Kaleerein 8th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Laali’s Evil Plans To Separate Vivan and Meera

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Amar informs Laali that he hired a new servants and prepares best paranthas, she should taste them and go. Laali asks where is servant. Amar points at Vivan. Laali is shocked. Amar yells at Vivan to prepare paranthas for Laali with extra butter as per Laali’s taste. Laali gets an evil idea and taking Pinky out says she will create rift between Vivan and Meera that they will separate for sure. Pinky asks how will they benefit with it. Laali says Vivan’s wife’s place will be empty and Pinky can occupy it and become billionaire’s wife. Pinky says she is genius. Laali says wait and watch how she will tear their relationship apart. They see Meera and vivan walking away. Laali asks Pinky to go and spy them. Vivan takes Meera aside and says nobody can see them here. Meera asks what he wants to say. He says you are welcome. She asks what. He says she would thank him as her family liked paranthas, so he is saying you are welcome beforehand. He says if she had not prepared paranthas, khadus would have kicked hhim out. Meera says papaji and asks what had happened to his common sense when he wanted to divorce her. Pinky clicks their pics and thinks they are not yet disconnected, her mother has to work hard to separate them. Meera continues scolding Vivan and leaves. Vivan holds her earring and smiles.

Prince and Nimmo inform Amar that they are going to see fields and leave. Amar’s friend enters and tells him that village has given temple renovation task to him, so he is worried about golden idol’s safety, so if Amar can keep it in his house for 2 days. Laali hears their conversation. Pinky comes and takes her aside. Biji says it is an honor to serve god. Pinky shows Vivan and Meera’s pics to Laali. Laali says forget these pics, god’s golden idol is coming in this house, they will steal it and blame Vivan. Amar will kick out Vivan, then Pinky can console Vivan and marry him. Pinky says it is god’s idol. Laali says god herself is helping us.

Amar’s friend brings god’s idol. Amar says his servant is very lazy, he had to be woken up forcefully in the morning. Vivan says he loves working here and papa, he means Mr. Dhingra treats him like his son. Amar asks him to guard room whole night and if something happens he will be responsible. Friend asks if servant is trustable. Vivan says papa/Mr. Dhingra will get angry if he hears servant, he considers me like a son. Amar angrily takes his friend away.

Vivan gets busy in kitchen. Laali and Pinky walk into room and search idol and sees trunk locked, discuss key is with Vivan, they should get somehow. Vivan serves food to Meera’s family. Prince asks hammer to break roti. Amar yells if Meera eats this roti, she will leave Vivan right away. Vivan says he is trying hard to leave, why dont he understand. Amar says he does not want to understand, it is his house and he will not tolerate Vivan’s nonsense here, Vivan can leave in the morning. Vivan angrily walks to his room. Laali sends Pinky behind him. Vivan drops trunk key on floor unknowingly and fumes that he is trying hard, but Amar does not want to recognize his effort at all. He imagines Meera in TV. Pinky walks in and tries to lure Vivan. Vivan asks why did she come here. She silently picks key and tells Vivan she came to apologize him. Vivan says Meera is 1000 times better than her, he loves Meera. She brushes her hand on his hand. Meera sees that and gets jealous.

Precap: Laali and Pinky steal god’s idol. Amar says idol is stolen.
Friend asks who must have stolen it. Amar says Vivan and slaps Vivan..

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  1. Trisha

    This Amar is too stupid for words… His character is really irritating.

  2. I think this serial has lost its charm….the writers have totally destroyed it by bringing back Laali and her cheap tactics…added to her is Silky …the way she was ogling Vivaan was worth giving her a tight slap…And It was really mean of Amar referring to a business tycoon as a servant….Amar should have looked at Meera ‘s misery when Silky was in Vivaan’s room…we could see Meera getting furious with jealousy…can’t Amar see that his daughter loves her husband and whenever he insults Vivaan,it is Meera who feels the pain??? Anyways I will watch for a few days for any improvement ,..then call it quits …

  3. Agree Lakshmi dis serial has lost its charm …….there is no doubt about Arijit& Aditi’s acting both of dem are excellent actors but main problem is storyline….sudden change of characters ….many part of story is unsolved like why did PK left Londan…why did kidnapper kidnap Amaya &PK…..one more thing silky….ohh god dis girl can’t act also…she also looks edgee….don’t like her at all..

  4. You are right Nimisha ,Arjit and Aditi are doing a great job…true professionals but without a meaningful story line,any actor / character will loof colourless …our writers are in the habit of scripting suspense filled tracks and after swallowing considerable number of episodes in solving the so called puzzle and keeping the viewers on tenter hooks, they coolly leave the mystery without giving answers and move on to another track,,,As you said PK’s past ,why she was so scared of Roma,the kidnapper and his /her intentions ,nothing explained…on top of it this rather irritating Amar snd his histrionics ,,the precap shows Amar slapping Vivaan for looting the golden Idol….has he gone nuts….how can he suspect a billionaire business man who is capable of constructing hundred such village temples to do such a thing particularly when he was given this responsibility ….doesn’t Amar know that with Laali inside his house,anything and everything is possible??? And Biji who used to be a dominating figure previously looks very subdued now and almost a silent witness to Amar’s nauseating behaviour…

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