Kaleerein 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Laali Steals Meera’s Mobile For Roma

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Kaleerein 4th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Meera tells family that Vivan will not come. Vivan walks in and says birthday party and no hungama. Prince brings balloons. Whole family inflates balloon. Nimmo brings cake. Whole family dances Bhangro song… Roma fumes hearing drum sound and says she wants to break their heads. Meera fixes birthday cap on Vivan’s scalp, Vivan obliges her. Whole family dances around them. Roma gets more jealous seeing them together. She walks in and says Meera is lying and taking oath on Holy Geeta says Pammi Kapoor is dead as she killed her. Everyone are shocked hearing that. Meera slaps her. Roma gets out of her imagination and leaves from there. Meera’s chain gets stuc in Vivan’s coat. They free it looking into each other’s eyes. Ishq bulawa…song…plays in the background. Bimmo says let us cut the cake. Vivan reminsices his mother cutting cake for him.

Laali gets Roma’s call who asks who is Preeto. Laali says she is Meera’s bestfriend. Roma says she wants to meet Preeto, asks her to send Preeto’s number, and find out whom Meera is meeting now a days. Laali continues her commentary when Roma disconnects call.

Meera goes to kitchen to serve cake. Vivan enters and asks why Indians are fond of paper plates. He wipes hand with tissue paper. She asks why you London born use napkin for everything. Vivan says it is tissue paper. She asks if it is a sin to call it as napkin. Their argument starts. Meera says she loved her childhood birthday memories where she used to smear her hands with chutney and enjoy samosas, add icecream in campa cola and enjoy it, etc. Vivan says such a horrible experience. She starts tongue lashing him again and says he will not know as he has not celebrated birthdays. She apologizes and says he must be happy hearing his mother is alive. Vivan shouts he is and wants to trouble his mother a lot for leaving him alone and get closure finally.

Laai walks into Roma’s room and starts her jokergi and asks why she is behind Pammi Roma shouts she killed Pammi and continues yelling. Laali suggests to get Meera’s mobile to know her next move and hands over Meera’s mobile. Vivan walks in. Roma hides mobile and starts brainwashing him. He challenges if Meera is proven wrong, he will return to London right away. Roma looks at Meera’s mobile and smirks.

Vivan sits on terrace. Meera walks in. He shouts why did she come here. Their argument starts again. She asks what closure means. He says peace of mind and pushes her, railing breaks and she slips from balcony. He holds her..

Precap: Preeto informs Meera that Pammi Kapoor called her. Meera videochats with Pammi. Roma tells Vivan that she will make Pammi Khosla as Kapoor to prove her words.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Naz,I am not surprised that Roma has not yet given up..she is not the one who is going to concede defeat without a fight particularly when Vivaan still doesn’t seem to mind consulting her in business matters…One correction in the update…,Vivaan actually comes into Roma’s room to talk about accepting a project,,,Taking this oppertunity she taunts him that he can sign many better projects than ths if he returns to London…Vivaan makes it clear that his purpose of finding his mother is more important than any project now ….Naz,.I am still confused about Vivaan,just the other day only,he caught his step mother red handed and today he is consulting her on business matters…strange.
    Another confusion is the cake cutting scene,….just the same time when Vivaan is cutting the cake,a woman,,all alone and whose festures are not clear,is also seen cutting a cake with Vivaan’s childhood name Mannu written on it and wishing him happy birthday.According to the update,Vivaan seems to be reminicising about the happier times he had spent with hs mother….but Vivaan doesn’t have any such memories that he cherishes ..Is it possible that this is not Vivaan’s recollection of the past but she is actually his mother Pammi Kapoor who is fondly remembering her son Mannu/Vivaan on his birthday by cutting the cake and blessing him? I feel we are going to see Vivaan’s mother in the upcoming episodes.
    Though they still fight,the chemistry between Vivaan and Meera is quite visible now…and I don’t mind their nok jhoks as long as they are cute to each other..they have definitely softened towards each other..

    1. Lakshmi, somtimes I swear these writers forget what they wrote before and it’s the inconsistencies which I dislike, they think we forget events that happened or we’d just accept what they give us… As with Vivian and Meera’s nok joks, that’s what I want, it’s just that I want a more subdued and ladylike Meera…. She is always on high octane. I’m looking forward to seeing Pammi Kapoor just for the sake of Amaaya, I just love this character and we know she’s been sad about not having a mother in her life, forgot Roma, I don’t know what she is, certainly not mother figure but Vivaan is too cynical and doesn’t show much need for a mother in his life, I could be wrong but being deprived of motherly affection as a child that could explain why he’s emotionless in this regard. How are you dear friend and sister? I was involved in a stall in a Mela, trying to help out a friend over the weekend hence my absence on the forums but I’m free now so I’ll check them out, I was only able to comment on AKAS… Anyways… Let’s see what this week bring us…

  2. BTW… Being in love mellows a person right, so I have hopes that Meera would too… Lol

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