Kanchi FS #that_one_shot #by_TRISHA (shot 1)

Hlo guys …trisha here ….first of all this is my 63rd post on TU after a month or few weeks nd that is just heaven for me ….!

Honestly I had never thought I will be able to write like this someday ….i started writing on India forums 2 years back just for 1 weekend tht too just 2 articles nd after tht I wrote before a month approximately !
Nd I wanted to know if there is anyone who watched ARCB (agent raghav crime branch)… as that was my fav show for tht time nd after that Kanchi is my latest fav pair !

So here I present the first shot of …”that one shot”….!!

It was morning …early morning 3:30 am …his eyes opened suddenly with something falling down around him ….! He woke up wd. Jerk still sitting on the bed thought for few seconds …looked around …he found no one …Nd closed his eyes again ….all the events that happened 48 hrs before flashed in front of his eyes …!


before 48 hours …

its SDCH…
Malhotras cabin

“Kabeer son ; u must have some misunderstanding…I don’t know ur dad” mlahotra tried to calm down an angry Kabeer …!

Kabeer shouted …”may be the proofs I got …my mom both could be wrong but what I listened from my eyes itself can’t be misunderstanding mr Anand Malhotra …I have all the proofs nd today I am going to spit all the truth out to the media …it’s been my 15 years I didn’t said even a single thing but today after witnessing everything from my eyes I won’t let any innocent patient suffer !”

Malhotra guessed the heat of the moment nd took out his gun threatening Kabeer …Kabeer trying to save himself from the shot unknowingly Malhotra got shot from Kabeer hands …that sound of gunshot shivered the whole hospital …!

Everyone rushed to Malhotra cabin ….opened the door nd found kabeer wd. A gun nd Malhotra being shot dead !!

Unnoticed by everyone Gayatri stole the proof wd the help of some secret agent frm kabeers cabin at the same time just a minutes before when Malhotra was busy wd. A Conference Kabeer overheared them….Nd so was the reason of such a huge blunder in just few minutes …!!

Police came …took Kabeer wd him …he tried explaining himself but atlast shut up finding that there was no use of giving explanations ….he was in the jail at that time ….kusum was already in coma nd was told nothing by veer nd the group !

Now the scene shifted to the interrogation room of the police station !
Let’s say police officer as PO …!

PO- look either accept that only you have done the murder otherwise we have our own methods ….!

Kabeer- I don’t care I won’t accept the crime I hadn’t done intentionally !

After half an hr police officers were left with no choice …he was not accepting his offense…

PO – bring alcohol for his bath…he will know our real face !

Kabeer added – alcohol + salt will work better !

Sub PO- sala doctor khi ka !

They got a 1.5 litre bottle of alcohol nd were abt to pour on his wounds ….a hand stopped him wd a metal bracelet ….

On looking forward there was a lady of a different personality …none other than saachi with 2 boys nd 2 girl officers standing behind her !

Saanchi – you r resticated mr singh ! For trying to interrogate even after case being taken by cbi !

PO – but Mam ! Really sorry !

Saanchi- a last chance ! Nd mr Kabeer ur case is now referred to cbi so you have to be wd us !

Kabeer- I wanna meet my mom once !

Saanchi- this is not ur office dr Kabeer !

Kabeer – nor this is ur office ms saanchi !

(She bears a brouch of her name)

Saanchi – look don’t force us to do something unexpected !

Kabeer- thts my first and last wish !

Saanchi – fine ! Hopefully not last wish !

Cbi team let him meet his mom …after that he was taken to the cbi headquarters with cbi team…after a long interrogation he told them the whole matter …that Malhotra forced him to get more furious nd shoot anand ! Malhotra just wanted to hurt himself not die ….he was trying as if Kabeer should shoot him on his hand but unfortunately the bullet passed through his heart Kabeer got to knew before one week that Gayatri uses some camera wd the help of riya in anand cabin as proofs against him so they could found the proofs in Malhotra house !

Both Sanchi nd Kabeer left for Malhotra house (it will be cleared later wether saachi helped him wd her team or separately. )but Gayatri got aware ; she didn’t wanted them to take the proofs from the locker as some proof against her was also there …so she herself left wd all members leaving the house on fire to burn the proof but hopefully kanchi got the proof …kabeer took tht safely in his jacket but Sachi fainted due to fire …he took her in his arms nd went to the safest place …her home …!


“What the hell r u doing here ….at this hour and specially in my kitchen !!! …..I said answer me !……” she yelled panicking In a long white night gown with crop top nd shorts….her hairs were left loose …Nd a bright spark was clearly shown on her face ….!

He was acting to be busy in cooking still managed to gave a light reply ….”I have my own name ; nd that’s worth to be taken instead of yelling “….!

Her anger touched the heights …”kabeerriiiiiiiii ! Now happy ” she again shouted !

He replied not even frustrating a bit …”it’s dr Kabeer…khduus saanchi ”

How could have she remained calm ….she too yelled …”it is AGENT SAACHI ; head of cbi team … nd u r a criminal ! ”

She was impatiently waiting for what would he say … but he was as calm as water flowing through the waterfall ….!

” look I am talking to u …I thought u as a nice person helped u gain justice nd here I am now …didn’t knew wht u did wd me ” she remarked !

This time he was been too irritated by her unending questions in front of his calm tone !
He answered …
“I raped u ! Any more questions ?”

She was just left with an oval face !!
He turned to go towards the frizz for some ingredients ….
She just followed him nd warned in a calm tone …”u …u r gone ….I will encounter u God promise … khduus ! ”

Kabeer- was that a warning or a REQUEST !
By the way ur seniors had messaged u 10 times asking abt where I am ? Did u find me or not ?

Precap- saanchi- how dare u chnge my clothes ; u moron !

Kabeer- abuse is too fun in English right !

So guys this will be three parts nd this is first part…do leave ur cmmnt a nd stay tuned !
Nd now there are questions as ;

Saachi helped Kabeer wd her team or alone ?
Even after getting proofs why they didn’t went to the headquarters ?
Is the case really over or there is something left yet to be clear ?
Will Kabeer be able to show his proofs in court itself ?

Last but not least most imp question ; what abt kanchi ?
Will there journey wd each other will end soon ?

  1. as always awesome keep writing sis luv ur ff os

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku shreya nd sure

  2. toooo good…plz update next episode asap

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku vasundhara nd it will be soon

  3. As usual awesome

  4. Sanchi as cbi officers ,☺best one trisha sits a doc and cbi officer love story . Cant wait for next one as precap is interesting

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku kanchi
      Glad u liked it

  5. Ausome dear but please make a happy ending ?

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku nd sure sweetie

  6. Plzz Trisha don’t end kanchi’s journey so soon. It was amazing loved it a lot. Plzz post soon nd ur ff too.

    1. Trisha139

      Thnku dear nd sure

    2. Trisha139

      I have decided to make this a bit longer

  7. Nice story.keep it up ????

  8. Wow yarr ur word structures grammetical perfection and way of expressing it is beyond words. Every word to admire u is less. Too good shot yarr and agent raghav was mine too most fav. One

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku so much rajnandini … ur cmmnt made me jump in the air nd love u loads sweetie

  9. Niyaaa

    Ya trisha mere dimag me bhi pehla question yhi aaya ki kya itni jaldi case solve ho gaya n aisa hoga to kaanchi journey to suru hone se pehle hi khatam ho jayegi n blah blah sawal so m or apna dimag na kharach kru wase bhi bechara phle hi kam h (just joking) plzzz nxt post kro jaldiiiiiii

    1. Trisha139

      Yeah niyaa the start nd boring part of Malhotra was over soon but some twists surprises their bonding their chemistry …much things r left so we have a long journey to go (but I won’t drag this one )

    2. Trisha139

      Nd sure I will post soon !

  10. Abhilasha

    Wowwwww Yr first of all congratulations for ur achievement of 63 posts and coming to this it was marvelous and I madly loved it!!!
    Can’t wait for next Yr… U nailed it!

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku so much abhilasha ; I am so glad u liked it ! Nd sure sweetie I will post the next pet as soon as possible

  11. Moonlight25

    Wow…congratulations for your 63rd post…amazing….i wish you continue until 100000000…coming to the episode….it was breath taking……there is a lot of suspense…i love suspense…love you loads…post your next epi soon

    1. Trisha139

      Awwww that’s so sweet of u Tania ! Thanku dear nd sure

    2. Trisha139

      Nd love U too ????

  12. Trisha dear just now I read your this shot’s intro. Comments and ur conversation with moon has made me to come in one conclusion that all the writers are madly in love with writing including me. All the writers such as you abhilasha moon me all of us wanted to become doctor. Actually choosing in between scientist or doctor as I wanted to do research on medicines and your’s moon’s and mine too mother gets furious seeing mobile in my hand and scolds for doing studies.when this happens thundering starts in my mind and storm starts outside……..ha ha ha…….not so much but she scolds a bit.and the story is very great romance suspence action. Full package of entertainment and lovely writing. Love u.

    1. Trisha139

      Yes I agree wd u rajnandini ! Being what u want nd ur hobby with skills isn’t too bad !yet our moms r also right still we don’t listen ! Nd only this makes us children ???nd glad u like it sweetie !love u

  13. And sorry bulb of my mind blinks little late congrats for your 63 post may ur journey with posting such a great stories never end and I too dont like to take medicines and not even to go to doctor but once in a lifetime I will sure like to visit u in the hospital.sorry I m writing so much dont know what happened me today!

    1. Trisha139

      Aww thts absolutely ok sweetie nd thanku for ur wishes !
      I would love to reply ur all cmmnts !
      Love u
      A big wala teddy hug
      Bbunch of kisses

  14. Congrats and it was out standing waiting for next part

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku nd sure ashnita

  15. Osm update Trisha dear…u just nailed it dear…eagerly waiting for ur next update asap ☺☺☺

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku so much riya nd sure

  16. Anee

    Congratulations for 63 Posts.it was owsm keep writing dear.

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