Kamalanayani – an Untold Character of the Great Epic. (Episode 24)

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Back to the story…

“Think slowly… And tell me your decision..” said Shani dev. Kamala thought of her battles with asuras. She said “I will follow my mother… My guide.. She is my creator and protector… Now she has proved that she is the destroyer of my ignorance… I will take your words as the order of Mata Adishakti… Thank you so much Dev…” said Kamala. Shani dev smiled.

“But, I request you is to keep your eyes on me… Please help me to assure that, I am always on the right path…” said Kamala. Shani dev nodded. “But, I might have to cast my Vakra-dhrishti on you for this to happen..” said Shani dev. Kamalanayani readily agreed.

Both the Rajkumars thoroughly checked the forest but were unable to find the princess… Rajkumar Abhimanyu was not ready to return without her.

He wanted to know her location immediately… As he already knew that she is the daughter of Tridev… He prayed to them to know her location… Yet, he had no response… Rajkumar Pradyumna suggested that it is better to return to the camp and ask for Lord Krishna’s help… He can help us… But Rajkumar Abhimanyu was not willing to return to the camp.. He said “I will return to camp only with her… It is my promise.. Tell this to Mamashri…” and let off on his horse.

Rajkumar Pradyumna tried to stop him yet he failed to do so… Then, the troops along with Rajkumar Pradyumna returned to the camp… Padma was saddened to know that Kamala did not return… She started crying and Lord Krishna pacified her. He said “One might have to under go some hardships to gain more strength just as a statue getting hurt to be a divine idol… And it is their karma to… No one can escape…”.
On hearing this, Rajkumar Pradyumna said “Then, what is Abhimanyu’s karma Pithashree…”. Lord Krishna smiled and said “To pacify Mahakaali, Mahakaal Mahadev had to perform his karma.. Likewise, Abhimanyu has to perform his karma towards Kamala… And the destiny led him… Don’t worry…”. Rajkumar Pradyumna was puzzled with Lord Krishna’s words.. He was sure that Lord Krishna knew what is happening and what’s gonna happen… He was not worried at all.. So there is no problem for them both.. Then, Padma asked Lord Krishna that “When will my didi return Pithashree..?”. Lord Krishna said “Keep looking for her… Your words and thoughts will reach her…” and went inside a tent.

On the other hand… The royal purohit at Dvaraka sensed something and said “Hey Prabhu, I now understand through my gyana that it is your decision… I believe that your actions and decisions are hard to understand but its result is always good for the universe…”.

On the other hand… The most important situation in Kamalanayani’s life – Shani dev’s Vakradrishti casted on her…

Kamala asked for a moment from Shani dev before casting his Vakradrishti.. He was puzzled. She used her powers and brought a pot of water in her hand. She said “This is the pure water from ksheer-sagar, my home and the water which Pithashree Narayan loves the most. Now…”. Shani dev observed her keenly.

She kneeled down and said “I, Madava-Mahadeva-Brahmadeva Putri Kamalanayani, making this universe as witness and say that, Till now, my Pithashree is my Guru… And vice-versa… So, from this moment I accept Karmphal daata Shani dev as my Pithashree… and his wife Mata Neela devi as my Mata…” and poured that pot of ksheer-sagar water over his feet, before Shani dev could reciprocate. Then, she looked at him. He was not retrieved from this shock. He gasped and said “Putri Kamalanayani…” with a smile.

[Even I felt strange when she accepted Shani dev as her Pithashree and Shani dev accepter her as his daughter… Accepting a person as a father is strange but Kamala did it… but the best part is her father is Shani dev.. That is why I am posting it in Shani serial page of Tellyupdates.. Now she is his daughter too..]

Lord Krishna smiled…

Kamala said “Pithashree..” with teary-eyes… Shani dev said “Thank you Tridev for this… I cannot express in words that, how your daughter is now my daughter…”. He caressed her face and said “From on now, you are not just Tridev-putri but also, Karmphal daata Shani dev’s putri…”. Kamala worshipped his feet and got blessings. She then, said “Pithashree, now please cast your Vakradrishti on me. I want to undergo the consequences and prove and also learn my strengths…”. Shani dev looked at her weirdly. She said “Why are you taking time Pithashree.. Please cast it soon… I am not a small girl to be afraid of it… I am sure that, if my atma and karma are pure, then your drishti will always help me to go upwards in my life… I must be blessed to have your drishti on me”.

Shani dev smiled and then said “Are you ready Putri??”. Kamala said “Absolutely, Pithashree…”.

[Imagine Neelajana Samabhaasam song from shani serial as a BGM now… and then read the rest.]

Shani dev casted his Vakra-drishti on Kamalanayani who stood with closed-eyes and folded hands for reverence. Devi Kamalanayani got casted by Shani dev’s Vakra-drishti..

Today’s Question: Again the same one, but now can you guess the consequences easily…

What will be Kamalanayani’s Karmphal ? What will Shani dev’s vakra-drishti create in Kamalanayani’s life ?

This series’s next episode will be released soon. Stay tuned…

  1. nitin priyanshu

    Good story .I like it ……????????

    1. Kamalanayani

      Thank you nitin

  2. Nandhini

    Very beautiful??? i imagined “vakradrishti shanaishchara” song in bg when shani dev casted his dirishti on devi kamalanayani…”neelanjanam” bg song i imagined when she realised with her wisdom eyes that the person talking infront of her is karamphaldaata shani dev???
    Very happy to read Tridev’s daughter is now karamfaldaata’s daughter too☺☺☺

    1. Kamalanayani

      Even I loved it Nandhini akka

  3. Nymisha281

    awesome dii…..loved to know kamalanayani is shani dev daughter…hope u soooon reach 1st place in historica fiction..and i have doubt dii…wt is vakra drishti?

    1. Kamalanayani

      thanks Nymisha…
      And explaining what vakra-drishti is, will take more time… I know it and As I have exams now for about a week.. I will explain you after my exams finish…

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      Okkk dii….all the best for ur exams ?

    3. Kamalanayani

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