Kanchi Forever (Episode 31)

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The episode starts …

It was early morning dr kabeer was leaving for his office nd on the other hand our favo ?interns were rushing for a bath .!
Let’s see whts happening in Sinha house ..!

Kusum- beta don’t forget to call me when u reach there !

Kabeer- (trying to adjust his blazer)
of course maa I am no longer a little child !!

Kusum- chup rho (stay quiet )… either take ur wife here or lemme look after you ….!
Ekdm matha khrab !!

Kabeer- what ! Maa u too started bengali even u both know I don’t know “b” of Bengali ?

Kusum (curiously)- both ?

Kabeer- (realised )- I mean that ….ahm nothing mom !

Kusum – haan haan biwi aagi to bechari maa budhi hogi (drama )….

( Yes yes now wife came then ur mom got old )

Kabeer- ohh my drama queen mom relax …! I am not going anywhere …I love u so much maa…

Kusum -really ? Would u give me whtever I want ?

Kabeer- yes anything except saanchi !

Kusum- Ek chotu se kanha ji !
(Little Krishna )…

Kabeer- of course mom u can go with driver and buy whtever u like !

Kusum (patting her head)- oh daffar I need living kanha ji my grand children budhu … ! Tere bcchhee !

Kabeer couldn’t control nd coughed hard …!

He just avoided the situation !!

Some hours skipped …!

It was morning ..in the hospital around 9-10 am…!.

Let’s check out first on riya …!

She was recording her voice saying
” saachi is file no 301 your patient ?”
….and paused the recording then went to saachi …she was examining patients ….

Riya (signing to one of the patient )- saachi is this my patient ?

Saachi – of course this is my patient !!

Riya – oh fine I was just assuring …!

Nd Riya recorded her that “ofcourse…..patient ”

Now it was afternoon and best time for saachi to do some headache of Kabeer !!!

Saachi- “Knock knock ”

Kabeer- “Come in ”

Saachi- “It’s break time”

Kabeer-“Then ?”

Saachi – look here is specially designed DSLR !

Kabeer- that’s fine ! Are u going to click pictures of your patients ?

Saachi – not so funny ! I hope u remember ur punishment it’s just for recording that…??

Kabeer- what the wuck ! Shit ! No way ! I am not going to do that nd that is final !

Saachi turned to leave saying “ok mr looser Sinha ”

Kabeer- (furiously )- don’t underestimate the power of a doctor !

Saachi- of course nd don’t underestimate the power of a wife. !!

Again he was having shortage of words to win the argument and as usual he gave in !

Kabeer- fine let’s go !
I guess old people nd children forget things easily so it would be better to do this wd them !
….saachi ? Are you listening ?

He turned just to find her giflind nd laughing….atlast giving him a evil smile !

Saachi- of course but mr Sinha as a loving wife I would like to inform u children nd old are the most sarcastic people ever…!

Kabeer (smirk)- whtever !!

Wow ! Kabeer distributing ladoos ?let start wdout wasting even a MINI SECOND !

So firstly he went to old people’s ward …with 10 oldies …!

Let’s name them patient 1..2…3 etc etc etc ….and he is giving ladoos to everyone with sachi and veer recording him !!

Now let’s see the response of people …when every time fr Kabeer forward the box full of ladoos to them !

Patient 1- thanku beta but remember being a father is not so easy… keep trying …!

Kabeer just gave a glare to saachi nd in reply got an evil laugh from her …

Veer- sir continue na pls it’s very heart touching seeing u like this …!

Kabeer gave him a glare .!

Veer- siiiir ! Atleast don’t scare an innocent child like me !

P 2- shi kha uncle ji ne (uncle was right ) take care of your pregnant wife …! Live a long life beta !

Saachi was just shocked nd blushing heavily !

Kabeer- uncle she is not pregnant …!

P 2- ok anyways do drop ur children to school daily !!

Not his veer started laughing heavily holding his stomach !
Nd at last found kanchi glaring at him !

P 3- thanku for the sweets beta u will marry soon !

Kabeer- sir I am not able to handle one nd u r saying for another…!

P 3- what ?

Kabeer – I mean sweets !

P 4- may god bless u !

P5- may god bless u !

P6 may god bless u !

P7. May God …

Veer (interrupting) – areee uncle no same aashirwad again have some types of ashirwd like fulo falo…putr bhava…get saved from wife bhava…

He look upwards to find Kabeer starring at him furiously !

P8- thanku beta ji …here is the medicine for constipation…take this whenever needed !

Kabeer turned bck to find saachi nd veer laughing cluelessly at him !

Kabeer- what! Was that a joke ?

Veer- (still laughing)- no sir I didn’t knew you had constipation !

P9 – fulo falo putr!

P10- come here …I had a suggestion for u I will say that in ur ear…!

Kabeer(hesitatingly)- oh ok !

He turned to look at saachi nd veer…-
Veer- go go sir !

The last patient said something which caused Kabeer to cough hard !

Kabeer- now don’t I am not going to distribute this anymore !

Saachi- half loser …!

Kabeer- I will prefer a dare instead of that !

Saachi- ok two dares !

Kabeer- fine nd veer give me the camera !

Veer-noooo ! Frst promise me u won’t give me any punishment for this !

Kabeer- ok done !

Veer- sacchi ? (Really)

Kabeer- yes!

He gives Kabeer the camera nd turned to go …stops wd dr kabeers voice!

Kabeer- “one day store room”

Veer- as expected !

Kabeer- two days store room for dr Saachi !

Saachi- ooo why me ?

Some hours skipped with normal routine now there was something very much unexpected …!

It was 7 pm of evening..
Veer- miss gokgappa pls help n tell me what gift I should choose for my new gf…

Saachi- wow gf atleast tell me the name?

Veer- prachi yadav…I met her on fb nd today is our frst Date in reality…!

Saachi- good !
(In mind- crap! Prachi yadav is the name of Pragyas id means …she is dating him nd she didn’t told me ! )

After sometime Sachi met Isha nd asked abt Pragya she too was gone somewhere on a date wd a fb guy wd id name Viraj singh…!

Now that wd night nd Kabeer received a call on his home …!
Kabeer(on ph)- oh wow …don’t worry I will be there to receive u as it’s Sunday tomorrow nd I have taken a leave specially for u..!

Precap ; a new entry …
Riya talking to some stranger nd giving some money…
Pragya nd veer dating let’s see what happens when both come face to face !
Saachi constantly asking Kabeer to tell what last patient said to him ? ?


Stay tuned for that !

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    1. Trisha139

      Thanku dear nd riya is planning against schi only

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      Full form of rofl ?nd thanku sweetie

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      First of all thankyou so much guddoo for commenting nd other for appreciating the story …tc

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