Kaleerein 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan Protects Meera/Meera Saves Vivan

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Kaleerein 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Meera’s earring gets stuck in Vivan’s shirt. He breaks his buttons and opens shirt. Meera stands shocked. He asks what now. She says she came to apologize and thank him for her mistake and his help. He asks what. She says mamma and even he told that. He says that is okay. She says he has so changed from before, earlier he used to notwithstand her for a second, now he listen to her. He thinks nothing can happen of her. Sumer and Silky’s romance and confessions continue. Dolly passes by and by mistake keeps camera on table which records their romance.

Vivan knocks door and asks someone to open it. Laali thinks Silky is inside with Vivan instead. Vivan gets panic attack reminiscing his childhood traumatic event. Outside Sumer’s mom says everything went well today and hopes wedding also finishes peacefully. Dolly searches Meera. Vivan continues panicking. Meera tries to calm him down. He says he cannot withstand loneliness and darkness because of her mamma, she is bad, bangle, etc. Meera thinks what is he blabbering. Vivan collapses Meera knocks door and calls mamma, papa. She hits door with rod. Vivan opens eyes and looks at her.

Laali starts her drama and tells everyone that Silky is not found, such a beautiful and well mannered girl, if she is in guest room, she will go and check. She acts and walks towards guest room smirking and thinking Silky with Vivan, what a drama will happen now. She opens door and does not find anyone in. Dolly asks if Silky is found. She says no..Dolly asks not to worry as she must be with her friend. Amaya comes and looks up. Laali thinks Amaya will ask phone now. Meera comes out holding Vivan. Everyone look in a shock. Dolly asks what happened and takes her down. Sumer’s mother Suman shouts and drags Meera, says she is characterless. Dolly says whatever she is thinking is wrong. Suman asks if her daughter did not come out with this girl, looking at their condition, it is clearly visible. Dolly says her daughter cannot do anything. Suman says she has gone blind in motherhood, can’t she see wrinkled clothes, unkempt clothes, earring on Vivan’s shirt. She continues yelling and says Meera got her colorful nature from Dolly. Biji warns to mind her tongue. Meera warns her dare not to allege her mother. Suman angrily tries to slap her. Vivan holds her hand and confronts that her class is very high, but her thinking is so low. Sumer walks in and shouts how dare he is to misbehave with his mother. Vivan asks how dare his mother is badmouth about Meera and shout keep his mouth shut now. Vivan returns Meera’s earring and says it got stuck when Meera was trying to save her life. He says he is claustrophobia and cannot handle darkness. If door was not opened for sometime, he would have died, but Meera saved her. He praises Meera that she is the one who can save a life, but Suman alleged her without even knowing the truth, so she is more smart to now whose mistake it is. Suman silently walks away followed by Sumer. Dolly pampers Meera. Amaya asks Vivan if he is fine. He says he is. Vivan sees Laali and remembers her misguiding him. Laali also silently slips off.

Meera reminisces Vivan’s claustrophic event and calls her friend Preeto. Preeto asks if she is fine, why did she call at night. Meera asks from when her mom got that bangle. Preeto says since a long, my childhood. Meera disconnects call and thinks truth is bitter. She walks to Vivan’s room. Vivan asks if she came with new drama, go now. She says bangle, he wanted her to come with bangle’s truth, here she is. He asks she came now. She says she realized a man who tries to act so bad is also equally good. He asks what is the truth. Meera says that bangle is Preeto’s mother who is not alive nnow. Vivan shatters hearing that. Meera says everything will be alright. He says okay leave, pushes her out of room and locks door Meera keeps her hand over his on glass door. Vivan angrily breaks things.

Precap: Amaya tells Mera that they are going today, if she will not say bye.
Vivan gets into car with Amaya and leaves. Meera runs behind car.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Lakshmi, I also wonder whether Dolly wants Meera married for the sake of having a husband or for an influential status in the society, because she’s accepting of all insults from Sumer’s mother and just keep sweeping insults under the table. As for Sumer, I just don’t understand why he’s progressing with the marriage plans when he clearly loves Silky …. Lakshmi, these days I’m watching Aap ke Aajane Se…while I’m fume during some scenes, the male lead makes me laugh and since laughter is good, I’ll be staying there just to see Sahil gets the woman he loves,….that’s the first serial update I read everyday…the rest comes after because they depressed me. I’m also happy to see our Capt Abhimanyu aka Shoaib Ibrahim aka Varun, on JGTPM…. I’m watching since new season, didn’t like the first season’s male lead but I do know what’s happening because I did watch from time to time….

  2. What is the kangan wala sach ? waiting for the next episode

  3. Naz,I would have loved to see our favourite star Shoaib Ibrahim,( of course next to only Sartaj Gill) but Zee has made it almost impossible for me to watch as is is being aired at 10.30 pm which is a bit late for me…though I am a night bird and do most of my comments or even case studies also around 3am ,I have to go to sleep at by 10.30 pm….I have to see the repeat telecast timings…As of now ,I am watching only Kaleerein …not even Eisha’s new serial….it is also at 10 p.m ….first two I watched …but somehow lost track ,,,,may be I got used to see her as Rani only.I think your intuition regarding the bangle secret is right…it is certain now that Meera’s friend will turn out to be Vivan and Amaya’s half sister and the mother is already dead…the precap shows Vivan and Amaya leaving ,as the purpose of their visit is over….so what next??? Will Meera realise that she loves Vivan….knowing Zee writers the story won’t be that straight forward…..but I hope they won’t marry off Meera to Sumer…and then comes to know the affair between ber cousin and Sumer and realises that she herself loves Vivan…will be too unpleasant…..

    1. I think that before Vivaan and Amaaya leaves, the video tape with Silky and Sumer should be exposed but knowing how dramatic these writers are, maybe they would both be at the airport and Meera could very well do it in movie style fashion and find Vivaan before he enters the airplane and run into his arms,!! Of course it’s only speculation but nothing’s impossible in these serials….like in Piya Albela…. Naren was involved in an accident in which he was about to die and the other passenger from the other vehicle who died in the same crash, his heart was donated to Naren so Naren lived BUT this man was about to be cremated after some days I guess, the body on the pure and Pooja ran for miles and after some more drama and time wasting, got approval for the dead man’s heart and after hrs of surgery ,the heart is beating in Naren as normal as ever, mind you this is in a rural village, poor people and no refrigerated body….so yes, anything is possible in soapland!!! Lakshmi, Sartaj Gill comes first…then the others…. These days the character named Sahil in AKAS…has won my heart….hes too good, sharpest tongue ever in soapland and nothing escapes his eyes and brain…very astute, looks like a good looking vagabond bit is heir to a fortune….love has him looking pagal…. I was surprised to see Shoaib Ibrahim on JGTPM…different avatar and doing a good job so far…. BTW… I sleep around midnight, can’t do it earlier otherwise I’ll wake up at 2 or 3am and toss and turn so that’s my bedtime hr… Hopefully you are better now…. Lol. …knowing these writers, we get to know how they think and can pretty much figure out what’s coming next, it’s just that I had hoped Vivaan’s mom be alive….only hoped it wasn’t the academy’s teacher and even she can’t be because Meera’s friend knows the teacher, so there… It’s 2 weeks Easter school vacation so I’m doing recreational activities and hanging out with Nafeesa….movies, mall, beach etc…. Have a lovely day today… Chat soon ?

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