Kaleerein 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Amaya Wakes Up, Roma’s Evil Plans Continue

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Kaleerein 29th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vivan and Meera’s nok jhok starts. He asks if she will go away. She says he should become an obedient husband and seek her permission before leaving city. Romantic song plays in the background. They look at each other. Roma reaches home and hearing siren gets afraid thinking if Vivan agreed Meera’s words. Vivan and Meera with medical team bring Amaya home. Doctor tells Meera he will make arrangements in room, they can keep patient at home. Meera smirks at Roma who fumes. Doctor makes arrangements in a room. Vivan gets CCTV camera fixed and warns he should get footage on his mobile and warns nurses he will give 1 year’s salary in 1 month and nothing should happen to his sister, but if they fail, he will ruin their life. Roma thinks they way he is taking care of Amaya, he can infuse life even if she is dead, how will she kill Amaya if she is kept here.

Meera sits with Amaya. Nimmo brings apple and asks Vivan and Meera to eat them. Meera eats apple with skin with loud sound. Vivan peels skin and scolds why she eats like a villager. Meera hears sound from his tummy and taunts him he can make sounds but not have fruit with skin. He scolds to finish another apple also. She cuts apple and trying to give him falls on him. Her mangalsutra breaks. Dolly walks in and scolds her it is inauspicious sign and leaves. Nurse informs that patient is waking up. They both rush to Amaya who opens eyes. Vivan says she frightened him. She says until bhabhi/Meera is with her, nothing can happen to her. She gives their hands into each other and asks never part ways. They look into each other’s eyes.

Nimmo informs Amar that papers are ready. Dolly asks what papers. He says he is getting Meera’s passport. Dolly says no need for that as Meera is arrogant and always insults her saas, her marriage will break. Amar warns her dare not to abuse her daughter, he will not tolerate it. Dolly thinks she is worried about Meera.

Vivan gets a call and panics. Meera asks what happened. He says inspector Brar informed that Sherri escaped. Roma hears them and thinks god closes one door and opens another. She calls her aide from a cheap phone and says she is coming right now. Meera walks in, and Roma drops phone. Meera asks why she is using cheap phone. Roma says it is a cheap place. Meera place is fine, but cheap people entered it. Their argument starts. Roma verbally attacks her and Meera counterattacks and burning a cloth says she is a fire and Roma should stay away from her. Roma pours liquor on cloth and fumes she will burn Meera now similarly.

Vivan asks Meera not to worry as inspector Braar is coming with his team to protect team. Inspector reaches. Roma says she accepts her crime that she tried to kill Amaya. Vivan asks what is she telling. Roma says she knows he complained regarding same. Vivan asks what.. She says did not Meera tell same and asked him to get Roma arrested. She starts her emotional drama..

Precap: Meera vomits. Dolly misunderstands her as pregnant and congratulates Vivan. Meera asks mummy what happened. Dooly says she should stop acting as child as she is becoming mummy herself.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. glad amaya is fine. thank god shes alright. disappointed in vivaan for falling for roma’s words. i feel sad that vivaan is treating meera this way with the divorce papers. hahha so funny dolly misunderstood her vomiting as being pregnant.immaculate conception ah? so funny hehhee. wonder how this drama will affect the signing of papers.i hope meera signs. i feel bad for the poor girl. i dunno wat to say about vivaans behaviour but nevertheless meera still deserves a great guy who will love her, support her, be there for her and accept her fully for who she is.not one that always fights with her vents anger on her. etc etc. i know we all have our flaws but vivan had a chance to learn from the last incident in which he broke meera’s heart badly but he still never learnt.both aditi and arjit a fantastic actors

  2. The best part of the episode today is Amaaya joining the hands of Vivaan and Meera telling them to never part….and of course Amaaya reassuring them that as long as bhabi is with her, she’ll feel safe. Wonderful bonding between both women. I hope that Vivaan could see exactly what his sister sees in Meera… good episode…

  3. It was a good episode! Anyways again Vivan is gonna misunderstand Meera??

  4. this is hight of the misunderstanding… matlab agar kisiko vomiting hogi toh woh pregnant hogai… omg it’s too funny to imagine… are koi bimar bhi toh ho sakta hai na this dolly na meera ki immature behaviour se to rishta nahi tutega but inke alag alag misunderstanding ki vajahse zircon tut jayega 😉

  5. precap is bit funny… dolly is unbelievable.. she literally think that meera is pregnant. and vivaan is in shock and meera is clueless about her mother’s thinking…. vivaan looks cute he is confused like ye ho kya raha hai koi batayega…;-) all round epi is good.
    amaya is sweetheart… she understands them so well.

  6. Pls don’t . Why again misunderstanding btw vivaan and meera

  7. You are right Naz,the best part of tonight’s episode is Amaya joining the hands of Vivaan and Meera…and the worst part is the way the writers killing the viewers’ euphoria….just when things begin to look up for Vivaan and Meera,they bring in Roma with a master plan ….and today Roma proved to be too smart for Meera….in this entire drama. If anyone has to be blamed for the present scenario it is Mrs .Pammi Kapoor….whatever were her future constraints to leave her children to a witch like Roma,there is no excuse for her now to not come out into the open and face her son….in stead of ringing up Meera that Amaya was in danger,she should have called Vivaan….how many times she got the opportunity to tell him the truth but no…every time she preferred to keep quiet ,giving Roma every opportunity to play with their lives…She can see that there are already misunderstandings between her son and Meera because of her only..As if they are not enough ,she wants to tell her side of story to Meera but not to Vivaan…..by the way why is she so scared….that Vivaan may n’t believe her and hate her more? Even now also he hates her….so what s there to lose….whether good or bad ,once it is revealed ,Vivaan can have peace of mind and carry on with his life and that will put an end to his misunderstandings with Meera…But the writers seem to be in no mood to bring out PammiKapoor and expose Roma ..And we know as long as this is not done,Vivaan will not tolerate anyone who supports his mother because he is being shown as deeply hurt by his mother’s misdemeanours.So where is the solution….to bring another parallel male lead and end Vivaan’s character.???? If the writers can not defend the weak points of their male lead that they have created and continue to show him in poor light ,better end the character itself….Naz ,have you seen this stupidity anywhere ? In ETRETR ,Raaj did more dastardly things to Rani thinking that her father had killed his father….but ths negative side of the lead character was just for a few episodes…within no time the truth got revealed and Raaj had showered so much love on Rani that no one was left with any bitter feelings ….instead we all cried for days when they were killed in an accident….the same with Prem and Teja in ADDN..Here they are simply dragging and dragging this obnoxious track as if they don’t have anything better than this…anyways the writers know better,this is just my view….

    1. I echo your thoughts Lakshmi …why oh why do we have so much negativity in these serials!!! When will this couple ever unite, when they take one step forward, they end up going two steps backwards…and how right you are, how can Pammi now face her children, especially Vivaan, we know how irrational and hot headed he is, you think he’ll ever listen to reason.!!! I think that there’s no need again for Pammi to enter her children’s life, too much damage has been done….you know Lakshmi, we have been complaining ever since I can remember about what we don’t like and what we would prefer to see happening in the serials but no one listens, but on Sunday’s episode of ISA, we had a surprise comment from someone who identified himself by the name of Shashwat and reassured the viewers that he is a member of the creative team, he said he’s there on his personal capacity to get a feedback on what the audience is thinking and if we had any concerns, he’ll forward it to his main writer. I did make a contribution and so did Cathy, I was surprised about his interaction but if this is what it takes to know your audience, then all serial forums should a representative, don’t you think so? Lakshmi, there’s a new concept introduced by Zeetv concerning their serials, I haven’t seen it talked about here as yet but so far AKAJS and ISA have already done it, it’s a small movie style mahaepisode..the entire miniature movie venture is more like what we hope would happen between our main leads but have to wait till the end of the serial to see it actually happen which is primarily to see them unite. For instance, in Kaleerein, we want to see Vivaan and Meera fall in love with each other but they are always fighting so in this movie thing, we will see them unite at the end of the mahaepisode…Much quicker than having to wait approximately two to three years for it… I’m waiting to see if it will happen with this serial, it was introduced as a bonus to the viewers…

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  9. Like dis episode.Gud to see Amaya is back…..best dialogue was Meera’s mom telling his dad ,aisi ladki ko kon apane sath lejayega jo pati ko bolne nahi deti aur saas ki sunti nahi… i enjoyed it…..

  10. Naz,this miniature movie type one hour mahaepisodes on all week ends intend to take one Zee tv serial at a time either with a completely different story that can not be incorporated into the regular story as was the case with Jeet Gayi Toh Piya Morre and Woh Apna Sa ( both were horror based scripts and as you said the leads get united in both serials at the end) or a continuation of the regular story with some new characters along with the leads like in Kalire…Meera going to the party all alone ,Vivan following her,both captured by Roma’s goons ,,then Amaya ‘s molestation in the bus,,,all ths drama happened in this mahaepisodes only…two new characters ,Tommy Singh and his sister Sheryl were introduced that time ,one ends up in the hospital and his sister in Jail.I thought the characters would be limited to movie version only but the news is Sheryl will be coming out of jail to join Roma….Naz,what I mean to say is even in Mahaepisodes,the leads of Kalire were not allowed to unite .I watched the maha episodes of I SA which show Zara being tortured in Kashmir by Siraj’s vengeful wife who happens to be a police officer and Kabir searching for her…in the end the police officer will be shot dead and the couple unites.But Naz ,nothing of that sort happened to Vivaan and Meera in Kalire in the mini movie version also …they just escape from the goons ,,,I don’t know if every serial is given just one chance only or the second chance also comes ….if there is a second time ,maybe we will get to see them as a normal happy couple in love with each other and confessing the same….Naz,how I wish that someone from the creative team of Kalire takes some interest like Shashwat and visit this forum to read our thoughts and convey the same to the team….it is not a movie that you can not do anything about it as it s done with ….on small screen there is every opportunity to make necessary changes in the script according to viewers’opinion….but this is the first time I am hearing that someone from the creative team was on the forum ….yes ,I saw ETRETR ‘s creative team member on the Facebook assuring that Raja’s character would n’tbe over…this was when there was a rumour of Sartaj quitting the show after Iqbal Khan’s entry….Anyways unless they really do something ,the viewers are really going to be frustrated with this unromantic attitude of the writers who are doing injustice to this lovely couple.

  11. Nimisha,even I enjoyed the episode,,,some scenes are really beautiful like that soft scene between the leads ..a completely different Meera looking shyly at Vivaan for the first time…there is no doubt now that the girl is in love with her husband and the same is the case with Vivaan…but will they stop fighting over this Pammi Kapoot…Vivaan can not stop hating Pammi and Meera can not stop supporting her..and Roma is there to take advantage of the situation….will this vicious circle ever break…Yes ,Dolly’s simplicity and Amaya’s cuteness bring in some freshness to this family which is really under tension …

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