Kanchi ff – Falling for you (epi-4)

Helloo friends, smiley is back with another episode. Sorry for being late. Firstly, thank you soo much for ypur valuable comments.Here is the episode…….
Isha, pragya and sanchi went to mall. Isha asked Sanchi to try a dress.
Outside the mall,
A car stopped. Kabir and his mom came out of the car.
Kabir- maa why you brought me here..you could have come with the driver.
Kusum- Golu!!! you always remain busy in work..cant you spend some time with your mother.
Kabir- again emotional blackmail.ok come.
Both entered the mall.

Isha and Pragya busy in choosing dress move to other section of the shop.
Sanchi came out of the trial room wearing the gown.
Sanchi-…now where they have gone?
She move around and search for them. She was looking for them, when she found that her gown is struck. She turned to find a man who had stepped on the gown and was busy in phone call.
Sanchi- oh excuse me mister.
The person turned around but meanwhile, due to stretch of cloth, Sanchi got slipped and was about to fall, when two strong arms hold her by waist preventing her from falling. The person is none other than Kabir. “Sanchi!!!” He made her stand. He looked at her, glancing her from head to toe. She is looking absolutely stunning in the blue gown, and the hair locks falling down her face line making her even more cute. While he was busy in admiring her, Sanchi asked him.
Sanchi- sir.aap yahaan??

Kabir- vo.i came here with maaShe has to buy something..you here??
Sanchi- I came with Isha and pragyaDont know where they went. I have to show them how I look in this gown.(looking for Isha and pragya)
Kabir(unknowingly)- Beautiful..
Sanchi- what?? Did u said something??
Meanwhile, Isha , Pragya and Kusum came to them.
Kusum- see he is here.
Pragya- arrewaah Sanchitum toh iss gown mein bahut achi lag rahi ho
Isha- ya Sanchi.. you are looking really beautiful.Kabir sir..aapko Sanchi kaisi lag rahi hai??
Kabir- niceI mean blue color suits you.
Kusum(caressing her face)- ya sanchi tum bahut pyaari lag rahi ho..
Sanchi nodded smilingly. “I just come after change”, saying this she went to change.
Kabir- maaare you done with your shopping??
Kusum- haan
After that, the four of them left outside the mall.
Kabir(to Sanchi)- I have some work in the hospital.so Ill drop you all.
Sanchi, pragya and isha nodded. First, he drop her mother. After then they went to hostel. Isha and Pragya took their shopping bags and left immediately.
Sanchi was about to go, When Kabir held her hand. Sanchi turned to him signing “What??”, raising her eye-brow. Kabir stare at her for a while and nodded negatively.
Kabir- nothing(releasing her hand)..good bye.
Sanchi- good bye and thank you for the lift.
She leaves and Kabir also left for hospital.

Sanchi entered her room.
Isha- itni der lagaadi aane mein??
Pragya- arre yaarkabir jiju ko good bye wish kar rahi hogi, time toh lagega hi??
Both isha and pragya smiled teasingly.
Sanchi( glaring at them)- tum dono chup karoge.now I have to sleep..i am very tired today.
Isha and Pragya hugged Sanchi and the trio slept, but Sanchi was still thinking about the message. Soon she drifts to sleep.
Rest of the week spent by doing usual hospital work and duties.

Time skips to weekend
The party is going on in Malhotra Mansion. Dr. Kabir is shown talking with Dr. Malhotra and his clients. But he is looking at the gate repeatedly, waiting for obviously Sanchi.
Then Isha and Pragya entered the hall.
Kabir(In mind)- Where is sanchi??
And then he looks at the entrance to find a girl entering, wearing an off white salwar kameez with silver earrings.loose hair slightly curled at the ends, and the most important her beautiful smileShe is revealed to be Sanchi. The trio entered the hall.
Both Kabir and Sanchi were talking with their respective friends, but continuously stealing glances of each other. Later, Sanchi excused herself from her friends, so does Kabir. Both came to the bar to have some juice.
Kabir-.you came so late??
Sanchi- vo.you know Isha and Pragya took long time to get readyso we just got late.
Kabir-oh.by the way you are looking beautiful.
Sanchi- thank you..you too??
Kabir- whatbeautiful??
Sanchi- nonoI mean you are looking good.
Kabir bursts into laughing, “I was just kidding”. Sanchi too laughs.
Suddenly someone tap on Kabirs shoulder. He turned to find a girl.
“Alisha!!”, the same girl who has came to meet Kabir. Both Kabir and Alisha hugged each other. Sanchi felt little uneasiness.

so, here fourth episode ends.
Actually I am busy this week, so next update will be on saturday. Does anyone here know how to give link…..so please tell me so that i can provide the link of previous episodes…..plzz do give comments and ya….suggestions are always welcome.
So, good bye and keep smileying……….

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