Kaleerein 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Amar Orders Meera To Choose Between Him and Vivan

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Vivan walks on burning coal praying for Meera’s life. He falls down. Meera opens eyes. Amar returns to hospital and says his prayers are fulfilled. Meera calls Vivan. Amar gets angry that Vivan troubled her so much and tried to kill her, but she is calling him, now she has to decide between Vivan and her father. He forces her to choose himself. Meera nods yes crying. Amar warns not to break her promise. Religios person praises Vivan that his love is true, nothing will happen to his lady love, gives him taweez and asks to tie it on his lady love’s shoulder, she will be fine soon.

Vivan returns to hospital and tries to enter Meera’s room, but Dolly stops him and asks if risking Meera’s life is not enough that he came back to kill her. Amar walks out and says let him go in. Vivan walks in and emotionally asks if she is fine now, he troubled her a lot, now he will correct his mistake, they will not separate forever now. Meera says it is too late, she wants divorce now, he can return to London with Amaya and starts a new life and can return to finish final formalities. vivan asks why is she speaking like that. Amar walks in and shouts what is happening, if Vivan wants to kill his daughter. Vivan realizes Amar is behind all this and asks why he is trying to separate them. Amar says Vivan had divorced Meera already and took her till death bed, he is just reminding him. Vivan pleads not to separate them. Nurse walks in and asks them go out.

Meera is brought home. Vivan sits reminiscing Meera’s concern for him. He reminisces religious person giving him taweez and walks into Meeera’s room to tie it on her hand, but Amar walks in and yells why he wants to kill Meera. Their argument starts. Dolly pleads Vivan to go now and let Meera rest. Meera hears their fight with closed eyes. Vivan waits for Amar to go and walks in back and ties taweez on Meera saying it will protect her. He continues that nobody can separate them. Meera asks him to go. Vivan goes to his room sadly. Meera wakes up after sometime and sees Amar asleep on chair. She reminisces Amar’s warning to choose between him or Vivan and not to break her promise.

Vivan drinks liquor in his room reminiscing bullet hitting Meera, kidnapper confessing he wants to separate Meera and Vivan, etc… Tanhayii. Meelon me Phaili hui tanhayi…….song…plays in the background. Meera walks to him.

Precap: Amar gives Meera’s letter to Vivan and yells his daughter is repaying for Vivan’s mistake. Vivan reads Meera’s letter that she is problem for all and is going away.

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  1. very excited for upcoming episodes…. like this track finally vivaan realise meera truly loves him and innocent….. but the only problem is now her father.. his anger is justified but he unknowingly hurting his own daughter he doesn’t know that his daughter love vivaan very much and her family both and if she choose anyone of them she will die…can’t he understand her love for vivaan… after so many days she finally going to have little happiness but her dad ruined it all…. now don’t no where will she gone… in precap vivaan is hell worried for her and angry on her father does any one have any idea about upcoming track…. i m just so excited finally our vivaan is back i hope he finds her before its to late and pamper her take care of her like she done in previous episode…. can’t wait to watch upcoming episodes

  2. Not expected Meera to take the decision of leaving the house….But if a woman is faced with this terrible dilemma ,what should she do…..Friends,yesterday when i contemplated about what if I were in Meera’s position , I couldn’t decide what I would have done..Meera is certainly in an unenviable position..Her father may be right in taking this tough decision but i feel bad for Vivaan……I know I shouldn’t have any soft feelings for this guy after what all he has done to Meera and he doesn’t deserve to be forgiven so easily …..but I can not help feeling bad for this couple….Again a lengthy ordeal awaiting Meera and Vivaan and I think the writers will never allow this couple to have some peace of mind ,leave alone any romantic moments…till the very end..

  3. Dis track is better than revenge track…writers should write according to viewers choice…..only dat’ll improve any show’s trp….i as a viewer want simple love story…Now a days every serial has same track leads getting married after some episodes seperation …again comes close to take some revenge…kumkum bhagya.Ishaqbaaz are some example of dis.coming back to Kaleerein i felt pity for Meera after so many efforts shez about to get gud results of dat & everythig gone in vain .Vivaan felt sorry for his behaviour i think Meera did d right thing accepting his apology but can’t speak a word to Vivaan due to his dad…when a person realize his mistake &accepting d same is what matters….eagerly waiting for tomorrows episode..

  4. Richard Simon

    Hi every one, anybody pl tell me what happen to meera sister Nimmo, she is kidnapped by boyfriend, what happend to her.

  5. Hello Richard Simon ,many questions have been left unanswered so far…like why Pammi had to abandon her children and come back to India and what was that she was so so scared of to change her identity itself…instead Pammi was killed in the blast and done away with….Yes,Nimmo got kidnapped by a guy who called himself her admirer,kept her captive for one night,then sent her back to her family the next day ….his motive,again not explained ….But I hope we will come to know the reason behind the more serious issue of Pammi and Amaya’s kidnapping drama in which Pammi was eliminated ,Amaya poisoned and still in coma and Meera herself greviously injured…Most importantly ,ths kidnapping has led to serious misunderstandings between Meera and Vivaan first and now between Vivaan and Meera’s father….I sincerely hope that the writers will explain who is the mastermind behind all this before moving to the next track…

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