Kanchi Forever (Episode 24)

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Now wd out wasting anymore time let’s go ahead wd the story ….-

It was a new morning a New day in SDCH ….everything btw saachi and kabeer was sorted Anand was made guilty but story was not finished yet ….Anand vowed to made saachis life hell …but till then it was a new hopeful day for Kanchi …..

Saachi isha and Pragya left from their hostel and found a letter there ….written ;

“Dil ye mera Tumse Pyar karna chahta hai,
Apni Mohabbat ka izhaar karna chahta hai,
Dekha hai jab se Tumhe aey mere Sanam,
Sirf tumhara hi Dedaar karne ko dil chahta hai.”

Isha – areeee waaah kon h ye aashiq (who is this lover )

Pragya – Abeo if that khduus came to know this he is gonna kill this man !!

Saachi – huh ! He himself have wrote this ….

Isha – wait what ? Are you serious …!

Saachi- yes sweetiees…! We both had a bet he had to earn me again !

Pragya – woah !

Sometime skipped ….

Saachi in the hospital …opened her first file:
Found a letter written few lines on it …

“Meri Hasratein machal gayi,
Jab tumne socha ek pal ke liye,

Anjaam-e-deewangi kya hogi,
Jab tum milogi mujhe umr bhar ke liye..”

After sometime saachi in dr kabeers cabin …

Kabeer. -good morning dr saachi !

Saachi- good morning mokambo !

Kabeer – its dr kabeer

Saachi- no mokambo…mokambo…and mokambo…!

Kabeer – huh !

Saachi- by the way I never knew dr khduus …I mean dr Kabeer can also write such cheesy lines …!

Kabeer – what r u taking abt …u know well I am so bad at such things !

Saachi- means u didn’t left that 2 letters …

Kabeer – no …

She told him the whole things ….

Kabeer- whtever he is …I guess his end is soon …!

Saachi- if u r not person than who was that ….(she was constantly thinking of that ….)

After sometime Kabeer left his cabin for some urgent work
…saachi was searching some files and find out same colour paper and coloured pens that were used to write such letters……

Saachi- (to herself)- ohh so he can also lie…now see dr Kabeer how I will make u pay for this …after all I am also Mrs khduus sinha…oh god he is always in my mind ….I mean dr Saachi sinha !

After sometime…veer rushed towards the whole corridor…shouting…

“Dr kabeerrr ….saaaaaaccchjiiiiiiii drrrrrr kabeeeerrrrrrrr dr saaaachjiiiiiiii”
He was gasping all the way towards his cabin…
Kabeer – r u mad veer ….this is a hospital not ur entertainment hall !

Saachi- yes and what happened by the way…

Veer – saachi ; Kabeer ….that

Kabeer – dr Saachi and dr Kabeer …..

Veer (calmly)- sir pleeeaaseee kbi to vaqt ki tjakt ko smjha kro….(atleast sometime try to understand the conditions)

Veer- vha he leaked…

Kabeer – what ? explain

Veer- sir ….that…..that monster …he wetted my shirt….

Both looked at his wet shirt and laughed heavily….

Saachi- hahaha … by the way I guess he did right …!!

Kabeer – I agreeand who is that…

Veer- waaah here we r getting drenched and senior doctors are laughing…!

All went towards that ward…it was a little baby …his/her mother was unconscious….they were flood victim….that just got transferred from another hospital…

Saachi- ohhhh its sooo cuttiuuu…

Veer- mid golgapp here I am whole wet ur r saying cute look he is a monster a big monster…!

Kabeer – I guess veer is right he is a monster hahahaha( he too laughed heavily)…veer he is such a little baby…

Veer- fine then made him stop from crying he is not listening to any of intern or nurse…

Kabeer picked him up in his arms and tried to stop him from crying..- ohh sssshh look here is ur aunty …

Saachi- wooahh do I look like an aunt to you….?

Kabeer- Saachi understand I hv to say this to make him stop…

Saachi- yes and this uncle so fat !!

Kabeer – oh hello I am not an uncle and secondly…I am not fat…!

Saachi- yes u r ??

Kabeer- I am too hot to handle…

Saachi- right ! …I mean no

Veer – wow pehli br you both have helped with ur fights…

Kabeer – wow he stopped crying ….

Everyone had a slight smile on their face and suddenly saachi burst out laughing…

Kabeer.- did I cracked a joke…!

Saachi- first of all u can never crack a joke…secondly it’s a girl and thirdly…??look at your shirt…

His shirt was all wet…and this time all laughed but one of them saachi was too heavy…he was just starring her…how mesmerising she looked……atlast they gave nurse duty to handle that child and he himself went his cabin …

Sometime skipped….saachi was working in his cabin he came out of his washroom closing buttons of his shirt….!

Saachi-(in mind- wether blazer of shirt he is really too hot to handle)-chiiiii is this ur house …u must hv down this inside…

Kabeer- what do u mean by chiii ? And this is my washroom and my cabin so my rules…!

Saachi- I am ur assistant so this is mine too…

Kabeer – u must hv knocked the door before coming !

Saachi- what mr khdus if u r forgetting I am ur wife…so this is my right…!

She realised what she said…

He moved towards her and pinned her to the wall…she turned all red…he whispered in her ears-”

“Itni shiddat se maine tumhe paane ki koshish ki hai, ki har zarre ne mujhe tumse milane ki koshish ki hai. Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho, toh poori kaynath tumhein usse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai…”

Saachi- kitni baar repeat ki learn krne ke lie…(how many times u repeated these lines to learn )

Kabeer- that doesn’t matter …what matters is …”you still blush…”

Precap – saachi picks her ph and listens to something that her ph fell from her hands…

Kabeer – what happened saachi

Saachi- maa icu

A drop of tears fell from her eyes…!

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