked…

Veer- sir why ur ph was off !

Kabeer- oh (he remembered schi did off his phone for no disturbane nd he had to agree upon her)tht was just my ph got dead…!
But why r u guys like the world hs stopped go to ur work…Nd wait a second Pragya isha u too what happened why u guys seemed lost ! Nd where is Saachi ? She reached here right !

Veer(wd heavy heart)- sir she will never reach here again!

Kabeer-(started worrying)- look guys this is not a prank ok just tell me wht happened she’s fine right !

Veer- she’s no more her car fell in the khai ! We were trying to call u frm last 24 hrs !

He just got in his knees his jaw was dropping eyes showed many stories many incomplete stories…he raised his chin upwards nd said “last 24 hrs?”

Veer (crying)- yes sir!

Kabeer remembered when she said “don’t u think it’s too late ”
“Life is a momentary game”

He quickly stood up nd checked the CCTV of that floor where schi arrived in his room and found no one there!
He was shocked he realised that was her soul came to complete their incomplete story !
From that day his life took a. U turn he became more serious in his life all the joys disappeared !
Gang tried their best to take him out of the trauma but all failed !
He was alive but not living ….inhaling the air but not breathing…he was never able to forget her memories their moments her !


He stopped his car reaching to the area from where her car fell in the pit. He sat there for almost 30 minutes when he heard a little boy saying”uncle dont sit here an aunt fell from here nd guru ji took 24 hrs to make her come back in her senses”saying this the child ran from there towards his place…this came as a new plan of destiny a new story which could be his or their story. Once again !
He tried his best and at last reached the big ashram in the foldings of jungle !
His Happiness had no boundaries when he saw his Saachi there but in coma….
He came to know from Gurukul how her breaths were gone again nd again ; with treatment for full 24 hrs she came alive nd is in coma they didn’t knew abt her belongings so couldn’t inform her family they hd just listened abt a girl . When the car fell in the pit she somehow jumped on the opposite side thts why she’s alive now…!

AFTER 30 years –
Kabeer (shouting)- Saachi come fast barat is abt to come …

Saachi- wait for a second !
Kabeer- Saachi I m waiting from last 29.5 years for just that one second ?…thts ur daughters wedding not yr so stop putting make up nd come downstairs i am going !

Saachi- if u went then u will meet the khduus me just wait I am coming in 5 minutes !

Kanya- maa papa I am ready just mom left !

Kabeer- bccha u r looking too good may god bless u nd yes pls give ur mma some makeup tips nd yes that r fast only !

Both father nd daughter giggled nd at last found mrs hitler glaring at them !

The end

“I didn’t got time to proof read so pardon me for any spelling mistakes as autocorrect works more than me nd I totally hate that”

Oh god finally completed now this was the os guys pls pls cmmnt if u like this !

  1. Wow awesome ??Trishu how nice ur ff and os will be .Hey Trishu write one os on reincarnation story of kaanchi plss plss?? and I know Trisha u can do this because u r awesome and I am u r biggest fan . Ok bye Trishu take care love you. ❤❤??????

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku divya nd sweetie I visited some other state nd it had internet ban so I couldn’t use neither I could travel back so really sorry guys

  2. Trisha this is just too good u always write something which put a smile on my face nd the other readers too ???u r so good I m glad to hv such an amazing writer in my life thanks for writing this dear love u loads??? u r just amazing nd the thing which I like most was “sweetness of chocolates less than their unconfessed love nd the theeka panipuri less than tadka of their fights” I love such philosophical things I want to ask u a question are u a art student?? Plzz tell me. Lastly love u nd ur ff.

    1. Trisha139

      A big thanku to you sweetie for this nd no I am a medical student but I love philosophy so much …love u too

  3. RuCh23

    Wwwwoooowwww Trisha this is so great ???? totally loved it!! In my opinion this is the best kanchi os you ever wrote ??

    1. Trisha139

      Awww thanku so much ruwani that means so much to me

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      Awww that’s so sweet of u rajnandini I love u for this cutest comment sweetie

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      THanku so much annie thts so sweet of u

  6. It was too good yaar. I am speechless. From the beginning I expected tragedy but you ended it in the suppperb way. And I love you for that.
    You are just awesome dear.

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku so much dear for this …love u too sweetie I missed u guys ?

  7. Abhilasha

    My os queen u take out all emotions…. I cried… I smiled…. I was touched….. My heart was pounding when we got that it was sanchi’s soul and I became so happy…… Seriously yr u r the os queen and u are most deserving for this!!!

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      Awww thanku so much abhilasha that was so so sweet of you…I am honoured by ur words dear

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      Thanku mayoori

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    1. Trisha139

      Awwwww tania that was so cute after being not able to see telly updates or any of internat requiring things I was totally bored sad nd was kissing u guys madly but just now I am on the 9 th cloud sweetie nd I have posted my ff nd fs …including one more cute nd simple os …thanku sweetie

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    1. a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi to u dear………..

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      ??finally I am back as ban is over ??

    3. Trisha139

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  17. this wasn’t good ..what was this..i am sanveer so I hated it…your English sucks,never post an os again its horrible …bakwas and I know you copied this from somewhere,,,i read the same OS 1 week ago you just changed the name copier..dont copy again then I will praise you

    1. Roop if u don’t like this better u don’t comment in kaanchi ff or os and u don’t have any right to tell or comment to others like thissoo saanveer fan better u mind ur own business and its all because ur saanveer fan not kaanchi soo u r feeling like this. and sorry for all this as I am kaanchi fan but I like saanveer also but I like kaanchi more but I never told like to saanveer oso or ff I always comments nice because I like them but I never told them harshly like u all actually u don’t have any right to tell or comment better concentrate in ur saanveer ff or os. So please don’t this again understood and sorry for this all because I am little angry ??girl soo I told u all like this soo sorry and I think I should go because I don’t know what I will tell u and sorry.

    2. And roop this sorry is not meant for u soo I take my all sorry back and better u stay way from kaanchi ff or os understand.

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      Omg roop this is the first comment I read in negative of me …Nd sweetie first of all this is my own creation dm secondly I dont wanna prove nd last but not least
      So tata

  18. I totally agree with you Roop…i read the same OS before…its exactly the same…she just changed the name…plzz don’t copy paste..its called cheating…and the whole credit goes to another writer not you so plzz

    1. How can you agree with yourself?
      We know that you two:roop and suzie are the same persons.The thumbnail for both the names match.Watch out next time before trying to fool others.
      And who do you think you really are?Trisha is the best os writer.We consider her a queen of OS.
      If you don’t like Kanchi then don’t read Kanchi ffs.Why do you need to bash writer for their writings.We love Kanchi so the couple is ppopular here.
      And if you are so confident about the os being posted earlier somewhere else then try to prove it.Provide the link of your so called already published os.

    2. I too agree with you yaar they r soo much and Trisha is the best writer

    3. Trisha139

      Dear anonymous I agree wd u 100000% she should give the link if she could prove that else “I don’t give a damn…”
      I wasn’t available here that doesn’t mean I agree roop ok ! It was my fault I could read ur nasty cmmnt before whtever dear tata nd
      Anonymous thanku so much for trusting nd believing in me sweetie

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  20. Roop/Susie I can understand that you are a great fan of sanveer…..i can also understand that you hate Sanchi pairing with Kabir but you should understand that everyone has their own point of view which as an individual you should respect…..though I’m a great fan of Kabir I used to read sanveer ffs too I always supported them because I respect their feelings……no one is forcing you to strain your eyes by reading kanchi FF…..why are you reading the FF which u hate dude now please don’t tell me that there is no sanveer FF?there are FF on sanveer too u can read that which will be good for you…..you can read this but please don’t hurt the writer or any other kanchi fans ……

    1. Trisha139

      I agree with u Sana totally …each word each line just to the point

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