Kalpi ‘s Raghav (EMA) Episode 5

Raghav and kalpi enter their house. Gauri is seeing something in her hand and immediately hides it watching them come inside. Kalpana observes this.

Raghav says hi Mom. Gauri enquires How is kamla and vittal now? I would have come down to see them but I am not keeping quite well. Kalpana says that’s OK mom. All are fine over there. Did you have dinner? Gauri says no kalpana. I was waiting so that all of us can have dinner together. Raghav tells that he will change and come for dinner.

Raghav goes to his room and gauri goes to kitchen. Kalpana thinks what was mom hiding behind the pillow. Why she seems so worried? Kalpana goes and finds out that gauri was seeing her 20 years old family album. She thinks she would talk to gauri in a proper time and find out what was her worry.

Scene 2

Pakhi is entering the kapoor residence. Everyone are fuming in anger at her that she went back to kamla again. Neettu tells prem. She deserves all that happened to her. She would never trust us. She will always trust only kamla Bai who took care of her for a good salary that I paid, who saw big dreams only for her own daughter kalpana. Kamla worried always only about her own daughter’s love.

Pakhi says stop your dramas neetu.. And btw I went there not to console that kamla Bai. I went there to see the pain in their eyes, especially in the eyes of the maid’s daughter kalpi. (Pakhi thinks in her mind a flash back, where she had created the accident through a man.) Now on every day of her married life will only be pain. Raghav was mine and will always be mine. I cannot lose to that chowlwali kalpi..
Pakhi goes to her room.

Neetu is so happy listening to this. She says finally my daughter has come out like me..

Scene 3

Next day morning, kalpi wakes up and had taken bath and she is getting ready. Raghav wakes up and sees kalpi getting ready in the dressing table. He goes and holds her shoulders and turns her facing him. He keeps sindhur to her( tera mera rishta hai jaisa… Plays). She goes from the place but Raghav holds her hand and drags her back to him and hugs her tight. Kalpi says Raghav you are getting late to office now. Take bath and come down for break fast. She pushes Raghav aside and runs away from the room.

Raghav gets ready in a fantastic formal way as usual and comes down for breakfast. Raghav is having his breakfast and gets call from Sammy that he needs to come down soon for a meeting. Raghav says whoever prepared the breakfast it was so yummy. Kalpana says mom did it. Raghav says so sweet of you mom. It was too tasty. Gauri smiles. Raghav says OK mom, I need to go now. Have a important meeting. Bye mom. Bye kalpi. Kalpana and gauri also do their breakfast. Kalpana thinks it is the right time to talk to gauri…
Kalpana says mom, can I ask you something? Gauri says of course child. Kalpana asks, mom though you are happy about your son’s wedding, I can see pain and worry in yours eyes still. There is something that is troubling you. I want to know it mom. Please share it with me. I will reduce your burden. Kalpana says please mom.

Gauri nods and starts saying, I am worried that a cold blooded murderer,sahil kapoor, has murdered my husband, the owner of singania group of companies and is roaming out in the open air as though he did nothing. I am unable to digest the fact that my husband’s death has not yet got justice. My son’s separation from me for 20 years has not yet got Justice. I could’nt see my child grow up. I could’nt be with him when he needed me the most. Raghav grew up like an orphan, when I was alive. All this is because of Sahil kapoor. Gauri says to kalpana how sahil won singania’s trust and created differences between her and her husband and the way he killed him and tried to kill her. Gauri cries badly..

Kalpana says you are right mom and justice will happen this time. Kalpana thinks I need to talk to Raghav and reopen Singhania sir’s murder case.

(To be continued….)


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