Kaleerein 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan and Meera’s Nok Jhok

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Kaleerein 9th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Biji video chats with Piyal Albela and Zindagi ki Mehek serial’s artists and says Meghna’s wedding will go well in a grand way. Vivan asks Meera not to act as she is playing kabbaddi. She says he pinched her weak nerve, kabbaddi. He says she can sleep on bed. She says now they are friends, he can keep lights on. He says she needs large area to sleep, so they will sleep in opposite directions and she can even use blanket. She says befriending her, his brain is working because..they both at once says it is for some days. They both looks into each others’ eyes holding their hands.

Roma overfills water glass reminiscing Vivan speaking to Pammi. Laali stops her and asks if she is hearing Pammi’s voice. Roma says she needs her help, but she does not need money, what she needs. Laali says she wants her to get Silky married to NRI boy. Roma says why anyone else, she will get Silky married to Vivan after breaking Meera and Vivan’s marriage, Vivan obeys her in London. She will also take Laali to London, there she can learn style. Laali says she made her drowsy with words. Roma asks to find out a corrupt low level policeman. Laali asks what she has to do. Roma says she will show what to do, she can take night gown which she is eyeing. Laali leaves holding night gown. She wears night gown and givs junior officer’s number to Roma.

Lying on bed, Meera tells Vivan that Pammi cannot be bad, she helps Preeto. Vivan says bad people do lot of charity. Meera asks why Pammi will give chair, she gives money. Vivan says charity means monetary support. Meera says Indian mothers cannot harm their children. Vivan says he does not believe. They both fall asleep. Meera plays kabbaddi in sleep and kicks Vivan repeatedly. He tries to wake her up, but she kicks him again. He lowers AC temperature and pulls out blanket. She sleeps shivering and chanting blanket. He says he told to wait for some days. Meera wakes up and says he was playing kabbadi match and it is finished, now sleep on opposite site. vivan says he will not, else he will get fracture.

Inspector handling Pammi Kapoor’s case and informs Vivan that Pammi killed someone to change her identity, so she is alive and is a murderer. Vivan says he may be right as Pammi kapoor can do this. Meera hears that and calls Vivan. Inspector says Pammi is real murderer, how she belong to him. Vivan says Pammi gave birth to him, but she is not his mother. Pammi looks at Vivan and Amaya’s belongings. Vivan tells inspector that some women cannot be mother, wife, sister, or anything, they are black dot on motherhood. Pammi cries holding Vivan and Amaya’s belogings and says she remembers them each second. Vivan tells Mera that Pammi can do anything, even murder someone. Pammi thinks she is helpless and cannot come in front of her children, she is suffering being away from her children, but her blessings are with them. Meera falls down purposefully. Vivan lifts her. Meera says he lifts people, but insults their dignity.

Precap: No Precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Lakshmi Suma Devarasetty

    What is this update regarding

  2. Lakshmi, sorry for the late reply, no excuse is good enough. Desitvflix has been letting me down quite too often so I have to wait till two days to see episodes and it’s frustrating, if it isn’t slow as a snail buffering, it’s technical problems with the site but this is just to say that if what I’ve read in your comment about whose Pammi Kapoor’s true identity, I’m not surprised because when this motive of Vivaan’s desire to find his mother first reared its head very early on in the serial, I did mention that for all we know, Mrs Singh at the Sonu Kudi Academy could well turn out to be Vivaan’s and Amaaya’s mother. My reason for thinking this back then was because too much emphasis was placed on the tension between Meera and Mrs Singh and that couldn’t be a coincidence for nothing, this simple but stormy relationship between these two translated to much more than what met our eyes. I know these writers by now because no character is in their story if they didn’t hold some major or even a simple but important role, like in a jigsaw puzzle, all the pieces completes the picture!!! Well….at least we know that Pammi is alive and kicking, it’s going to be interesting how her avatar from Mrs Singh, with her bossy, curt, cynical temperament changes to mother of two children. She did come across as aloof and assertive when she was interacting with the girls in the academy…

  3. The scene where Meera is kicking Vivaan in her dreams, is amusing. My mother said I used to talk a bit in my sleep as a young child, and it was always about a friend…lol… Here Meera is still playing kabbadi in her dreams, very funny but so human…and Vivian is her ball, I could just imagine his expression!!!

  4. Lakshmi…. I like Vivaan’s intensity. His hooded eyes don’t give away much. I think Arijit’s emotions are well displayed, he’s smouldering when he’s up close to his female lead and hmmmm, do I melt when he pins her to the wall!!! I love it…and I would love to see more intense bonding between these two instead of their daily breakfast of fights and misunderstanding.

  5. Lakshmi Suma Devarasetty

    Thank you Naz for your reply

    1. Hi there Lakshmi Suma, I’m delighted to exchange with ideas with you, thanks for your response and I’m sure you were wondering how a perfect stranger like me could just go off on such long comments. The same way you and I came in contact due to our interaction here, it’s the same way Lakshmi and I met and formed a friendship bond which is more like a sisterly one, going on three years now. I’ll remember to address you by adding Suma when I’m interacting with you lol…and I hope you will also be our friend as well. Even though your points may differ from mine or Lakshmi’s, don’t worry, we all do have the impression that we can agree to disagree on topics, and still have a constructive and interesting conversation. I have seen your comments before on the forum. So… Lakshmi Suma, what do you think of my observation of Vivaan’s potential as a romantic hero?

  6. Naz ,hope everything is fine at your end…first I must apologise for not replying to your mail so far,…..there is certainly some serious problem with my personal mail Id…I could n’t even see or retrieve those photos so far and lots of other mail I tried to write to you snd a few other friends but nothing is moving from my side also…..Radhika who is in Sweden now has written to my husband that there is no reply from me…Naz,the irony is when there is so much to share with close friends,it so happens that your e mail ditches you: Ofcourse the Gmail is confident of solving it in a few days….will wait for a week ,if not sorted out there is no other alternative but ti delete the present account and get a new one.But as a friend you must have understood by now that things are not that well at this end….i am disturbed and tensed due to professional and personal issues….Yes, ,I am attending the court but not very comfortable when it comes to standing for long hours …I just want to finish this rather important but complicated case before calling it a day for atleast a year…..My client,a young man of 35 ,already married for 7 years but practically lived for just 45 days with his wife,who ,according to him,is unbearable to live with,wants to divorce her.Barely two months into the marriage,both husband and wife went to the court for divorce by mutual consent but in the intervening one year before the decree,the girl changed her mind …due to her unwillingness ,the case has been pending in the court for the last five years…I was approached by this guy in Jan of this year as he lost confidence in his previous attorney….I talked to the girl ….just imagine she asks me who will marry her at 34….so it is not for love but for security she wants to stick to him…Naz,it is really complicated as the courts have always a soft corner for women …So if she does n’t come round in my next few sessions with her,my job is going to be difficult. and dirty also…this guy who is an absolute gentleman and a highly paid mechanical engineer with a reputed auto mobile company is on the verge of depression.He is so dejected with these monthly court hearings and Ofcourse with the taunts of some cynics that we find everywhere ,he says he is not able to concentrate on his job respondibilities also..Friend, you must be aware that In Hindu marriages ‘kundalis’ are marched before fixing s marriage ..atleast 20 out of 36 characteristics should match : astonishingly ,in their case 28 matched but the marriage lasted for just 45 days….his parents who were very particular about this are cursing thenselves for bringing bad luck to their son….
    Naz,I want to share so many things with you including why I stopped commenting on Ishq Subhaan Allah forum but better wait till my mail problem is sorted out…
    Regarding the episode ,it was indeed funny to see Meera giving those ferocious Kabaddi kicks to her unsuspecting husband ….poor guy ,I wonder how he will be dealing with her kicks and snoring in future….And Mrs .Singh,,,an intriguing personality…I think there is more to her than meets the eye.in this episode ,we could see the tender feelings of a mother in her when she cries with her children’s things in her hands….the very fact that she has treasured them for almost two decades shows that she is a normal loving mother like all of us….then why she had to leave her children and transform herself into this rigid ,rather cynical Mrs.Singh has to be seen…in the mean time better Meera stop dreaming about Kabaddi and start thinking about her handsome husband..

    1. Oh my goodness… Radhika is in Sweden? You see Lakshmi, time does heal wounds and I wish and hope for the best outcome for her entire family. I know you will agree with me that the majority of young people these days don’t put 100% commitment into marriages again, they are quick to throw in the towel!! With so much hard work, you were able to steer this family on this fortunate path and don’t tell me you didn’t do much for them because I know you were their guiding light and I know how you think so you as a friend is theirs and my gain… Lol… I empathize with this young client of yours, some people have good things but don’t value it and my heart goes out to him, I know there’s only so much you can do for him and I think it’s highly vindictive of his wife to pull out at the last moment, what a mental blow that is!!! I watch Savdhaan India on Star Bharat and such cases and much worse are highlighted, even here there are heartless cases like those I see on SI… Anyways…im concerned about your health issue now, in your last mail, you were worried about mines, I just wish pain could disappear but a friend of mine who has a few chronic pain here and there tells me when we have pain, we know that we are alive but I could live without it thank you I told her, I know I’m alive when I could move about doing what I’m used to doing… Lol… Ain’t that right??? Lakshmi, will it be a bother if you take a year off work? Do you think that you could have taken a longer sabbatical? I know your husband is there and I know you can’t stay put for long, maybe you can do some consultancy work as you rest some more. You know if I was living there, I’d do for you, right??? BTW… Maybe you can set up a new email address, so hopefully that’ll do the trick of solving your mails retrieval!!! Just my thoughts… I wanted to talk about the other forum’s concerns but not here and I do understand exactly what you want to say so until you sort your problem out, I reserve my comment for a personal mail instead..

  7. Yes,Naz,Arjit is already in the list of my favourite heroes..as you said his intense eyes that don’t say much are sure to disturb the sleep of many young girls,,,and I do love the way he looks at her female leads and the way he pins Meera to the wall….in this aspect I can say he reminds me of Sartaj…very intense and expressive eyes ….so much so for these petty quarrels…we would love to see such a handsome guy romancing his female lead….as for Meera,if she leaves her loud ways ,she will be a perfect match for him.

    1. If these writers want to drown me in nok joks scenes, I’d never complain. Maybe they ought to know that love makes it more interesting and…Raja was the boss!!! Arjit is one trim slim and mean good-looking man.. ??..he looks so much more egnimatic and debonair in this serial than in KKB… I always knew back then that he was lead material quality and he’s proved my thoughts correctly.

  8. Hello Lakshmi Suma ,another Lakshmi here but Sowbhagya Lakshmi Durga…I am from Bangalore and love to make friends.I know the first two lines of the update are confusing but it is not M.A’s fault…as you know in the name of Mahasangams of two and sometimes even three serials, Zee has been in the habit of not just confusing but boring the viewers to no end….In this episode Bijji speaks to some characters of Mehak about the marriage of some Meghana,in another scene,Meera congratulates Mehak on her pregnancy ….I haven’t understood what is the value addition of these two scenes to both the serials.if it is Zee’s way of forcing the viewers to watch all its shows,this is certainly not the way….better they improve the deteriorating storylines to bring back the viewers…

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