Kaleerein 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan Speaks to Pammi Kapoor

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Kaleerein 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Orphanage home’s manager informs Vivan that Pammi kapoor is alive and she calls regularly. Roma asks not to believe him. Vivan warns manager to speak up, else he will send him to jail. Manager calls Pammi’s number. Pammi speaks. Vivan fumes in anger hearing his mother’s voice. Pammi is none other than Soni Kudi Academy’s owner. Vivan shouts he is speaking. Roma tries to stop him, but he warns her to stay away and continues that he is the one whose life she ruined and ransacked him. Pammi shocked hearing his voice and disconnects call. She throws sim and cries loudly. Vivan continues panicking. Pammi calls back orphanage home and asks manager why did he give her number to them, who are they, what is there address. Vivan asks to give her number, he will come and give her answer, even she has to answer him. Pammi disconnects call again. Vivan continues panicking and warns manager to give Pammi’s info. Manager pleads to spare him. Roma also interferes. Vivan warns manager to inform him whenever Pammi calls, else be ready to go to jail. Manager agrees. Vivan asks Roma if it was Pammi as she has seen her. Pammi says she does not know. vivan walks out. Pammi fumes and breaks things.

Roma at home eagerly waits for Vivan. Vivan returns and says he spoke to Amar uncle and apologized him as Amar was right and Pammi is alive. Roma asks him to trust her as she is not only his step mother but also best friend. She tries to brainwash him, but he leaves.

Meera prays Vahe Guruji to give some positive results to Vivan and she will not eat her favorite pickle for a week. Vivan enters and says she has to not eat pickle then. She gets emotoinal and thanks Babaji that his service is faster than courier service and dances balle balle. Vivan stops her and asks to stop celebrating, she can when he returns to London. She asks if he found Pammmi. He says he spoke to her. She says not to worry, soon he will meet her and says she had taken oath to go to gurdwara if Pammi is found. He asks why she is dragging even god for her work. She says Indians believe in god. Their nok jhok continues. He extends hand to thank. She extends hand but backs of. A romantic song plays in the background. She extends hand next. Vivan holds her hand… Song continues..

Precap: Inspector tells Vivan that DSP ordered to reopen Pammi Kapoor and her case was investigated weirdly. Vivan says quite possible and asks to find out Pammi’s details and the sins she did.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Arijit performed so well ??
    And finally we are getting to see MEERVAN scenes ???

    1. Thank God. Hope it lasts. Vivaan was talking about going to London . Is it with Meera or leaving her behind?

  2. Lakshmi Suma Devarasetty

    Why pammi left her children and if roma did shoot her then she can be alive and sony kudi academy ke saath meera ne badi pange le ha let’s see how her reaction when she knows meera us vivan’s wife

  3. Arjit showed his mettle in this one scene when the pent up feelings of so many years…the anger ,hurt and frustration ,came out all in that one emotional outburst while speaking to this so called Mrs Pammi Kapoor on phone…But is she his real mother? If so ,I am disappointed…I never liked this arrogant and bullying lady in those few scenes at Sony kudi academy ..we have to wait and see if there is another softer side to this character ,,I mean some motherly qualities that Amaya has been dreaming for..
    Can we finally expect Vivaan and Meera stop fighting with each other and become friendly if not romantic…Inspite of the subtle signs of attraction right from the beginning ,it Is really disappointing to see them not realising their feelings for each other even after getting married and sharing the bedroom…..may be a short seperation like Vivaan going back to London will do the trick …as Naz rightly pointed out it is high time that Meera change her attitude and become a bit soft and shy ….like we saw her in some of the scenes today.

  4. If I remember correctly,it was Pammi Kapoor( I am not able to recollect her present name) only ,who,as the boss of Sony Kudi Academy, had shown the girls the photos of Vivaan ,a billionaire businessman even before he had arrived. It was she who had put in their minds that every prospective bride’s choice of a husband should be a guy like Vivan Kapoor,…rich,polished ,handsome etc…but she never talked about the most important thing ‘love’ in a couple’s relationship…Does she belong to that insensitive category of people who do n’t believe in those four magic letters,without which no marriage can last . Was that the reason why she didn’t think twice to leave her two young children before coming back to India.No ,I am not drawing any conclusions,but I do wonder in what way she is better than her ‘southan’,Roma Kapoor…The way Pammi insulted Meera’s mother in the academy and Meera herself ,shows that money is what she cares for …as of now we can say that Pammi is as vain as Roma Kapoor unless the writers come up with a plausible explanation for everything….

  5. Ooshi

    thanks for the update MA

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