Kanchi Forever (Episode 29)

Hey guys …trisha here…
First of all I am so sorry for being late as I have to go out of station so there was a lot of preparations to do …now I got time a night before the trip…I am going there for some urgent work just hope it would be a success ….and so now I am here…

I could end the story nd start a new one ; I thought upon that but it would be much difficult to start the plot from again so I am continuing this one wd some super exciting twists …let’s peep further into the story…

The last episode ended with Kanchi’s marriage Anniversary…and now it’s was the next day ….headache of exam were on the heads …!

Time skip to early morning …
Pragya woke up and finds saachi sleeping with a wide smile…

Pragya- abeo why are you smiling like an idiot. !!

But no effect on saachi ?‍♀️…
She shook her and make her wake up…

Saachi- oh Pragya it’s so soon let me sleep na yr…!

Pragya- Jhansi ki rani it’s our exam so start preparing …!

Saachi- oh dammn thnkgod u reminded me…

Pragya-(patting her forehead)- oh drama queen don’t act nd wake up otherwise Isha is going to finish all the water in the tank !!

Saachi- huh ! Fine !

She wakes up with a jerk firstly taking out her phone just to find 10 messages on that with serial order from the same person ;

Kabeer(msg)- wake up
It’s early
Report me early on 6 am in my cabin
Don’t forget to take up latest papers wd u
Last exam books set with few cases of precious yr !
shouldn’t be late !

Saachi(murmuring)- how khdus ! He will always be such a hitler !

Time skips to 6:02 am…

Someone knocks on dr kabeers cabin …!

Kabeer- come in !

Saachi-(making a puppy face)- oops sorry pkka never frm next time !

Kabeer- not an issue u r always late …fine come take ur seat …!

Saachi(relaxed)- oh that’s so sweet of u I knew u aren’t that khduus…mmuuaahh ….
(Realised what she said)… I mean….thnku…!

Kabeer- whtever today extra shift for half an hr for coming late now come to our first topic….!

Saachi-(murmuring)- mokambo ( showing a punch )

Few minutes passed…he was guiding her in completing the work left due to her leave for previous 6 months…

Saachi- can here be coffee ?

Kabeer- coffee is bad for health !

Saachi- it fines my concentration !

Kabeer- no it can’t be now continue I will come within 5 minutes …!

He left from his cabin….and returned after 5 minutes just to find her studying with full concentration ……..
A wide smile crept his face …
He knocked the door to make her realise his presence….

Saachi- oh u r back…!

Kabeer- yes nd thts coffee continue !

Saachi- now what happened to ur diet chart !

Kabeer- that was not more important than your study !

Saachi- was this a favour or …

Kabeer- order from ur senior ! Now u just have 1 hr do fast !

Saachi- you look sweet like this …behaving normal for sometimes isn’t that bad !

Kabeer- do u want me to give u more extra shifts !

Saachi- huh ! Fine I am doing !

Few hours passed with that similar boring schedule…
Now let’s check upon the gang…!

In the cafeteria ….

Garv- bro what is this ? Have u seen this ur entire course of internship !

Veer- of course u would have known if you have got out from thoughts of sheela…?

Garv – should I ask dr Saachi !

Veer- oh never she is already furious today ….!

Saachi(from behind)- page no 343 you will find ur answer…!

Veer- miss golgappa u here!

Saachi- tht is dr saachi !

And she left giving them an irritating look…

Veer- by god … temp is too much today !

Garv- of course seems like raining…!

Veer patts his forehead from behind….”dffr u could never understand my words”

Some time skipped now let’s peep to our evil riya…she was in kb wd Bala nd Madhu planning something that is muted….

Riya -” Now saachi will know with whom she has been faced ”
Nd bala do as I say !

Bala- sure ur work will be done !

After few minutes…Bala comes to saachi…!

Bala- saachi pls help me I forgot that file in the prohibited area ; its frst room !

Saachi- bala I am busy pls take that urself…

Bala- oh pls Saachi …!

Saachi- ohk fine….!

She went to that area through the keys given by bala nd took the files….someone captures her in the camera…!

Some unknown person talks to someone on phone…”done next step by you “…
And cuts the call !

Saachi went back and got herself pierced some sort of glass on her foot as she had to go barefoot on some kind of stairs to get the file…

While getting through the corridor Kabeer saw her helping wd her foot…

Saachi- it’s ok sir I will do myself !

Kabeer- don’t a word even…!

He licks her in her arms and moved towards his cabin wd out taking care of the people starring at them…!
She was constantly looking into his eyes wd her hands arnd his neck…

Backgrnd played…

Dekh Hazaroon daffaa apko fir bekarari kesi hai…..

( I saw u. A thousand times still what is this feeling )

Precap- media outside the hospital shouting…”arrest saachi mishra ”
All shocked !

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