Kalpi ‘s Raghav (EMA) Episode 2

Scene 1

Pakhi is terribly shocked seeing sammy outside the mantap. Pakhi is walking towards the mantap to see who was getting married. In the mantap, Raghav keeps sindur to

kalpi(Mangalam bhagvan vishnu…) plays and he also ties the mangal sutr. He kisses her on the forehead. Kamla and vittal are in happy tears. Kamla holds gauri’s

hands. Pakhi wonders who. when Raghav turns, she is shocked terribly and shouts kamla maaa…

Everyone turn to her with fear and shock. kamla says, Pakhi listen. Pakhi shouts enough kamla ma. how could you do this to me?I trusted you more than anyone else in

this world and you cheated me to core. kamla says no Pakhi, i did not cheat you. pakhi shouts, stop it kamla ma. Today you have proved that, you have and had only one

daughter and that is, Kalpi. kamla is crying hard. Kalpi and Raghav get out from mantap and come towards kamla. kalpi holds kamla. Pakhi questions kamla. how could you

do this when you knew I loved Raghav? how could you do this when you knew even Raghav loved me?

Raghav interferes and tells, No pakhi. this is not true. I have always loved kalpi. I never had any such intentions with you. this was just your misunderstanding. Stop

blaming kamla ma for this. Sammy comes in and says, yes pakhi, Raghav had always loved kalpi only. Now Pakhi slowly recollects, Raghav rescuing Kalpi from library.

Raghav dancing with kalpi on the day she proposed to him. But still, pakhi is unable to accept that. She cries hard and says, everyone has cheated me. Gauri interferes

and says, even if Raghav had loved you, I would never have allowed him to marry you, Pakhi kapoor.

Scene 2

Pakhi turns to Gauri and asks who are you to tell this? Gauri says, I am Mrs. Gauri Singania, Raghav Singania’s mother. And I can never let my son marry a girl from

the kapoors family. 20 years, I had been away from my son, having lost my memory and recognition. And thats all because of you Kapoors. Even today your father is

behind me to kill me. I am so happy, Raghav chose a girl like Kalpi for his life. Stop all your dramas and leave from here now.

Pakhi runs away from the place. Kamla calls Pakhi but she just runs away and returns home and is crying hard. Neettu comes to Pakhi and asks what happened Pookhi, why

are you crying so much? Sahil also comes to Pakhi and asks what happened child? why are you crying so much? Pakhi pushes Sahil aside and runs to her room and closes

the door. Everyone knocks the door and she does not open.

Neettu and Sahil wonder what happened to pakhi. Neettu says Pakhi went to the chowl for kamla’s daughter wedding and what would have happened there? why is she so


Scene 3

In the mantap, Gauri consoles Kamla. She says, dont worry kamla. what ever happened is happened. If you keep crying like this, our children cannot be happy. Vittal

holds kamla. He says, you can explain Pakhi later, dont worry now. Kamla wipes her tears and says yes, Pakhi will listen to me, I know. After all she is also my

daughter and smiles. Everyone is relieved now.

Gauri asks Raghav and kalpi to take ashirvaad of elders. Raghav and kalpi take ashirvaad of Gauri, kamla and vittal. Pakya hugs Raghav and congratulates him and

kalpi. Sammy also hugs Raghav and says, finally I am so happy for you my friend. Today your family is complete. You are no more lonely. And your about to start a

beautiful journey of your life. Raghav turns to Kalpi and they have a eye lock (tum hi ho…. plays). Sammy waves hand between the two. He Congrats Kalpi. Kalpi thanks

sammy sir and everyone smile.

Neetu recieves call on her mobile, it is from manda tai. manda tells her about everything that happened. Neetu is in severe shock……

(to be continued……..)


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