Kalpi ‘s Raghav (EMA) Episode 1

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I am a big fan of Raghav and kalpana (Rachna) of EMA. Its been so long that the serial is done but, still find it new to watch the kalpana and raghav scenes.
Hats off to the writers and makers of the serial. The serial shows love in purest form. It shows that love cannot happen due to any reason. But love just happens.

I somehow could not digest that raghav marries pakhi and did not like the further serial. So here goes my fan fiction. My first episode of fan fiction starts on the

day of Raghav kalpi wedding.

Kalpi is getting ready in her beautiful bridal saree. She wears all the jewels one by one and is thinking of all Raghav kalpi moments. She smiles looking at herself in

the mirror.

Vittal tells Kamla that Raghav has not yet arrived for the wedding. Kalpi and everyone are shocked and worried. Just then, a car arrives in the chowl. Everyone thinks,

it is Raghav and run to see that it was Sammy and his parents. Kamla and Vittal invite them inside.

Sammy asks why all are worried. Vittal tells that Raghav has not yet arrived and we are not even able to reach his phone. Sammy tries on Raghav’s phone and he is also

not able to reach Raghav.

Purohit completes all preparations in the mantap and tells them that muhurat time has started and they should start the wedding procedure now. Vittal asks pandit to

wait for some time as the groom is on his way.

Kamla receives a call on her mobile. It is from Pakhi. Pakhi says kamla ma that she just then arrived city due to flight delay and would take little time to get ready

and reach the wedding. kamla says no problem to pakhi. Pakhi asks kamala ma why you seems to be so worried? Is everything alright? Kamla says, nothing pakhi. Just then

a car arrives and kamla says Raghav baba has arrived. Pakhi hears this on phone and immediately disconnects the call, thinking that she should go soon as Raghav has

already arrived and should look best in front of him.

Scene 2

Raghav gets down from the car dressed as groom. Vittal and Kamla are so happy to see him. Sammy asks Raghav what happened to him and his phone? Raghav says nothing to

worry. I want you all to meet a very special person. And a old women dressed posh gets out of the car and it is “Gauri Singhania”. Kamla goes to her and says, Tai how

are you? I was so worried about you and now its good that raghav baba brought you here and you came on the right time on the day of Kalpi’s wedding.

Gauri immediately makes rude expression and says, I did not come here for your kalpi’s wedding but came here for my son’s wedding. Everyone is dazed.
Raghav and Gauri smile. Raghav says Kamla ma, meet my mother Gauri Singania. Everyone is shocked listening this. Raghav says, Kamla ma, you have helped me in every

part of my life. And the biggest thing you did is having saved my mom. I have no words to thank you. Gauri says, I could not have asked for a better daughter in law

than kalpi. Kalpi takes Gauri’s ashirvad.

Pandit tells everyone that it was getting late for muhurat. kalpi and Raghav are being taken to mantap by Sammy and Kamla. On their way they look at each other and

smile and song (hum tere bin….) plays.

Scene 3

Wedding procedures start and simulataneously, Paki is on her way in her car. Pakhi imagines her wedding with Raghav. She imagines herself in a beautiful pink lehenga

and taking pheras with Raghav.

In the mantap, pandit asks Raghav and kalpi to get up for pheras and they take pheras. Everyone is happy and throwing flowers at them. And yes, they complete the

pheras and just then Pakhi arrives in her car. She comes running happily and suddenly sees sammy on her way and is completely shocked. She wonders with whom kalpi got

married if it was not sammy…..

to be continued….

  1. It’s really awesome…..pls continue writing. …

  2. Thank u for this story.l am also big fan of ragna.continue soon


    OH WOW… GLAD THAT THERE R MANY FFs now a days for ema……… i m actually continuing after the serial got over with leap………..

    sweety di a fresh start…………

    n urs with their marriage day………..

    really great…………

    keep going…………. my full support is there for u……………

    1. Thank u all for the wonderful support..

  4. nice yaar… 😛

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