Kaleerein 31st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sunny is Vivan’s Step Brother

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Vivan and Meera hide and hear Satinder and his wife’s conversation. They are shocked to learn that Sunny is an imposter and has kidnapped Satinder’s real son Sunny. Sunny walks in holding hammer and frightens them. They plead to show their son’s face as they have arranged pooja for him. Imposter Sunny laughs and leaves. Meera and Vivan hide.

Dolly confronts Amar that every father does not have right to cry. Amar asks what she wants to say. She says if he forces Meera to marry Sunny, she will break their relationship and she will be only Meera’s mother and not Amar’s wife.

Vivan sees Imposter Sunny sleeping and silently steals his phone. He walks to Meera and opens mobile, but does not find any pic in it. His goons call him. Vivan messages them that he cannot talk right now. They reply Sunny is vomiting blood. Vivan replies to take Sunny to City Hospital and tells Meera he will go there. Meera says whatever it happens, she will be only his wife. He promises and leaves. Meera gets tensed when he does not return after 3 hours and calls him. He standing outside City Hospital informs her that goons did not bring Sunny yet. She says she has a plan and explains him in detail. Goons surround him showing knives.

Amar walks to Meera and starts his emotional drama. Meera says she wants to tell him something and says Vivan. Amar says he wants to get her married to Sunny tomorrow and will be very happy. Meera thinks she will marry only Vivan. Wedding arrangements starts. Silky asks Laali if she will marry Vivan for sure or not. Laali asks not to worry as once Meera gets married to Sunny, all her problems are solved. He shows gun to Imposter Sunny and warns to accept truth. Amar takes care of arrangements and asks Dolly to bring Sunny to mantap while he brings Meera. He goes to Meera’s room and sees her ready in bridal dress with kaleerein on her hands. He says he is very happy today.

Vivan walks to Sunny and reveals he knows that he is fake Sunny and says he got clue with locket and found whole truth. Sunny acts as afraid, then snatches gun and laughs that it doe snot have bullets. He says he is way ahead of him and saw him and Meera outside Satinder’s room. Their argument starts. Vivan asks what he wants. Imposter Sunny says he wants to take revenge from Vivan. Vivan asks what did he do to him. Imposter Sunny reveals he is Vivan’s stepbrother and is jealous of him as Vivan got all the fame and love, so he started game of destroying Vivan and is behind Amaya’s condition, Pammi’s bomb blast, etc.., he will marry Meera now and let Vivan suffer his whole life.

Amar takes Meera to mantap. Silky taunts Meera that she told Meera will wear Sunny’s named Kaleerein and not Vivan’s. Meera nervously waits for Vivan to come. Vivan tries to snatch gun from Imposter Sunny. Gun fires. Meera sees via window sees Vivan bearing bullet and falling down.

Precap: Sunny walks to mantap and showing his face tells Meera he is looking so handsome, what problem she has to marry him. Meera with teary eyes completes pheras with him and he applies sindhoor on her forehead.

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  1. This is so stupid. What is wrong with m eera? She can not stand up and say I can not marry since I’m already still married to v ivan and not divorced yet? Not to mention I still love my husband vivan..
    What is wrong with amar the loony.? Vivan can simply say to all screw you, take his wife and sister and go back to london..
    But then again , the show would be over.. it has been almost a week since m eera wants to talk to her dad and has not spit it out. So far all she managed to say is “pope ji I want to talk” . One would have to say what the he’ll spit it out already…
    I’m sorry I know lots of strong women, this m meera..charactor give a bad name to the strong women all around. She is too wishy washy, spinless.. Girl grow up and be a women and stand up for yourself… stupid….

  2. Pammi’s Kidnapping and Murder is not left a loose end….some answers at last ,, ,I could guess that Sunny would be none other than Pammi and Amaya’s kidnapper. But I couldn’t guess Sunny turning out to be Vivaan’s step brother…….Means Roma has a son from an earlier marriage and she left him for Vivaan’s father or precisely for his wealth….Like mother like son ….this guy is as mad and heartless as hs mother….The way he is torturing Sunny and his parents tells us what type of guy he is….Most astonishingly ,Vivaan and Meera,with all the evidence in their hands ,didn’t think it right to go to Amar first and cancel the marriage by exposing the fake Sunny…Instead Vivaan has ended up confronting Roma’s son in the room and Meera as a bride and tensed….The precap is equally distressing with the fake guy coming down the stairs and going through the marriage rituals …Meera’s promise to her father is costing her very dearly….And I don’t think Roma is dead…we can expect her return at any time …..

  3. number one stupid story.

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